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International Rally West Coast Swing Honolulu 2019

(Photo courtesy West Coast Swing Honolulu)
West Coast Swing Honolulu just posted their 2019 West Coast Swing Rally on YouTube and Facebook.. You can view the video of the Rally on Facebook (Dancers group) or on Youtube  by copy & paste the link :    The following script is from George V. Garcia's Facebook page.

Filmed in C4k on Saturday September 7, 2019 Halona Beach Cove "Cockroach Cove" Waialae Country Club Queen's Beach Jetty Duke Kahanamoku "Hilton" Lagoon "Aloha" by Risk & Sonny Boy 2016 "Monsters" Kevin Lyons 2017 "History of Kakaako" Tehrell Porter 2019 Directed & Produced by George V Garcia & Roscel Garcia-West Coast Swing Oahu Song- "Hands Up" by Mark & Kremont feat. DNCE Choreography- Virginie & Olivier Massart Drone- Nathan Carl Gimbal- Nathan Carl, Mike Vidales, George V Garcia Photographer- Roy De Leon Video Editing- George V Garcia Dance Instructor- George V Garcia, Roscel Garcia, Cathy Griswold Costume Coordinators- Selina Mattos, Tanya Tyumentseva Dance Studios- Paradise Tango & HBDA Studio

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Divino Ritmo Dance Dress Rehearsal

(Poster courtesy Aloha Dancesport Center)
Hawaii Star Ball Dress Rehearsal featuring the Divino Ritmo Dance 2019 Competition Team.
Come watch the team that will be representing Divino Ritmo Dance and Hawaii in it's Quest for Top Local Studio, Top overall Studio and Top Teacher Awards once again.
Competing students are all geared and ready to go! They will also be defending and competing for many Top Student awards. Formations, Solos, Amateurs, Pro-Ams and Juniors. all will be represented!
Admission $25.00 Juniors Under 12yrs old FREE 12-18yrs old $10.00. Refreshments and Pupus. Pot Luck
Saturday, September 21, 2019
Time 7:00 PM - 1030 PM

Aloha Dancesport Center
350 Ward Avenue Ste. 200
Honolulu, Hawaii

Monday, September 16, 2019

USA Dance Monthly Dance

Lani and I were invited to last Saturday USA Dance Monthly Dance as guests of Ravi and Synthia. (Thank you, Ravi and Synthia). Our hosts wrote that there will be a Flashmob Salsa presentation at 7:45. I got to the Palladium about 7:30 and the place was jumping to the upbeat music from Ravi and Synthia. Familiar and friendly faces Delia and Lorrie were at the Reception Table. Later Candy joined them. I couldn't place the names of the couple at the next table but the lady sure looked like a lady that use to perform in solo dance exhibitions some years back. Anyway, the goodies on the table sure looked onolicious.

Pretty ladies at the Reception Table
Delia, Lorrie, and Candy

Music DeeJays: Synthia and Ravi
USA Dance President Ed said a few words before the showcase started and then he passed the microphone to Ravi who EmCeed the program. There were two performances that evening.. The first by Calvin and Debra who performed a variation of the International Foxtrot to the catchy tune, "Ball In The Jack"  Their movements were so smooth and impeccable that it was beautiful to watch.  (So beautiful to watch that I missed taking a video). Auwea!

Debra and Calvin

The Flashmob Salsa presentation came on next. There were 18 dancers led by Ed and Candy, and the group performed really good and to the delight of the audience..
FlashMob  performing the Salsa  with Ed and Candy

Flashmob Salsa Dancers (not in order) were Roy, Marsha, Robert, Jim, Ming, Brooke, Isabella, Jay, Catherine, Soren,
Tiffany, Elanore, May, Kathy, Cammy, Ed, Candy, and Ravi
Ravi explained: "The 2019 Flashmob presentation was part of the USA Dance Honolulu chapter's (early) celebration of the 2019 National Ballroom Dance Week, September 20-29, 2019
National Ballroom Dance Week is celebrated all over the United States by both Amateurs and Professionals, Studios and Clubs to promote the benefits of ballroom dance.
During this week, the Honolulu chapter will be performing at multiple locations on the island to promote and encourage ballroom dance as a hobby and exercise".
After the Flashmob presentation, general dancing resumed and that was my cue to head back home after thanking Ravi and Synthia.
That's about it for now. Happy Dancing!

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ABDA Polka Dots Dance at the Palladium

Lani and I have not been to a Polka Dots Dance ever. So this was gonna be something new to us. We were invited to this dance party by ABDA President Deanie Bates Burgess. We got to the Palladium a little
after 7 PM. No problem getting past the Reception Table. Deanie already set aside complimentary tickets for us. One of the ladies went to call Deanie who came to escort Lani and me to two reserved seats. That was mighty nice of our host because chairs were three deep along three quarters of the perimeter of the EWA Ballroom, and it was SRO (Standing Room Only). The dance music was non-stop and nearly all the dancers were on the floor. Appears that there were three DeeJays when Bert, Deanie, and Wayne took turns playing the music.
My main squeeze and I got to dance a bit of the Bolero, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Swing. Couldn't let those good tunes go to waste and it wasn't bad action for my aging legs either.. (just kidding).

I got to make the rounds around the ballroom for some paparazzi "when you least expected" camera shots. The dancers tonight weren't camera shy and I thank them for allowing me to take their pictures. For all fairness to those that I didn't get their names, I have not put any names on the photos except of course those of our hosts. Fair 'nuff! Most of those in this photo gallery are friends and acquaintances of Lani and me from long time ago.

Deanie Burgess made a few announcements during a short break which included the IBDI  Autumn Festival &  Dance at the Hawaii Kai Retirement Community this coming Sunday.  Thank you, Deanie.  General dancing resumed with a Samba. It was a upbeat and happy Samba that brought a good number of Line Dancers onto the floor. The leaders and followers performed the Samba Line Dance with form and "full of life" expression as they circled the entire ballroom. You can view the video of the Samba Line Dance on Facebook/ Dancers (group)..

Refreshments were served on the open lanai. It was a good time to cool down and chat with some acquaintances. Especially with a couple of ladies who were with Lani in the Rock & Roll Escapade, and Can Can Dance Exhibition Showcase with another dance organization. Time goes by fast when having fun reminiscing old times. And it was almost closing time. So it was time to go back into the ballroom and say good night to our host Deanie Burgess with a thank you for inviting us hug.
Aloha fo' now and Happy Dancing!

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Aloha Dancesport Center Hosting Children Ballroom Showcase

Fun social ballroom event, annual "Hawaii Dancesport" keiki and youth dance scholarship fundraiser social dancing, dinner- refreshments, dance exhibitions by "future dance stars", silent auction & more. Event for all family, 100% of proceeds go to non-profit HD.Inc scholarship fund to help our local children to attend & compete in local and mainland dancesport available at Aloha Dancesport center studio, checks payable to Hawaii Dancesport Inc. suggested donation $35 per person. keiki for free, teens 13 and up $10

Aloha Dancesport Center
350 Ward Ave. Ste. 200
Honolulu, HI


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HKRC Salsa Festival August 10, 2019

Saturday's venue at the Hawaii Kai Retirement Community was billed as a Spotlight Management Event featuring Hot Salsa mini-lesson, Salsa Performance by IBDI dance instructors, and dancing to Salsa music. Well with the array of dance music being played and danced to, it might as well be called "A Hot Tropical Night of Latin Dancing". Salsa was just the main feature. Dance instructors Dean and Suzy  made it a full night of Latin dancing which included Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba, Mambo,  Merengue, and Bachata. 
Cha Cha Demo by Dean and Suzy
When my sweetie and I got to the Ice Cream Parlor that is located in the HKRC Phase 2 building, Dean and Suzy were performing a demo of the Cha Cha to a small group of guests. A little after the start time of 3:30 PM, more guests came into the ice cream parlor and the Salsa lesson started shortly with introductions and a short description about the mini-lesson by Dean.

A Line Dance for footwork and timing to music followed.

The mini-lesson was taught pretty much the way it's taught at IBDI dance classes on Monday nights at the Ala Wai Palladium.....timing to music, footwork, body and arm movements. Then lastly partner dancing to music. Nearly all of the participants got the hang of the dance doing the Salsa with a partner. 

After the mini-lesson, Dean and Suzy danced the Salsa to music as the students watched. No doubt, Salsa have a lot of fancy and intricate movements and I saw that the students picked up some of those movements demonstrated by the instructors by the way they
danced with a partner.

It was a good mix of Latin dancing nearing the end of the festival with the Cha Cha, Rumba, Merengue, Mambo, and Bachata. That kept nearly all the dancers on the floor till closing time at 5 PM.

Suzy Wins a Door Prize

There were a couple breaks taken for Door Prizes, and recognizing and singing "Happy Birthday" to IBDI member Ron, and HKRC employee Celene.
Happy Birthday to Ron and Celene with IBDI Prez Diana

IBDI hosts a social dance each month on the first Sunday at the HKRC but this past Saturday was the first time it held a dance mini-lesson and performance there.  I thought the festival went pretty good and watching the way the students were dancing the Salsa, I'd say that Dean and Suzy did good in teaching and demonstrating the dance.

Mahalo to Lisa K. (HKRC Resident Experience Coordinator) and IBDI President Diana Vo  for coordinating the dance program, to Arnold Lee for bringing, setting up,  breaking down, and hauling away the music equipment, to IBDI Volunteers Arthur, Kathy, and Akira for their assistance,  and to Dean and Suzy for teaching and demonstrating the Salsa, and Cha Cha and leading the other Latin dances.
IBDI Dance Instructors Dean & Suzy

Mahalo, also to photographer Mr. Sukardi for sharing some of the his photos of the Festival posted here. 

Dat's all fo' now and Happy Dancing!

Friday, August 09, 2019

WBDC Wild Wild West Dance

Alma Latino Caliente

Alma Latino Calliente hosted by Aloha Dancesport Center and School of Salsa.
Saturday  August 10, 2019  8PM - Midnight
Aloha Dancesport Center
350 Ward Avenue  Ste. 200
Honolulu, HI  96814

(Flyer courtesy Aloha Dancesport Center and School of Salsa)
Alma Latino Caliente Returns with the Hottest Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Cha Cha in Honolulu!
We resume our previous schedule of the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month. Performances and special appearance plus lots of surprises. More Information Coming!
Come joins for a great time and lots of Salsa dancing on the largest and best dance floor in Hawaii!
Admission at Door $15.00 Includes FREE refreshments!
$10.00 for DRD Students, ADC members and School of Salsa students and Members!
All Advance sales $10.00 Please call or post you're coming to reserve price!
There will be a Group class at 8PM more info soon!
Contact Information:
Studio 808-200-5540

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Arthur Murray Dance Center August Events

Open House Dance Social - Friday August 9, 2019
Are you ready to put a little fun in your life?!?
We are excited to open our doors and welcome you to the magical world of ballroom, latin and social dancing! Dancing is great for your health, and a fun way to meet people in your community or make new friends! This event is FREE for everyone and includes dance demonstrations, group dance lessons, and a professional show!
Light pupus will be provided for your enjoyment. Bring all your friends and we'll see you on the dance floor.
We'll be dancing everything from waltz, foxtrot, tango, swing, salsa, bachata, cha cha, rumba, and more!

See flyers for more info. (Flyers courtesy Arthur Murray Dance Center)

Monday, August 05, 2019

IBDI 58th Anniversary Dance at the Palladium on August 2, 2019

Arnold Lee
Lani and I got to the Palladium a bit late this time...730 o'clock. Inside the ballroom was SRO (Standing Room Only). This time IBDI held the dance on the Ewa side ballroom. Yeah! you guess it...the partition to separate from the Diamond Head side was still out of order. But none the less, people were dancing to the music of new DeeJay Arnold Lee. No doubt the music brought dancers to the crowded dance floor.

IBDI President Diana VO and Arthur Kam

 Lady EmCee for the program was IBDI President Diana Vo who presided over the program superbly.  She introduced and  received a lei from new IBDI volunteer worker Arthur Kam. 

Sinisha and Chanel Kostich

The dance showcase started with a variation of Night Club style dances performed by new IBDI dance instructors Sinisha Kostich with daughter Chanel Kostich performing a medley of the Hustle and Cha Cha. It was fast and furious and beautifully performed.

(Front) Hana Yin,, Heleen Digmon, Noreen Ho, Teri Bosley, and Ceci Freeman
(Back) Mike Murata, Atlas Cook IV, Tom Sutton, El Wong, and Jacky Lei
The International  Viennese Waltz/Tango Medley choreographed by Jacky Lei  was  performed with artistry in motion and with passion.  There were more releases and partner separation in the dance that you don't see in most International style of dancing. The medley was performed by dancers Jacky Lei & Ceci Freeman, Atlas Cook IV & Heleen Digmon, Tom Sutton & Noreen Ho, El Wong & Teri Bosley, and Mike Murata & Hana Yin.

After the dance showcase, general dancing continued till the call for door prizes started.

General dancing to Arnold's music continued on till closing at 9:30 PM.

Another IBDI dance event scheduled for the month of August.

Salsa Dance Fiesta at the Hawaii Kai Retirement Community on Saturday  August 10, 2019 starting at 3:30 to  5:00 PM. IBDI dance instructors Dean and Suzy will host the Salsa lesson and Dance.

Happy Dancing!