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IBDI 2017 First Term Student Party

Monday, March 13 marked IBDI first student party of 2017 at the Palladium. Student Parties are held after each term to encourage the students to perform what they had learned during the past seven sessions. Lani and I got to the Palladium about 7 o'clock. Most of the students and instructors had already finished eating their pre-ordered bento and were already on the dance floor moving to the music of DeeJay George Suetsugu. After a while, it was time for the students to take the spotlight and demonstrate the dances they had learned. IBDI Prez Arnold Lee was the emcee for the evening. (You can see some videos of the student performances at the IBDI Face Book). As per tradition, there is always a break from dancing when it was time for door prizes. After that was done, then it was time for the instructors to demonstrate the dances they will be teaching during the 2nd term.

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Professional Albert Franz demonstrated the International Tango featuring the Spanish Drag with partner Theresa. He also demonstrated the West Coast Swing. You can watch the video of Mr. Franz demonstrating both dances on the IBDI Face Book (ibdi clubhi).

Lani and I demonstrated the Mambo but unfortunately we couldn't do a selfie. But you can view the video of us on the IBDI Face Book (ibdi clubhi).

 Dean Sierra demonstrated the LA Style Salsa with partner Anjanette. During the 1st term, Dean taught the Bachata with three different partners..Anjanette, Katie, and Suzy. All three partners are accomplished Salsa and Bachata dancers.

Thomas Campbell demonstrated the International Waltz II with partner. During the 1st term, Thomas taught International Waltz I. You can view the demo at IBDI Face Book (ibdi clubhi)

Social dancing continued till closing. Registration for the 2nd term is on March 20, 27, and April 3. There will be Free Dance on March 20 & 27 for students who register.

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What's Cooking In March?

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Dance Connection Back Online

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Happy Chinese New Year