Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IBDI Opens 3rd Term Dance Classes

IBDI opened their 3rd Term dance classes this past Monday at the Palladium. Lani and I got to the Palladium a little before 7 PM...a bit early for our Mambo class but gave us time to checkout Jimmy and Mae Matsumoto's International Samba II, and Ernie and Karen Choy's International Tango I. Both classes were in full swing with a good number of students. Our Mambo class started at 7:20 at the Ewa Ballroom and we were assisted by Kathy Uehara and Beverly Mau with music player Harold Kaneshiro. Lani and I weren't sure how the Mambo will appeal to the students since its close cousin the Salsa has been riding the waves for a long time. Much to our surprise, the Mambo drew a good number of students. In the Diamond Head Ballroom were Richard and Lynn Nakamura's Quickstep I and II. They had a good number of students also. After our Mambo class, Carolyn Noah's West Coast Swing took over the Ewa Ballroom, and Jim Prado's American Tango II occupied the Diamond Head Ballroom. Their classes drew a lot of students also. Next Monday is a no dance classes till June 3rd. Prez Chris Jay sez... registration for dance classes is still open.

Friday, May 24, 2013 is Dance Magic 808′s palladium dance. We have the full ballroom and it’s free for members. Non-members would be charged $5.00. Our dances are a lot of fun. You’ll be able to practice the dances that you are learning and be able to just social dance. Dance is from 6pm – 9:30pm.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

IBDI Student Party & Dance

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It wasn't a "Hot to Trot" scene when Lani and I got to the Palladium for the end of term IBDI Student Party and Dance. I guess we were a bit early. Picked up our bento but decided not to tackle it there. Small crowd became a larger crowd. It was heartwarming to see our Night Club 2 Step students in attendance and all set to demonstrate what they had learned during this term. Students from the other dance classes: American Tango, International Rumba, International Samba, International Cha Cha, and International Foxtrot were there to demo their dances, too.  I thought all the sudents of each class showed confidence and dance very well. After the students demo, lucky ticket numbers were called for door prizes. EmCee for the evening was Prez Chris Jay who was assisted by wife Charlene in passing out the door prizes.  Music players were JoElla and Harold. Many thanks to both of them who played the music throughout our Night Club 2 Step class.

Then it was time for the dance instructors to demonstrate the dances for the 3rd Term. Good demonstration by the instructors and a good balance of American style and International style that is offerred. Lani and I are looking forward to sharing our knowledge of the Mambo during the second period. Welcome to newcomers who have joined the instructors staff for this 3rd Term: Richard and Lynn Nakamura from Dance Magic 808, and Carolyn Noah Line Dance ETC. Please surf to my other Weblog: for the line up of dance classes. Next week Monday is Registration night  for the 3rd Term. There will be general dancing at the Ewa Ballroom, and a Dance Movement Workshop at the Diamond Head Ballroom.

                                      Before closing, Richard and Lynn Nakamura led the
 students and guests in the Wild, Wild West Line Dance.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Aiea Ballroom Dance Association 58th Anniversary Ball

"Got presale ticket, you got a bento". These are the first line of volunteers with a smile when Lani and I got the top of the stairs.

DeeJay for the evening was Bert Burgess who played his best selection of dance music.

Kay Yahiku was the EmCee who kept the program running smoothly...organizing the "snowball" dance, calling out the ticket numbers for door prizes, and introducing the dance exhibition performers with a touch of bio. 

Annie Ferguson is no stranger to the numerous dance organizations on Oahu. She is recognized and honored by Prez Deanie Bates for bringing more dancers to the "Ball" by ticket sales.

Aiea Ballroom Dance Association Prez Deanie Bates welcomed everyone to the Anniversery Ball.

Entertaining the audience were Brett and Jenny Griswold with their exciting Argentine Tango.

The Aiea Ballroom Dance Association 58th Anniversary Ball was probably the first time in many moons that my main squeeze Lani and I have attended this club's event. Thanks to our friend Roxanne who held pre-sale tickets for us so we could savor  the onolicious bento that came with the admission.

I try not to do too much yard work on a dance night but this time I think I over did it 'cause that walk up to the 2nd floor of the Palladium was like climbing up the hundred steps da kine they have in China. And I knew it wasn't gonna be a night of dancing my you know what OFF. Thanks to DeeJay Bert for playing those International slow tempo music 'cause in my case that night...the spirit was willing but the body was not ready to burn the floor. Only thing missing was not having more than one Night Club 2 Step music but "The Lady In Red" was a good start.

That small package dynamo Kay Yahiku (and I say it with true respect) had got a good handle on the EmCee job. She didn't stick to the podium throughout the program. Instead she went from one end of the ballroom to the other recruiting couples to start the "snowball" dance. And she was very successful in getting more than a dozen couples (including Lani and me) to participate. As I wrote in previous blogs..."when Kay Yahiku speaks, everyone listens". So when she said, "please put away your chair before you leave", everyone did so. Me, too after savoring the delicious pastry at refreshment time..

Multiple door prizes were issued out to the lucky ticket holders and there was time for refreshments,

For the dance exhibition part of the program, professionals Brett and Jennifer Griswold danced two numbers of the Argentine Tango with different variations. The performance was enjoyable to watch 'cause they danced from one end of the ballroom to the other.  That sure gave everyone a chance to see the dynamic technique of the Argentine Tango.  EmCee Kay Yahiku wrote me that Brett and Jennifer specializes in teaching Argentine Tango to the absolute beginners, and you can catch them teaching an open level class on Sundays from 1 to 2PM at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio on Kapiolani Blvd.

Aiea Ballroom Dance Association had a huge attendance that night at the "Ball". No big showcase but the ballroom was filled with dancers three rows deep. Was it because of Annie's hustle of presale tickets? Or was it Bert's selection of dance music? Or was it the friendliness of Prez Deanie Bates and members of the Aiea Ballroom Dance Association? Or was it the showcase that featured new faces? Whatever the magic, there were a lot of  happy dancers at the Aiea Ballroom Dance Association 58th Anniversay Ball.

Dat's it fo' now.