Sunday, December 18, 2011

IBDI Christmas Ball

 Getting to the Palladium was no problem. It was Saturday and the drive from Hawaii Kai was a breeze. Walking up to the second floor of the Palladium, we met a few friends along the way. First stop was getting our bento. (only those who purchased tickets presale were handed the bento). Incidently, IBDI had served the best tasting bento and snacks this evening with Okinawa donuts. On the serving line was an old friend Marie Pereirra, and Elliot Oshiro.  A lot of dancers and guests were already seated at the tables that were set up on the lanai and chumping down the ono teriyaki steak, breaded chicken slices, fish cake, potato salad on a bed of white rice and an Okinawa donut to boot. The doors were not open to the ballroom yet after dinner but standing in line to get in wasn't a waste of time. Lani and I got to make small chat with some of our friends and new acquaintances.
At the reception table were Dana Morey, a sweet lady that you see at most every IBDI events greeting comers and newcomers alike, and Fred Weddle. The dance floor was starting to heat up when Lani and got to our seats. DeeJays Henry Lee and Jane were already keeping the beat of the music at full swing and the floor started to get a bit crowded.

    EmCee for the event was Chris Jay, Prez of IBDI. First on the agenda was to give recognition to three officers of IBDI who had volunteered with  their whole hearted services throughout the years and now retiring from service.....Paul Araki (Auditor), Renna Villanueva (2nd VP and Dance Director), and Grace Nohara (1st VP). Then Grace took to the mike and introduced all the 0n-the-scene and behind-the-scene volunteers who worked to make IBDI a successful club.
    Two go-gethers who are well known in the dance community who helps with the ticket sales were also recognized......Herbert Omizo and Annie Ferguson. Lucky numbers were called for the numerous door prizes during the program.

    The showcase of Exhibition Dancing started with the Carlos Chang Group Formation performing a dance called "The Lion King". Now that's Show Biz! with the flavor of a Broadway Show and a welcome addition to a Dance Exhibition Showcase. The dancers performed superbly and the dance was very well choreographed by Carlos Chang with a great musical score that brought life, enjoyment, and entertainment.

    After the heart-beating performance of the Lion King came a seductive Rumba danced by Robert Schiff and Renna Villanueva. It had a good measure of lifts, drops, and techniques that kept the heart-beat to continue.  Both Robert and Renna are dynamic showcase performers and it carried on during the entire performance. Carried? Yes, Robert carried Renna onto and off the ballroom floor. And that's romantic!
    Sergio Villanueva  and Rosy Schiff came on strong with a spunky Jive with dips and twirls that delighted the crowd. It was fiery and fearless and very well performed.

    Closing the exhibition part of the program was the Quickstep danced by members of IBDI and Dance Magic 808 and choreographed by Richard and Lynn Nakamura. It was dazzling and quick moving and danced with precision. Like a flower that blooms to life, the 14 members were excellent in performing a cluster and then blossoming out in this fast Quickstep.

    The program was still in full swing after the Quickstep performance. All the dancers in the showcase were asked to remain on the dance floor and participate in the "Snowball Dance"......aka the "Icebreaker Dance". It was a Cha Cha and that brought nearly everyone on the dance floor including me who was picked by that good-looking blonde in the green gown in the above photo. Lani was scooped away by Tom Yoneyama who was in the Lion King Formation.

    It was a well organized and an enjoyable Christmas Ball.......general dancing, good music, ono bento and snacks, and an entertaining showcase. Much kudos to the Officers, Board of Directors, and the many on-the-scene and behind-the-scene faithful volunteers of IBDI that made it so for the more than 400 dancers and guests who attended.

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Dance Magic 808 Christmas Party & Dance

    It's da "Glasses"
    Photo courtesy Charlene Jay
    Talk about Filipino Time. You know what I mean....getting to the party half an hour late. (I know what it means because us Filipinos try rush but sometimes no can get there in time). Traffic was at a stand still most of the way from Hawaii Kai....on Kalanianaole Hwy and on the H1. Getting off the H1 via the School St. Offramp and then head to Ft. Shafter was my tactical move but alas the right lane was clear for a fast getaway direct to the Ft. Shafter Offramp. Lani and I got to the Hale Ikena 30 minutes late but so did a lot of others who trailed behind me at the Ft. Shafter Maingate.

    The sweet sounds of Henry and Joanne Rimas music was echoing from the ballroom. There were at least 110 dancers and guests in attendance for this first Dance Magic 808 Christmas Party & Dance. The meat of this event was also to give recognition to all the dance instructors who volunteered to teach for this newly formed dance club. Before I go any further, I gotta thank Chris and Charlene Jay, Prez and First Lady of IBDI who were at the party for sharing the photo of me and my main squeeze. Okay, no laugh out loud. Charlene is a shutterbug and a good one too especially at dance events. The photo is priceless since I'm always behind the camera and I had forgotten wearing the glasses with blinking lights and windshield wipers at the IBDI dance in October.

    General dancing continued with the sound of Christmas tunes and other popular dance music.  Henry and Joanne have got the right selection of music for this seasonal occasion. EmCee was Audrey Fu who is on the DM808 Board of Directors. Like a true lady with CEO experience, she outlined the program with humor which brought good feeling laughs. The program began with Christmas tunes sung by Kim Anderson who Audrey described as a beautiful singer. Yes, she is beautiful and her singing voice is way above beauty, too.....da kine that is worth paying big bucks to listen to. Kim also treated the audience with two more renditions during the intermission.   Invocation was said by Millie Chun who expressed words of wisdom, thankfulness, and blessings for all present regardless of which dance club they belong.

    More dancing after the buffet dinner and then it was time to introduce the Officers and Board of Directors of Dance Magic 808.....Lynn Nakamura (President), Richard Nakamura (VP and Dance Director), Candace Yap (Secretary), and Richard Nakamura (Treasurer). Board of Directors are Audrey Fu, and Gail Tamaribuchi.

    The Dance Instructors got lei-d (pardon the pun). Among them were Richard and Lynn Nakamura (International Style), Andy and Monica Pascua (American Latin and Filipino Tango), Frank and Lani Sierra (American Style and Night Club Latin), Robert and Vanelle Hirayasu (Argentine Tango), Roxanne Kaino and Elsie McGrew (Line Dance), Joshua Manzano and Stephanie Shimizu (Night Club 2 Step and Hustle), and Lester and Henrietta Muramoto (International Style). Joshua was still on the mainland and did not attend.

    It was a luau style dinner.....tasty and onolicious that filled the opu comfortably. The program included a sparkling Filipino Tango exhibition dance by Andy and Monica Pascua, and an exciting International Tango by Gayle Kawahakui and Jun.

    To get everyone onto the dance floor, Richard and Lynn led a circle of dancers and guests in a group dance. It was fun changing partners as the dance went full circle during the entire time of the music. Along with Lani,
    I can say that I danced with nearly all the ladies that evening. The Dance Magic 808 Christmas Party & Dance turned out to be a funfest and much kudos go to Richard and Lynn, and the support committee for making it so.

    Friday, December 09, 2011

    Rockin' Down The House with The Wasabi Band

    Wow! WASABI is really Rockin' Down The House!. They played at the ST. Louis Alumni Clubhouse last night and......well here's Doreen the Leader of the band with the hot stuff................

    Thank you to all who joined us at St. Louis Alumni last night, and a GIGANTIC mahalo to Garry Moore, who really DID IT again!!! He worked his magic and had everyone mesmerized with his talent & charm! Everyone seemed to get into a frenzy on the dance floor with all the energy that Garry brings to his performance of Little Richard, Elvis, & Jerry Lee Lewis songs. Mahalo to Stuart's friends, Sylvia, Ora, & Marilyn for the onolicious box of Fujiya mochi, and to Onee-chan, Sharon Nakai, for the very suggestive "peaches" manju. They just did not appeal to ME, but they sure had some alluring effects on Milton & Steve, so I let them "eat" 'em! LOL! At our age, that's as much as they can handle anyway...HA!

    Dot's In Wahiawa, here we come again! We'll be at Dot's tmrw nite (Saturday, December 10th) from 7:30-10:30 p.m., so if your batteries are still charged up, come on up to Wahiawa. Don't forget to bring your jackets, or sweaters, cuz Wahiawa gets pretty cool at night during the winter months. Hope you all can make it!

    Love from me & da boyz,

    Tuesday, December 06, 2011

    Divino Ritmo "Neon Lights" The Call of Broadway

    Divino Ritmo Dance Grand Ball 2011 got underway last Saturday night at the Sheraton Waikiki's Molokai & Lanai Ballrooms. Billed as "Neon Lights, The Call of Broadway, the very well put together show was awesome to the max...electrifying and for the most part very entertaining. The colorful costumes, the glamour, the dancers, the lightings, the music, the props (mustn't forget the long white limo)....I gotta say, "WOW! This is Broadway!" The dance floor was the main stage and like the pauses between each act of a stageshow, there was darkness that instilled a feeling of mystery before the spotlight revealed the actors/dancers.

    There were two Acts nicely spaced apart which gave moments for general dancing in between. There were some added features to both Acts that included  the Divino Ritmo Dance Studio Formation Team, a dance exhibition by Professionals Lucas Jaime and Yanna Samkova, a formation dance  by the Divino Ritmo Dance Novice Ensemble, and a solo Jazz dance to "All That Jazz". There were so many participants in this exciting Broadway Show that I couldn't get all their names. But kudos to all of them for an excellent performance in dance showmanship. I hope the proverbial words of "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" will display the high energy performance of the participating dancers. 

    The DeeJay for the evening was Michael Yap who was assisted earlier by Derrick as dancers and guests trickled into the ballroom. Michael's brand of music was great and it brought a multitude of dancers to fill the dance floor.
    The showcase music was edited by Lucas Jaime and the tunes carried the essence and heartbeat of Broadway. Like a stage show, the numbers in the acts clicked and there were no pauses. As each number in the Acts was being played out, actual clips from Broadway Shows and movies were displayed on the large movie screen....a wonderful flavor to capture the passion of "The Call of Broadway".

    EmCee was Justin Cruz, the meteorologist (weatherman) for KHON News. He kept the program rolling along at a smooth pace.
    The program began with a vocal by  singer Katie Chow who belted "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" to a Cha Cha beat. She also closed the program with an upbeat song. She is a terrific singer and a marvelous presence at the beginning and ending of the show.

    Yanna and Lucas performance in cabaret style was superb with spins and aerial lifts which brought an exciting ending to "Neon Lights, The Call of Broadway".
    General Dancing continued till 11:30PM.

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    A Word of Thanks from Doreen

    Wow! Looks like everyone had a smashing time with the WASABI at Dot's in Wahiawa this past weekend. Well, there's more WASABI happenings coming up in December. Yeah! Doreen has got the schedule for you 50's & 60's Oldies lovers. So after you finish reading Doreen's letter of thanks, go check out R's recap of Saturday night blast at Dot's in TOWN DANCER.........

    Thank you to all who joined us at Dot's in Wahiawa this past Saturday evening, and a BIG MAHALO to Garry Moore for jumping in for a set. We got lots of kudos from people whfinisho picked up on the HIGH ENERGY of the evening! Special thanks also goes to my big sisters, Sharon Harvey & Sandy Perreira, for helping me with Milton's candy favors & his birthday cupcakes. Of course, we would not have had such a great night without ALL of YOU there, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!

    Here is where we'll be in December:
    - Fri. Dec. 02: Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka (8:30-11:30 p.m.) You guys know the drill: let me know if you need seats by Wednesday, if possible.
    - Thu. Dec. 08: St. Louis Alumni (7:00-10:00 p.m.)
    - Sat. Dec. 10: Dot's In Wahiawa (7:30-10:30 p.m.)
    - Fri. Dec. 23: Dot's In Wahiawa (7:30-10:30 p.m.) Celebrating Christmas with WASABI !

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all !!!
    Love from me & da boyz,

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    Kauai Ballroom Dance Club 7th Anniversary Ball

    Lani and I heard that the best restaurant for breakfast was at the TIP TOP Restaurant in Lihue. So our driver and travel agent, Roy Hamasaki, got all of us (Roy & Sandy, Andy & Monica, Wayne & Joyce, and Lani & me) piled into the van for the long ride from Wailua to Lihue. The ride wasn't as long as the ride the day before and it was comfortable. Okay, now we know where to grind whenever we are in Kauai 'cause the food was onolicious. I gotta tell you that this is the place to go fo' order "soft scrambled eggs" for breakfast.

    OKAY, LONG STORY SHORT. Gotta get ready for the big dance at the Hyatt Resort & Spa in Poipu. Traffic wasn't as bad as the day before..maybe because it was Saturday. Got to the Hyatt in plenty of time. Lani and I were pretty excited because coming to Kauai for the Kauai Ballroom Dance Club 7th Anniversary was a new experience for us.

    The Ballroom was BIG and the dance area was the largest square-shaped dance floor that I've ever seen.....a dance floor that is best for exhibition and competitive dancing and including social dancing. But wait...gotta check in at the Reception Table (RT) for table assignment.

    The Hanapepe Chapter was in charge of the Picnic and the Ball this year. So it wasn't a surprise to see Alton and Lynette Miyamoto who we met at the Picnic manning the RT, along with Mike and Lisa Martin, and Cornelia Works.

    Okay, back to the ballroom. The sound system and the dance music was know da kine dat you can hear and feel da beat and rhythm deep inside you. I looked for the DeeJay to congratulate him or her for such excellent selection of dance music. But no such luck until Glenda Tamashiro told me that there is no DeeJay and that the music is coming from the I-Pod located on the side of the stage. What a genius idea by choreographer Roy Tamashiro of Hanapepe Chapter to program the dance music on a media equipment.

    General dancing continued non-stop throughout the evening with short breaks for the showcase of exhibition dances by the Hanapepe Chapter, Dance Magic 808, the Lihue Chapter, a solo by Richard and Lynn Nakamura, an impromptu West Coast Swing by the Kilauea Dance Club, North Shore Dance Club, and Koloa Dance Club, and a speech from the Kauai Mayor who also sang "The Maui Waltz" as dancers got on the dance floor. There were few seat-warmers at this event but even they couldn't resist the call of 'The Electric Slide'. Even the Mayor got into rhythm of it.

    EmCees for the event were Tony Romo and Elisa Delgado. Tony, an elegant speaker kept the program moving along smoothly while Elisa handled the music during the Showcase.

    Blessings was said by Napua Romo and it was time to hit the buffet line. The music was non-stop, so those who waited their turn to get to the buffet line were burning the dance floor with full vigor.....the swing, the cha cha, the hustle, the mambo, the Viennese waltz, the quickstep, the merengue and the list goes on and on because the music never stopped.

    The Showcase of Exhibition Dances went very well and I could see the long hours of hard work and practices paid-off in the performances. The colorfull costumes worn by the dancers really added flavor to the exhibition dancing. Congratulations with a big mahalo to all of them and also to the Hanapepe Chapter of the Kauai Ballroom Dance Club Anniversary Ball Committee for bringing enjoyment and entertainment to this wonderful event.

    The Hanapepe Chapter danced the East Coast Swing choreographed by Roy and Glenda Tamashiro. The dancers in the routine were Collin Dana & Paula Schultz, Tomas & Adela Chavez, Taylor Campbell & Lynn Jackson, Dan & Cornelia Works, Dennis Lo & Violet Bucao, John & Brenda Visitacion, and Roy & Glenda Tamashiro.

    Dance Magic 808 danced the Internationall Quickstep choreographed by Richard and Lynn Nakamura. Dancers in the routine were Noli & Wowie Boado, Richard & Lynn Nakamura, Ed & Candy Matsuda, and Larry Arinaga & Candace Yap.

    The Lihue Chapter danced the Rumba choreographed by Ken & Ellen Kitabayashi. Dancers in the routine were Medina & Bryson Cabalteja, Marites & Tom Yano, Doug Duvauchelle & Jeanette Bonilla, Eddie & Fely Ibanez, Millie & Juanito Duarosan, and Ken & Ellen Kitabayashi.

    Closing the Showcase was a Solo International Foxtrot & Tango Medley by Richard and Lynn Nakamura of Dance Magic 808.

    The Kauai Ballroom Dance Club 7th Anniversary Ball, and Picnic was very well planned by the Hanapepe Chapter and I believe everyone was hep to the music and dance. The buffet was onolicious and all the people in attendance were very friendly.

    A big mahalo to Grace Takabayashi and Marie Laderta who kindly shared some of their photos of the Picnic and the Ball on this blogsite.

    Eleven o'clock came along real soon and it was time to leave the Hyatt for the trip back to Wailua. We did think about stopping for coffee at Big Mac but after a night of good fun and vigorous dancing and socializing with friendly people we gave a second thought to bettah "no need caffeine" this time. Well dat's all fo' now till the Kauai Ballroom Dance Club 8th Anniversary Ball next year! Aloha and keep on dancing!
    (Left click on photo to zoom in)