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IBDI Christmas Dance 2012

T'is the season to be Jolly..Fala, lala, lala! Okay, I'm not a good singer but maybe I'm better as a social dancer. At least that's what my main squeeze Lani says. So we're off to the Palladium for the IBDI Christmas Dance last Saturday. Got our bento and lucky number tickets for door prizes. Not bad crowd as we searched for seats...didn't matter which side of the ballroom we sat since there wasn't goin' to be any dance showcase and I didn't need to go clicking with my trusty Fuji point and shoot camera. But that didn't stop me from making like a paparazzo when I took a short break from burning the floor with my main squeeze. Most of the shots in this blog are long time acquaintances and some members of Dance Magic 808 who have formed a bond with IBDI. The stage was fully decorated with the Christmas know with colorful lights, silver trees, powder puff snow, and several reindeers with red noses. Ahh! only one guy that I know who can design and built those reindeers ...dat's gotta be Wally Soong. Heard he did the stage decoration, too.
Here are some of the main guys and gals who are good to know when attending any IBDI functions. Dey the guys and gals who guard da gate, and serve the onolicious snacks.
(1) Dana Morey, Delia Tom, and Fred Weddle. (2) IBDI Prez Chris Jay and his main squeeze Charlene. (3) Nancy Shen, JoAnn Rimas, Candy Matsuda, Beverly Mau, and Karen
(1) John and Ann Miguel (Dance Magic 808). (2) Annie and Stanley Nakamura. (You can always get a smile, handshake or hug from these long time friends). (3) Jack who passed out Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, and other Mars candies. (4) DeeJays Henry Lee and Jane who spinned a wonderful selection of danceable Christmas tunes plus rhythm and blues music. 
(1) Teruko and George. (Teruko was one of our first dance teachers when Lani and I took up dancing). (2) (Da Bento servers) Nancy Shen, Jimmy, and Candy Matsuda. (3) Wally Soong's stage decor. (4) Lani with Arthur and Joan Oda. (The Odas are owners of New Aala Bakery and they have been donating those delicious pastries at the dance events. They were also our dance teachers and choreographers for a Cha Cha dance exhibition).

(1) Roger Izumigawa and Isabel Vong. (If you recall Joe Martel's Dancing In The Dark mini-magazine, Roger and I were among the first three guest authors during the infant stage of the magazine. Also Roger served as the EmCee when Lani and I did our first dance exhibition on the Merengue). (2) Beverly Mau and Lani. (3) USA Dance Prez Glenn and Tracy Okazaki. (Wow! It was many many moons ago when we met Glenn and Tracy...when the Aina Haina Community Dance Club was in full swing). (3) Wally and Myrna Soong. (Another couple that we met many years ago while Lani and I were teaching ballroom dancing at the Kapahulu Senior Center). (4) Susan and Richard (Aquainted through Line Dancing). 
(1) (Da Bento gals) Mae, Myrna Soong, and Susan Idemoto. (2) JoAnn and Henry Rimas. (Dance Magic 808 DeeJays) (3) Stephanie Shimizu with Roy Ninomiya. (Stephanie is a dance instructor for Dance Magic 808 and Roy led the Korean Line Dance "Gangnam"). (4) Dana Morey and dat's me.

(1) IBDI Prez Chris Jay, and 1st VP Marsha Ninomiya. (2) Dat's me, JoElla, and Herbert. (JoElla is the DeeJay when Lani and I are teaching a dance class for IBDI). 
(3) Roy and Karen. (4) Bunny and Tom Yoneyama. (From Roy, Karen, Bunny, and Tom...there's no holding back the hugs or handshakes with a smile when you greet them).

(1) Dance Magic 808 VP Richard and Prez Lynn Nakamura. Richard and Lynn led the audience in the "Wild, Wild West" Line Dance. (2) Giving away door prizes to lucky number ticket holders were IBDI Prez Chris Jay, Charlene, and Karen Choy. (3) Noli and Wowie Boado. (Noli is the Webmaster for Dance Magic 808).

The popular Korean Line Dance "Gangnam" led by Roy Ninomiya to close the program. What a spectacular showing when nearly everyone got on the dance floor and having fun. Earlier, there was the "Electric Slide", and then followed by the "Wild, Wild West" led by Richard and Lynn Nakamura. "Wild, Wild West" is a terrific addition to the "Ice Breaker". It is a partner dance and a fun, fun, fun dance.  Social dancing continued to closing.    

Dance Magic 808 News

This past Tuesday, Lani and I took the long drive from Hawaii Kai to Salt Lake District Park to attend the end of dance class term potluck dinner and socialize with other members of Dance Magic 808. The following is an excerpt from Prez Lynn Nakamura's message. She is a very gifted writer as you will see that all I needed to do is copy and paste (computer talk).

Thank you to all the people that attended tonight’s last class for Tuesday for 2012. It was a very simple get-together with lots of delicious food and great company.

The evening started with setting the tables with lots of onolicious food. There was a seafood pasta, salad, spareribs, sushi platters, different types of chicken, 2 types of noodles, pork hash, gau gee, plus desserts. The food was all very yummy because everyone ate a lot. We were so busy eating that we didn’t do any line dancing but we’re sure no one minded since they were socializing and eating a lot.

At 6:30 pm, I, along with my wonderful supportive husband and partner for life, Richard, made some announcements and presentations. We thanked everyone for coming tonight and thanked them for making Dance Magic 808 a very successful club. It would not have been possible without everyone’s help and positive attitude. We created the club because people wanted to learn to dance and we wanted to provide them a place where they could take dance lessons very inexpensively.

We made the following announcements:

Dance Magic 808 is having a social dance (very informal) at the palladium on Saturday, Dec. 22 and Dec. 29 from 12:15pm – 3:30pm and it’s free to our members and their guests. We forgot to mention it but on Saturday, Dec. 22, we plan to have Roxanne Kaino’s Washington Middle School students perform their cha cha rumba medley. After that performance, Roxanne & her students will teach the Gangnam Style Dance. If you want to learn this dance, come to the palladium on Saturday, Dec. 22. We don’t recall if we mentioned it but Paul Lee will be the DJ on both Saturdays. Bring your CD if you want him to play yours.

Dance Magic 808 classes begin the first week of January for Thursday night and the 2nd week for Tuesday night.
Tuesday night – International Foxtrot & International Tango
Thursday night – Line Dancing & Bachata

January 26, 2013, the last Saturday in January, is the Narcissus Coronation Ball and Dance Magic 808 is making a few tables for this event which will be held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s Coral Ballroom. Every year we help the Queen, her court, and their escorts by teaching them the waltz. Cost $68 per person and you can dress up.

Saturday, February 9, 2013 - City & County of Honolulu is having their annual Senior Citizens’ Vallentine’s Ball at the palladium and the cost is $10. We will be performing our new solo quickstep routine.

Sometime in either February or March 2013, Dance Magic 808 will be having an evening dance event at the palladium. We have not received the date yet so stay tuned. We will advise you as soon as we are advised by the park’s director.

Sunday, April 28, 2013 is Dance Magic 808′s Las Vegas Showcase at Sam’s Town. We forgot to mention that the cost for the dinner buffet and dance is $55 per person. We will also be attending the college dance competition on Friday and Satuday at UNLV. Cost $5 for Friday & $10 for Saturday. Roy Hamasaki is handling the Las Vegas travel package with Vacations Hawaii so see him for the travel booking.

Save Friday, August 9, 2013. This is Dance Magic 808′s 2nd Anniversary Ball at the Pacific Beach Hotel. We are hoping everyone can attend.

After the announcements, we called up the following people to thank them and to present them with gift cards to show our appreciation.

Ed Ho & Vernonica Munez – Salsa instructors for this session. They have also taught the Bachata to the Dance Magic 808 members.

Roxanne Kaino – Line Dance Instructor – started with us when we were at Ft. Shafter.

Bob & Elsie Oyama – Assisted in instructing the Line Dances. Elsie is one of our original Line Dance Instructor and helps out whenever we need her.

Frank & Lani Sierra – Instructors – started with us at Hale Ikena and taught the American Social style of dancing. Frank also does the Dance Connection blog where you’ll find all of Dance Magic 808 events posted there.

Stephanie Shimizu – Assistant Instructor – first started assisting Joshua Manzano and has been a big help assisting us in our classes.

Lynn Duong – Registrar – she handles the class registration and membership fee. She has been a tremendous help to the club.

Dorinda White – she has made life easier for all the members but making the registration forms all fillable.

We thanked them all for helping the club to become very successful. We really appreciated all their assistance.

We forgot to mention the following people who were not able to attend tonight. We also want to recognize them and thank them for all their help.

Andy & Monica Pascua – American Social & Filipino Tango Dance Instructors
Lester & Henrietta Muramoto – International Dance Instructors
Robert & Vanelle Hirayasu – Argentine Tango Instructors
Creighton & Beverly Goo – Ticket Chairpersons
Gayle Kawahakui – Dance Magic 808′s palladium coordinator
Connie Laderta – she made some delicious snacks for the last 3 dances

Thank you to these members too. They also helped to make this a very nice and successful dance club.

We try to surround us with good and positive people and we think we’ve succeeded because the members in this club are so caring and giving.

We want to thank all of you for making this a wonderful year for Dance Magic 808 and we hope to see you next year at our classes and/or dance events.

Mahalo for all your support.
Lynn A. Nakamura
President, Dance Magic 808
Upcoming Dance Magic 808′s Dance Events:

Sun., April 28, 2013Dance Magic 808′s Las Vegas Showcase at Sam’s Town
College Competition on Friday & Saturday, April 26 & 27 at UNLV
Save this date, more info forthcoming
If you are interested, please advise me as we are trying to get a headcount.

Fri., August 9, 2013 – Dance Magic 808′s 2nd Anniversary Ball at the Pacific Beach Hotel
Please save this date, more info forthcoming.
It’ll be another fabulous ball you won’t want to miss.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

IBDI 5th Term Student Party 2012

Equipped with our dollar tickets for bento, Lani and I headed towards the Palladium for the 5th Term Student Party this past Monday. IBDI Student Parties have  existed for a very long time; way longer before Lani and I joined this dance organization. It's an occasion to have fun, feast, dance, and for the students to show the skills they had learned during the past seven weeks. Also for the dance instructors to demonstrate what's in store for the next term classes.
Distributing the delicious bentos to presale
ticket holders were James, Mae, and Ed.    


We checked in at the front desk with Dana Morey and Delia Tom, those two faithful members who have voluteered time and time again to greet members and friends at IBDI functions. (Delia was on an errand when I snapped this shot of Dana and retired IBDI Auditor Paul Araki).

It was  a bit early and most of the early dancers were in the lanai chowing on the bentos. The music DeeJay, Joella was setting up the audio equipment. My sincere appreciation to Joella for volunteering to play the music for our East Coast Swing dance class.

As more students/dancers and members filled the ballroom, Harold Kaneshiro, another long time member and DeeJay for IBDI, took turns in spinning the music discs. Social dancing continued till President Chris Jay signalled the beginning of the program.

First to demonstrate were Lani's and my East Coast Swing students. I think they did really well in the demo. As the music played, students from the other classes joined in. It was an encouraging sight for the EC Swing students. George Suetsugu's International Tango soon followed. Prez Chris Jay had lined up the demo to have Latin dances and Standard dances alternating. Cool idea. Jim Prado's Samba came on next. Then Ernie and Karen Choy's International Cha Cha II did their demo. Ed and Matilda Felix were not present but their International Waltz I students danced their demo. Last to perform was Ed Ho and Veronica Munez's Bachata II students. It was well choreographed with students changing partners in the demo. I think all the students of each dance class performed exceptionally well. Social dancing continued and so did the call for lucky numbers for door prizes. There were a multitude of door prizes that it as necessary to divide into three different times.

The next term begins on January 14, 2013 with registration for the dance classes starting on January 7, 2013. On tap are International Waltz , American Rumba, International Foxtrot, International Rumba, East Coast Swing, and Argentine Tango.

Chris and Charlene danced a demo
of the International Waltz

Frank & Lani danced a demo
of the American Rumba

Ernie & Karen danced a demo
of the International Foxtrot

George danced a demo with partner
the International Rumba

Roy & Dawn danced a demo of the
East Coast Swing. Roy filled in
for Jim Prado who was not present.

Robert & Vanelle danced a demo of
the Argentine Tango 
The program concluded with more lucky numbers being called for door prizes before closing at 9PM.

A gentle reminder: IBDI Christmas Dance is this coming Saturday.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Divino Ritmo Dance Grand Ball 2012

It was a Herculean feat that Lucas and Yanna pulled out of their magic hat last Saturday at the Sheraton Waikiki Hawaii Ballroom. I say magical and add spectacular 'cause it was the best of the best showcase by far that Lani and I have ever seen produced by DRD. Of course, everyone knows that the preparation behind the scene calls for hard core work and as Celia (Michael Yap's dance assistant) mentioned to me as we stood in line to register our tickets, "We were here since 9 o'clock in the morning setting up in the ballroom". Well, the task of putting up a better than great showcase of multi-talent people paid off many times over.
Shervelle Bergholz
Lani and I decide to get to the Sheraton at least an hour before the door open at 6PM. Well more for making sure we were early enough to find a parking space.  Lucky for us we found a nice spot on the 4th floor.  As it got close to opening the ballroom doors, more ticket holders came into the foyer to register with Shervelle Bergholz. If you were at last year's Grand Ball, you'll remember Shervelle who nearly stole the show with her naughty but nice performance in a Latin number.

A rare pix of your truly
The ballroom was beautifully decorated at every corner with the flavor of theaterama of years gone by. "Film Montage" was the theme of the 4th annual DRD Grand Ball which aimed to go on a magical journey of unforgetable Hollywood movies, memorable music and to experience the beauty of dance. I think what attracted nearly everyone as they walked into the ballroom was the large "Hollywood" background and the "Divino Ritmo Dance Limo" in the foreground.  Even my main squeeze got to become a paparazzi and urged me to get a shot taken of me.  She thought that I looked like one of those rich guys in the "Rich and Famous" with the shiny DRD limo in the background.
Lani & Lucas Jaime
Of course in retaliation, I gotta have my main squeeze pictured in this blog, too. What better away than to get it with one of the Stars of Film Montage and better yet with Lucas Jaime, one of the Directors of of Film Montage, and Co-founder of DRD with Yanna Samkova.

EmCee Justin Cruz
Every successful dance showcase gotta have top-notch people to keep the hype up and keep the show rolling smoothly and without any dull moment. Last year's DRD Grand Ball featured that dynamic Justin Cruz, the meteorologist for TV 2. As in the 2011 Grand Ball, he was just as "live" in 2012 being very articulate and clear in his deliverance but humble throughout the whole evening. He really got the audience all hyped up during the magnificent performances by professionals Andrei Kazlouski and Asta Sigvaldadottir, with "hana hou" to entice the professional couple to perform another Latin dance after completing each one. If I counted correctly, Andrei and Asta performed five different Latin dances to the delight of the audience.

DeeJays Michael Yap
and DJ associate
Contributing to the success of the showcase as well as getting the guests to dancing were the Dee Jays with their fabulous selection of smooth and rhythm music. Dance, dance, dance and so did the dancers fill the ballroom floor. Terrific danceable selections by Michael Yap and DJ associate (sorry I didn't get his name).

Professional Leo Tomas & Josie Banasan
Social dancing continued before the sit down three course dinner was served. But first a welcome message by EmCee Justin Cruz in behalf of Lucas and Yanna, and recognition of  the professional dance teachers who were in the audience. We were honored to have one of them,
Leo Tomas, sitted at our table with Josie Banasan.

There were three acts consisting of 24 performances on the Showcase Program. True to its title "Films Montage", each performance began in total darkness with the sound effect of a movie projector grinding its sprocket. The dance floor was fully lighted during each performance and slowly dimmed at the end of the performance. The showcase went nonstop for all three acts and they were all colorful, entertaining, dynamic, electrifying, spectacular, and a splendid display of professionalism. I'm thankful for the beautiful and informative magazine produced by DRD that was given to me. For without it, I would not have been able to list the names of all the talented participants of this wonderul and entertaining production of "Films Montage". Note worthy are the behind the scenes volunteers and that calls for special appreciation: Paul Laderta, Jeffrey Laderta, and Fil Padilla for stage and ballroom decoration and set up; Martie Laderta for tickets, printing, and trophies; Emi Matsuoka for flowers; and Michael Yap for DeeJay service.

Act One: Lights out. Music. Sound effects. Lights slowly on. Action.

Act One opened with the theme "That's Entertainment" with guest performers, the Pan Pacific Formation Team dancing a medley of standard dances. Members were Eric & Luby Brienzo, Stan & Gerry Katayama, Lung & Catherine Kwock, Ray & Audrey Dang, Noli & Wowie Boado, Jim & April McConnell, and Ed & Matilda Felix.

Anna Mae Schwartz with Lucas Jaime performing the Foxtrot/Swing Medley to the music from the movie "Catch Me If You Can".

Carl and Marge Boyer danced a Tango medley to "Por Una Cabeza" from the movie "Scent Of A Woman" and coached by Yanna Samkova.

Laila Spina-Valenta performing the Cha Cha with Lucas Jaime to the movie soundtrack "Fame".
Edward Nishimura danced a Tango/Paso Doble medley with Yanna Samkova to "Tango de Amor" from the movie "The Addams Family".

Mary D, Tom danced the International Rumba with Lucas Jaime to the music "Quiero Pecar en ti" from the movie "Volver".

Wes Numazu performed an American Foxtrot/Salsa medley with Yanna Samkova to the music from the movie "Mask".

Erika Ordonez performed a medley with Lucas Jaime to the music "Dance With Me".

The Keiki Dance Troupe (Madison Divers, Brooklyn Divers, Chaney Matsuwaki, and Bella Boyer) performed to the music "I Like To Move It", and "Hawaii Five-O" from the movie "Madagascar". Teacher: Yanna Samkova

Maria Handl danced a medley with Lucas Jaime to the music from the movie "Men In Black", and "Shall We Dance".

The Divino Ritmo Dance Formation Team (Paul & Marie Laderta, Ed & Remy Brion, Tom Collins & Maggie Deng, and Edward Nishimura & Cammy Divers) performed a medley of dances choreographed and coached by Yanna Samkova.

Intermission-Social Dancing

Act Two:

Act Two opened with Marie Laderta and Lucas Jaime performing a medley to the music from the movie "Indiana Jones".

David Easa and Yanna Samkova danced an American Waltz to the music  "The Chairman's Waltz" from the motion picture "Memoirs Of A Geisha".

Noreen Ho and Lucas Jaime danced the Bolero to the beautiful song "Feelings" from the movie "The Baker Boys".

Edwin and Remy Brion performed the International Samba to "Mas Que Nada" from the movie "Rio".

Jones Valenzuela and Yanna Samkova danced the International Cha Cha to "Lady Marmalade" from the movie "Moulin Rouge".

Rolando and Gloria Padasdao danced the Waltz to the music "Time For Us" from the famous classic "Romeo and Juliet".

Maria Handl and Lucas Jaime performed a medley to the music from the movie "Shall We Dance".

Paul Laderta and Yanna Samkova performed a medley of International and American Foxtrot to the timeless music "My Girl" from the movie "The Temptations".

Bella Boyer and her teacher Lucas Jaime danced to the theme song "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" from the movie "Swing Kids".

Intermission: Awards Ceremony and Social Dancing.

The CAST MEMBERS in Act One and Act Two were called to receive their AWARDS

Act Three

It was like a Broadway Show bursting on stage as the Divino Ritmo Novice Ensemble opened the third act with a medley of dances choreographed and coached by Lucas Jaime. Members are Robert Hoplsen, Gary Hsu, Jopnes Valenzuela, Tomo Sasakawa, Laila Spina-Valenta, Soho Divers, ShervelleBergholz, Gwendolyn Arbaugh, Stacie Yochinaga, Keala Fung, Maya Ma, Emily Hodges, Stefan Kant, Laura Rose, and Becky McGarvey.

The Professional Show started and  highlighted with a cabaret dance performance by Lucas Jaime and Yanna Samkova.

Special Guest Professional Artists Andrei Kazlouski and Asta Sigvaldadottir were awesome and spectacular in their performance of the International Latin Professional dances. They were hot as a four alarm fire that got the audience all fired up for them to continue to dance all the Latin dances. And dance they did to the call of "Hana Hou!"

 Thus ended the showcase part of the program as the lights dimmed. The DRD Directors Lucas Jaime and Yanna Samkova had anticipated that the audience will enjoy the evening as a special spectacular event. Judging by the thunderous applauses and loud cheers during and after each performance of all the dancers, it turned out to be more than an enjoyable was an exhilarating evening filled with fun, vigor, and entertainment to the max. Social dancing continued till 11:30 PM.