Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dance Magic 808 5th Anniversary Ball

WOW! Dance Magic 808 5th Anniversary Ball at the Pacific Beach Hotel this past Saturday was the biggest hit compared from the past years. This time the theme was the Magical Kingdom of Disney. There were over 300 guests in attendance and the showcase of exhibition dancers were tops with some professional performers on the program. But I'm getting a little ahead here. So I'll rewind a bit. Lani and I got to the Pacific Beach Hotel earlier than usual (had to be sure to find a parking spot). The waiting in the lounge wasn't long. Got to make small chat with some old friends and a friendly wave to some who were just checking in at the reception table. The showcase performers were putting their final touch on their practice, than the doors were opened about 6 PM.

General Dancing continued during the break for Dinner and after the showcase performance. That gave me the opportunity to go Paparazzi with my point and shoot camera. You gotta left click mouse to zoom in . 

The Showcase Program

Kim Anderson (Princess/Queen Elsa) sang "Let It Go" from Frozen.

Viennese Waltz Formation Dancers
with Rumba/Samba Medley Dancers

Hustle/Cha Cha Medley Dancers

Kim Anderson sang "On The Street Where You Live".

International Samba Dancers

General Dancing continued until closing at 11:30 PM.
Hasta la Vista everyone and keep on dancing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

IBDI 55th Anniversary Ball Showcase

IBDI celebrated their 55th Anniversary this past Saturday at the Palladium with an Anniversary Ball that included pre-sale tickets Bento, Social Dancing, and an Exhibition Showcase featuring the Dance Appeal Dancers, and Fuego y Agua Dancers with Professionals Dario Garcia and Yuki Komiyama.
Lani and I got to the Palladium a bit late this time and missed the live music played by the Royal Hawaiian Band. What a treat for those dancers who came early to enjoy some good live music to dance to. Lani and I hadn't hit the dance trail for quite a while and it was nice to see many of our long-time-no-see friends still hoofing at the Palladium. The Greeters at the door with their captivating smile welcomed each guests. The couple are dance students of IBDI and I deserve a thousand lashes with a wet noodle for not getting their names. And another thousand lashes for not getting the name of the Bento Server next to Mrs. Prado, main squeeze of dance instructor Jim Prado. Dalia and Fred were manning the Reception Table when Lani and I checked in. He wasn't there when I pulled out my point and shoot camera. Fred has been a strong main-stay for IBDI. I'll catch him next time fo' sure.  Music DeeJays were Henry Lee and Jane Umeda. And of course their selection of danceable music brings a lot of dancers to the dance floor. Lady EmCee for the program and exhibition showcase was IBDI Vice Prez/Dance Director Diana Vo. A tough job for our Dance Director who is new to the task but she handled the program very well keeping it moving along from one show dance to the next. Our new IBDI Prez, Arnold Lee has been on the leadership role for less than a year and he is keeping IBDI on a steady course to succeed where the previous Board and Officers left off.
 Renna Villanueva and Dance Appeal have been a strong supporter of IBDI for a long time. You gotta love this lady and hubby Sergio for their support and performing at nearly all the exhibition showcases for IBDI. This time, she brought her pre-teen students Kalei & Abigail who danced the Rumba and Samba Medley, and Xaedan & Kaila who danced the Cha Cha and Samba Medley. Lani and I thought they performed very well considering their ages. Kudos to their dance coach Barbara Kaneshiro. Renna and David Matsumoto danced an exciting Samba with a lot of showmanship. They danced just three feet from the audience as they Samba'd in front of the rows of guests from one end to the other and finally completed their performance in the middle of the dance floor. Terrific showmanship and close-up performance to deliver the feel of the rhythm and passion of the Samba dance. 

Kaila Meyer, Xaeden Diott, Renna Villanueva, Kalei Silva, Abigail Garcesano, and David Matsumoto

Abigail Garcesano, Pre-teen Dance Coach Barbara Kaneshiro, and Kalei Silva

Ay Caramba! Fuego y Agua Dancers put on an explosive Latin Showcase with a lot of color,
heavy Latin sounds, and 12 beautiful people with hip swinging Latin moves. They thrilled the
audience with four electrifying and entertaining performances.
(1) FRAGILIDAD dancers were Becky Arakawa, Jaydene Sniffen, Ed Ho, Kirk Miyashiro,
Dario Garcia, James E. Jones Jr., and Yuki Komiyama.
(2) MAMBO MANA dancers were Ed Ho James E. Jones Jr., and Dario Garcia.
(3) MARIA CERVANTES dancers were Yuki Komiyama and Dario Garcia.
(4) MACHITO FOREVER dancers were Yuki Komiyama, Dario Garcia, James E. Jones Jr.,
Becky Arakawa, Ed Ho, Alvin Aurelio, Miki Karukaya, Chieko Kimata, Kirk Miyashiro,
Hiroko Yahata, Amber Rial, and Kiyoshi Sanada.

Professionals Dario Garcia and Yuki Komiyama will be teaching New York Style Mambo for IBDI during the 4th Term starting August 29th.

As they politely say in Spanish: Hasta la Vista!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

IBDI 3rd Term Student Party

(Left click to zoom in)

Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Guide To Ballroom Dancing Jargon

"Just Musing", folks! I was going through my library of old books and came across the 1997 publication of "The Bonehead's Guide to Ballroom Jargon" (version 2) that was given to me by Pepe Martel many years back. Now I don't know if they are available since it's nearly 20 years since they were first published but you might want to contact Pepe Martel (Town Dancer blog), if you're interested in getting one. It's a handy guide to speaking and understanding BALLROOMESE.