Monday, November 25, 2013

IBDI Appreciation Luncheon & Dance 2013

 It's a wonderful thing that IBDI accomplished this past Sunday by honoring the volunteers who continue to support and make this dance organization a successful one with an Appreciation Luncheon and Dance in the Garden Lanai at the Ala Moana Hotel. Honored were the IBDI Officers and Board of Directors, IBDI Standing Dance Instructors, Guest Dance Instructors (from other dance organizations), Dance Instructor Assistants, Event Committee Planners, and Music DeeJays. There were about 60 in attendance.
DeeJays Henry and Jane

The seven tables were arranged in a "U" shape around the good size dance floor. Music was provided by DeeJays Henry Lee and Jane Umeda. Now most every dance organizations on this island got a taste of Henry and Jane's selection of mellow dance music. I got the notion that if the music is good and danceable, the DeeJay will get on the dance floor and dance. Right?

DeeJays Henry and Jane were the
first couple to "burn the floor".

EmCee Chris Jay
Gotta hand it to the IBDI big whips and the corps of volunteers for setting up this gala affair. Social
dancing continued till the EmCee took to the microphone. EmCeeing the program was Chris Jay, IBDI Prez who welcomed everyone. He introduced Marsha Ninomiya. who said the invocation. Then it was time to hit the buffet line. Good selection of entrees....fresh veggie and fruits, the fish was tastey good and the beef was tender. Had to go easy on the dessert, tho'.

More social dancing continued for awhile till it was time to announce the names of the honorary people. Aside from the IBDI Officers and Board of Directors, Standing Dance Instructors and Assistance, Event Committee Planners, Volunteers, and Music DeeJays, all the Guest Dance Instructors were introduced. They were from Dance Magic 808: Richard & Lynn Nakamura, Veronica Munez, and Robert & Vanelle Hirayasu; from USA Dance: Glenn Okazaki & Anne Ho, and Jimmy & Mae Matsumoto. Also Arthur and Joan Oda from New Aala Bakery were introduced. (Now you know where those onolicious pastries come from that's served during intermission for refreshments).

Long time holder of the president position Chris Jay received an award and long time member Herbert Omizo got a lei. Also honored was Dana Morey who is always front and center at the Reception Table at every IBDI function.
Prez Chris received award from Marsha
Herbert received lei from Marsha
Dana got recognition

There was no dance exhibition showcase at this event....just a good time to have fun dancing and socializing with friends and new acquaintance like those in the photos that follow:
Paulette Sek and WebMaster Wun Ki

Guest Dance Instructors: Richard and Lynn Nakamura

Guest Dance Instructors: Vanelle and Robert Hirayasu

IBDI Volunteer Roy Ninomiya and
Guest Dance Instructor Veronica Munez

IBDI Standing Dance Instructors Karen and Ernie Choy

IBDI Assistant Dance Instructor Dean Sierra
and Guest Dance Instructor Veronica Munez

Myrna and Wally Soong

Stanley and Annie Nakamura

Guest Dance Instructors Jimmy and Mae Matsumoto

IBDI Standing Dance Instructors Frank and Lani Sierra

Daisy and Ted Yamane

Roy and Susan Idemoto

Beverly Mau, Ala Moana Hotel staff member,
and Marsha Ninomiya

Charlene and Prez Chris Jay

Nancy and Eugene Shen

Roy and Marsha Ninomiya

DeeJays Henry and Joann Rimas

Delia Tom, Dana Morey, and Goro Furusho

Dawn Le and Stan Shen

Tracey Okazaki and Guest Dance Instructors
Glenn Okazaki and Ann Ho

Arthur and Joan Oda

Ed and Candy Matsuda

Emi Matsuoka and David Easa

Candido and Yvonne Cuan Jorge

Beverly Mau

Diana Vo and Kathy Uyehara

Robert and Diana Diana

Herbert Omizo and Ted Yamane

Dana Morey and Jimmy Yee
This is a good time to also extend our thanks to the DeeJays who play the music for our dance classes, and to our Assistant Dance Instructors. A big Mahalo to DeeJays Herbert, JoElla, and Harold, and to our Asistants Kathy and Dean. 
Dance class DeeJays: Herbert Chang,
JoElla Kawamoto, and Harold Kaneshiro

Dance Instructors Frank & Lani, and
Asistant Instructors Kathy Uyehara & Dean Sierra
After the program, social dancing continued till 3 PM.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Dance Magic 808 Halloween Dance

It was one of those nights when Lani and I decided not to stay at home but to go dancing instead. No the "Treat or Tricks" little monsters didn't scare us.  We had stocked up with treats for the once a year spook night. Now we gotta burn off the calories after digging into the treats for the next couple of weeks. Anyway, Lani and I got to the Palladium a wee bit early but it gave us the chance to assist John, Tom, and Bunnie setting up the chairs.

The DeeJays
It was still a bit early but a few guys and gals in costumes trickled into the ballroom. DeeJays Paul and Janie got the music going to get the ballroom warmed up. Started with Tom and Bunnie with some fancy Cha Cha steps and gradually there were more dancers hoofing to the Jive, Quickstep, Samba, Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot. The half ballroom (Diamond Head side) started to become more colorful with the arrival of costume clad guys and gals. Greeting them and other guests at the door were Lynn and Richard Nakamura, Dance Magic 808 Prez and VP, respectively. 

The Prez and VP

The Judges
General dancing and socializing continued till about 7:45 when Lynn and Richard took to the mike and welcomed everyone and announced that it was time to commence the parade of costumes. About half of the attendees were in costumes but not all participated in the costume contest. There were four categories in the contest....The Funniest, The Most Original, The Scariest, and The Most Outstanding costume. Anyone could have been a winner. Judges to select the "Most" were Audrey Fu and Lyndee Griffith.

The following photo snips are of some of those that came in costumes but not necessarily entered in the contest.

As Lynn wrote: "Everyone had great costumes that the judges had to carefully look over everyone in costume to pick out just the right ones." And the Winners are:

The Funniest Costumes went to Earl Yonehara (Ebi Sushi) and Gayle Handa (Spam Musubi). Ebi is shrimp in Japanese and the shrimp was mighty big.

The Most Original Costumes went to  the Prison Guards and Prisoners that was created by Rikki Mitsunaga. The Prison Guards were Charlotte Bugarin and Rikki Mitsunaga, and the Prisoners were Edwin Bugarin and Warren Mitsunaga.

The Scariest Costumes went to Robert and Vanelle Hirayasu. Zombies and Ghouls..boy they can really scare the day lights off anyone. 

The Most Outstanding Costume winner was Margaret Tomibe who came as Cleopatra.
Congratulations to all the winners and to all those that made this Halloween Dance an entertaining and successful one.

 The finale was a line dance to the tune of Thriller. Dance Magic 808 Line Dance Insructor Roxanne "Roxie" Kaino choreographed a wonderful replica of the Michael Jackson Zombie Dance. It was fun and entertaining to watch. Performing in the dance were the Dead Ladies from Dance Magic 808:  Roxie Kaino, Eileen Nakano, Renee Reed, Doreen Morimoto, Tandy Alconcel, Millie Chun, and Ann Manuel.

During the break after the Costume Contest, refreshments were served on the lanai by Dale White and his wife Dorinda Won. The dessert (above photo) was made by Lynn's youngest daughter Rachelle "Shelly" Young. It was chocolate pudding topped with crumbs of oreo cookies, a wafer cookie with "RIP" written on the wafer making it look like a tombstone, and a gummy worm. What a creative idea for refreshment on "Spook Night".
The Refreshment Servers

General dancing was in full swing when Lani and I left the scene. It was a fun night of dancing for Lani and me. This truly was a Halloween Dance and Costume Contest in the making. Hopefully, Dance Magic 808 will continue to host a Halloween Dance and Costume Contest every year on Halloween Night. It was a big Treat with no Tricks.

Well, Lani and I had gone full circle and we're back where we started when we first entered the ballroom earlier and met our friends Tom and Bunnie. But now it was time to call it a night.

The "witching hour" was nearing 9 o'clock and by luck, Lani and I were able to corner Lynn out on the lanai for one more photo shot before heading home. A big mahalo to Lynn for providing me the names of the Costume Contest Winners, the names of the Refreshment Servers, and her daughter's name who created the delicious dessert.