Monday, February 25, 2013

Dance Magic 808 2013 Sweetheart Ball

Dance Magic 808 SWEETHEART BALL finally came to be a fantastic realization. It was a SWEETHEART DEAL for members of Dance Magic 808 'cause the event was free for all members. Lani and I got to the Palladium just before 5PM hoping to lend a hand in setting up the ballroom. But as fate got ahead of us, the ballroom was already set up with chairs that surrounded the perimeter of the hardwood floor. Gotta thank David Calvalho of the Palladium staff who was in charge of the setting up and maintaining the place. He's not invisible and you can get a glimpse of him at nearly, if not at all dance functions at the Palladium. So no goin' cost you anything to give him da SHAKA  to show your appreciation, yeah? 
Okay, now for the main stuff....who's the guy and gal who spearheaded this fantastic showcase of Standard and Latin performances filled with dancers that competed in the local and national stage? They are Richard and Lynn Nakamura, Founders of Dance Magic 808. It was only less than two years ago that Dance Magic 808 was organized and today it has blossomed  with friendly ties to other dance organizations on Oahu and Kauai. Dance Magic 808 celebrated their first anniversary at the Pacific Beach Hotel last year which was a huge success. President Lynn
gave a Welcome Message thanking everyone for coming with Special Recognition and Presentation to Connie Laderta for preparing the snacks. Connie has been doing this at nearly all Dance Magic 808 events. There were many other behind the scene Dance Magic 808 volunteers that helped make this event a successful one. Much Kudos to all the volunteers. Introducing Audrey Fu as the EmCee soon followed.
Lester & Henrietta Muramoto, and Larry Arinaga were at the
Reception Table greeting guests. You can always get a friendly
smile from them as you walk into the ballroom at a Dance Magic
808 social dance.

Elsie & Bob Oyama greeted guests as they entered the ballroom.

DeeJays were Henry and Jane who did not hold back
spinning the best dance music for all styles of dancing. The
music selections were mellow and the audio system belted
out the best in sound that echoed throughout the ballroom.
That's gotta be golden when tunes are vibrant from the Ewa
end to the Diamond Head end of the ballroom. 

Wayne Fuchigami & Shephanie Shimizu were at the Registration
Table to sign on new members. More free dances are in the plans
for 2013. 


Audrey Fu was the EmCee for the evening and she did a marvelous job introducing all the dancers in the Dance Extravaganza including a short bio of each of them. Presidents and officers of various dance clubs were also introduced. Social dancing resumed before the Dance Extavaganza part of the program. It was an excellent turn out for Dance Magic 808's first full ballroom event at the Palladium. Visiting dancers from Japan were also in attendance. And so were visiting Professional Dance Teachers Stephan Krauel and Denise Jourdaine. The dance music selections were exceptionally very good for Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and Night Club dancing and that brought lots of dancers to the dance floor. In keeping the hype at a high level, Audrey called on Roxanne Kaino, Dance Magic 808's Line Dance Instructor to lead first, the Electric Slide and then the Gangnam Style Line Dance. That filled the floor from the Ewa end to the Diamond Head end of the ballroom. Everyone had a good time dancing both dances. Now it was time to introduce the Dance Extravaganza participants.

There were two acts in the showcase....LATIN which included the SAMBA, CHA CHA, RUMBA, and JIVE; and the STANDARD which included the WALTZ, TANGO, FOXTROT, and QUICKSTEP.

Participants were dancers from Sergio and Renna's Dance Appeal Studio. The dancers were Sergio Villanueva and Susan Hiwa, Renna Villanueva and Jesse Amantiad, Robert Schiff and Bernie Kelliiaa, Gene and Karin Peles, and Ikaika Villanueva and Brandee Nakamura.

Also participating  in the showcase were dancers that performed in the 2013 Senior Citizen's Valentine Ball. They were Sydney Chu and Patricia Paliracio, and Richard and Lynn Nakamura.

Concluding the list of participating dancers were competition dancers that qualified at the USA Dance Regional Competition in Los Angeles. They were Mike and Lorrie Chun, Jackson and June Cho, Calvin and Debra Ota, Iva John and Nancy Luckie, and Edwin and Charlotte Bugarin.

All the participants in the showcase performed superbly. And all the values of competitive dancing were on display....the power, the speed, the control, the strength, the dynamic techniques, the glamour, and the electrifying elements of entertainment. Truly, this was an extremely well organized dance showcase featuring Hawaii's Stars and Rising Stars.

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The following is an Appreciation Message and a comprehensive narrative of this event written by Dance Magic 808 President Lynn Nakamura.

Mahalo to all of our members, friends, and guests of Dance Magic 808 for making the Sweetheart Ball - Dance Extravaganza a very successful dance event.
It would not have been successful without all of the support from our volunteers, dance participants and all of you.
For those of you who missed our dance, here is what I remembered of this wonderful evening.

Our DJ, Henry Lee, was already unpacking his equipment when we got to the palladium to set up.

Coming early to set up the registration desks, chairs, decorations, refreshment tables, water, juice & coffee, etc. were our very dedicated volunteers, Jim & Anna Arrowood, Larry Arinaga, Sandy Hamasaki, Bob & Elsie McGrew, Stephanie Shimizu and Gayle Kawahakui.

Sergio & Renna Villanueva
, owners and instructors of Dance Appeal Studio, and their students, who were participaticing in the Dance Extravaganza, were the first to arrive to start practicing. Then some of the other dancers, Sydney Chu & Patricia "Pat" Paliracio, Ivan John & Nancy Luckie, and Mike & Lorrie Chun started practicing. The other dancers were not able to come early to practice but they were there for the dance program.

Thank you to the hardworking volunteers at the reception and membership desks. They were Lester & Henrietta Muramoto, Larry Arinaga & Candace Yap, Wayne Fuchigami and Stephanie Shimizu.

Also a very big "Mahalo" to Bob & Elsie McGrew, who helped direct the attendees to the different membership tables. Bob was very helpful and informative advising the dancers of our membership. Members will be able to attend, at the palladium, free practices, some free classes, and some free dance events.

After everything was set up, the first members to come in were Frank & Lani Sierra and they were followed by Calvin & Linda Saito. By 6:30 pm (we opened the doors at 6:00 pm), we were surprised that we had so many people come this early. As it got later, the crowd

We started the program around 7:25 pm. I welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. I also thanked the other dance clubs' members for coming and mentioned that this was Dance Magic 808's 1st Saturday dance at the palladium.

A special presentation, a small token of our appreciation, to Connie Laderta was given to her for always making and donating the snacks for our dances at the palladium. She made almond float for 200 people for this event. She is such a wonderful and giving person and we are so fortunate to have her as an active member of Dance Magic 808. Thank you Connie for always supporting and helping us. Your snacks are always delicious.

After the presentation to Connie Laderta, I introduced our emcee for the evening, Audrey Fu, former owner of Villa Roma and Chocolates for Breakfast dress shops. Audrey is a Dance Magic 808 Board Member.

Audrey introduced herself and made some announcements and invited everyone to the dance floor to do the Electric Slide line dance and after that, asked the dancers to remain on the floor to do the Gangnam style line dance. We wanted everyone to participate and have fun before our dance program started.

Audrey introduced Roxanne "Roxie" Kaino, Dance Magic 808's Line Dance Instructor and asked Roxie to lead the dancers on both dances.

There were a lot of people on the dance floor and it was so much fun dancing as well as watching the dancers on the floor do the Electric Slide and the Gangnam Style Line Dance. Thank you Roxie and thank you to all the line dancers.

Audrey thanked Roxied and the participants and mentioned that we would now start the Dance Extravaganza.

Robert & Vanelle Hirayasu, Argentine Tango Instructors for Dance Magic 808 were helping to line up the dance participants for the introduction, curtain call, and also helped to advise the emcee when the dancers were ready.

This is the order of the introduction.
Dance Appeal Studio – owners & instructors – Sergio & Renna Villanueva & their students – Introducing:

Sergio Villanueva & Susan Hiwa
Renna Villanueva & Jesse Amantiad
Robert Schiff & Bernie Keliiaa
Gene & Karin Peles
Youngest dancers from Dance Appeal Studio are Ikaika Villanueva grandson of Sergio & Renna Villanueva & his partner, Brandee Nakamura.

The following performers recently performed at the City & County’s Senior Citizen’s Valentine’s Ball at the palladium. Please welcome Sydney Chu & Patricia Paliracio. Richard & Lynn Nakamura of Dance Magic 808 also performed at the Valentine’s Ball.

The following 10 dancers will be competing in the USA Dance Nationals in Los Angeles the first week of April.
1st time competing is Mike & Lorrie Chun.
This up & coming young couple will also be competing and are students of Al Franz. Jackson & June Cho

USA Dance’s Vice-President Calvin Ota & his lovely wife, Debra, who is on the board with USA dance will be showing their excellent styling in their competition.   

Hawaii Gardenia Circle’s President, Ivan John & his beautiful partner, Nancy Luckie will display their exceptional dancing in the competition.

Our last performers will also be competing in April and they are students of Carlos Chang. They are awesome Latin dancers, Edwin & Charlotte Bugarin.

Two couples that are not performing tonight but will be competing are Miguel Heraclio and his partner, Reiko Ota, and USA Dance President, Glenn Okazaki and his partner, Anne Ho.

We at Dance Magic 808 want to wish the competitors the best of luck in Los Angeles and we want to thank all of our performers tonight for participating in Dance Magic 808’s Sweetheart Ball’s Dance Extravaganza.

Audrey also introduced Professional Dance Instructors, Stephan & Denise Krauel, USA 10 Dance Champions and mentioned that they have a workshop and to see them if anyone was interested.

The program started with the latin dances. It was the Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Jive. It was exciting watching all these talented dancers perform for everyone.

There was a break after the jive to give the dancers a chance to change costumes and to have some general dancing.

Next were the ballroom dances. All the ladies looked beautiful in their gowns and the men looked very elegant in their costumes.

The line up for the dances were Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Quickstep. The audience enjoyed watching the dancers execute their steps so effortlessly.

Between some of the dance perfomances, the following upcoming dance events were mentioned:

IBDI's Inaugural Ball - Friday, March 15, 2013 - cost $60 - Pacific Beach Hotel

Hawaii Gardenia Circle's Latin Festival - Saturday, March 16, 2013 - cost $7 in advance / $9 at the door

Ilima's Anniversary Ball - Saturday, March 23, 2013 - cost $8 in advance/ $10 at the door

USA Dance's Anniversary Ball - Saturday, March 30, 2013 - cost $10 with bento /at the door $10 no bento

See Lynn Nakamura for some of the tickets.

The dancers had a great time performing and the audience enjoyed watching the performance.

After the Quickstep, there was a curtain call of all the dancers.

On behalf of Dance Magic 808, Richard & I presented a small token of our appreciation in a thank you card to all the performers.

We really appreciated the dancers for taking the time to practice and participate in our Dance Extravaganza.

After the program, Audrey announced we had refreshments and also thanked New Aala Bakery for the snacks (cream puffs). Everyone enjoyed the refreshing almond float by Connie Laderta and the cream puffs by New Aala Bakery. It was a treat for everyone.

A big "Mahalo" to Gayle Kawahakui, who always helps us by coordinated the snacks, drink setup, and purchasing whatever is needed for the reception desk and for the refreshments. Thank you also for assisting Audrey, you were a very big help to her and to us.

Thank you to all our refreshment helpers, Connie Laderta, Ann Manuel, John Manuel, Sandy Hamasaki, Roy Hamasaki and Larry Arinaga.

We would also like to thank David, palladium employee, for always being there to help and assist us with everything. We really appreciate all that he does for us.

Thank you to DJ, Henry Lee and his assistant, Jane Umeda, for being an important part of our dance event. We appreciated your help with the dance performances and for being there early for rehearsal. Thank you also for the wonderful general dancing music.

Thank you again to all the dance participants, volunteers, and to all of you who attended this event. We hoped that you all enjoyed yourselves.

We plan to have more free dances and our next free event for our members is the Quickstep Class on Sunday, March 3 at the palladium from 10:30am - 12:30pm.

Please check the bulletin board at the palladium and our website for upcoming events.
Mahalo for your continued support,

Lynn A. Nakamura
Dance Magic 808

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Ball 2013

Seems as though its been many moons since I last got into my dancing shoes and enjoyed an evening of good fun dancing at the Palladium or anywhere else. And that's not counting the good times Lani and I have teaching the American style Rumba for IBDI. No dancing feet were iching to burn the floor this weekend at the Valentine Ball at the Palladium. Okay....Lani had the ichy feet too. We had purchased presale tickets earlier for 10 bucks each. That paid for admission to the ballroom and generous serving of bento.

Got to the Palladium about 5PM and some of the early dancers were already savoring their bento dishes. As we entered the ballroom, we were greeted by friendly faces with a welcome. It was too early for social dancing since the exhibition dancers were practicing their routine.

DeeJays for the evening event were Tad Fukumoto and Sara Oyama. They played a variety of good flavored American and International tempo music.

EmCee for the program was Roger know the guy with the dynamic voice. He had the program rolling along smoothly.

A Welcome Message was given by Steven Santiago, Senior Citizen Specialist for the City & County of Honolulu Parks and Recreation Department.

It was time to get the audience involved in the program. Sara Oyama was called to lead the Dance Mixer (commonly known as the Horseshoe Dance). There were twice as many ladies than guys lined up for the Waltz. Gotta give credit to the guys since they worked twice as hard. But for sure it must have made a lot of ladies who came without partners very happy. So much KUDOs, guys. And the happiness didn't stop there. The Electric Slide brought more dancers on the dance floor. Gotta say that there were no seat warmers that night. It was good to see the presidents and representatives of the various ballroom dance clubs on Oahu in attendance.....and that including the owners of professional dance studios. EmCee Roger named everyone as each one was recognized.

It was time for the Exhibition Dancers to perform. But EmCee Roger had a surprise announcement to make which was an honorable one to recognize Tad Fukumoto as a member of the famed 442 Regimental Combat Team of World War II that received the highest USA award...the Congressional Medal of Honor. After a huge applause, Tad and dance partner Sara treated the audience to an exhibition of the International Tango.

The TANGO International Style was performed by Dr. Michael Uechi and Trudy Uechi.

The WALTZ and TANGO MEDLEY was performed by Sidney Chiu and Patricia Paliracio.

The QUICKSTEP was performed by Richard and Lynn Nakamura.

Concluding the Exhibition Dancing of the Program was a Formation Dance of the INTERNATIONAL WALTZ by HBDA dancers Joe & Ann Ramelb, Paul Chan & Quin Zhaung, Paul Ta & Jennifer Lin, and Bill & Gloria Klein. The dance was coordinated by Albert Lui and Shu Wong.

After honoring all the performers in the dance exhibition, lucky ticket numbers were called for door prizes. In tune with the Valentine spirit, heart-shape boxes of candies were issued to the lucky ticket holders.

Refreshments were served during the break at 8:45 and the last dance at 9:45 ended the 2013 Valentine Ball.