Monday, January 26, 2015

Mambo Jumbo

So why are Lani and I teaching MAMBO for IBDI this first term? For one thing, "It's the mother of nearly all Latin dances" said by one of the professional dancers on the TV's Dancing With The Stars; two: it's a fun and spicy partner dance with a lot of "move your body to the music" action; and three: it's my main squeeze's favorite dance. With all that said, here's a bit of history of Mambo by the author of  "Touch Dancing".

"During the 1940s, when Americans vacationed in Havana, (Cuba), they danced in the casinos and nightclubs to music created by Cuban and American bands. Inevitably the musicians from both countries jammed together and Afro-Cuban rumba rhythms were mixed with the big band jazz beat, creating what was called Mambo rhythm. The Cuban most responsible for creating the Mambo sound was Perez Prado, with his recording in the early forties of the Latin hit "Mambo Jumbo". An off-beat dance evolved to synchronize with the new music. The Mambo is still the most popular dance done to Salsa music, so it is well worth your effort to learn it."


Friday, January 09, 2015

Mambo Demo Update

Jan. 16th- USA Dance Presents a "Moment of Ballroom Awesomeness"

 A USA Dance Honolulu's Moment of Ballroom Awesomeness!
 (Submitted by Marie Laderta}

Come see for yourselves!
Attached is the official flyer from USA Dance, Honolulu Chapter regarding next week's moment of Ballroom Awesomeness in Hawaii, in the names of Kinsley Lin & Michele Yiu, a pair of competitive ballroom dancers from the Bay Area.

Those who have seen them dance tell me that this teen couple take ballroom to a new height, dancing, not only with traditional grace and elegance characteristic of ballroom, but with a brand new surge of energetic athleticism that folks like myself can only dream of.....
I can only resort to living vicariously through their dynamic performances into my next life...

For $15 (pre-sale w/a bento), you will get a presentation of eight dances, two of which will be "showdance" routines. A Special price for kindergarten to 12th graders at $10 without bento.
You can't get any better than that, education and entertainment. Come join us on Friday, January 16th @ the Ala Wai Palladium, for another of USA Dance Honolulu's "Moment of Ballroom Awesomeness" at a price you can afford!
Tickets & Inquiries:
Glenn Okazaki
USAD Honolulu, President
(808) 428-1704

Anne Ho
USAD Honolulu, Special Events Coordinator
(808) 225-0915