Saturday, August 27, 2011

Candonians of Hawaii Scholarship Fund Dance

It was the first time that Lani and I got a glimpse of Candonians of Hawaii last night at the Pacific Beach Hotel
As we entered the foyer of the GrandBallroom, we were greeted by acquaintances Sam and Remy Sonson who were at the Reception Table. (We met Sam and Remy when Lani and I were at the beginning stage of learning how to dance when HBDA was thriving in Hawaii Kai). A long time ago but friendly faces and personality don't change.
Also at the "Table" were Delia Wong and Van Torres. We didn't expect a welcome hug from Delia and we thought she knew us from way back...none-the-less it was a friendly one. We were also greeted by Dr. Ignacio Torres, President of the Candonians of Hawaii and the Chairman of the Scholarship Program. Just a small talk with him, one can tell he has a deep passion to keep the Candonians mission of helping the poor and under priveleged young Filipino boys and girls in attaining education and excellence in their chosen career, on the fast track.

The Ballroom floor had a sprinkle of dancers but as more people trickled in more dancers filled the floor that there were just enough wiggle room to dance. I gotta admit that those dancers were courteous of their bumping and no space invasion. That's gotta be akamai to the max. The Music DeeJays were the team of Eddie and Jon Agas of E & J Sounds who spinned a variety of good danceable tunes that kept the dance floor filled to capacity....a bundle of favorite ballroom, Latin,and swing, and a merengue.

Lani and I were invited guests of Paul and Marie Laderta, who several times have invited us as their guests to several venues including the Pacific Beach Hotel events. Maraming salamat, Paul and Marie. The table we got was perfect...just at the edge of the dance floor...a good view for a photo-blogger and a quick access to the dance floor. Not very often do Lani and I get to seat at the same table with well known celebrities but bumping elbows with Lucas Jaime & Yanna Samkova, Maria Handal & Connie Laderta, Fil & Elvie Padilla, and Wes and Sandy Numazu, has gotta be the coolest.

The Program started with two maganda Filipina EmCees, Mistresses of Ceremony Nadine Lagaso and Roselle Torres who welcomed everyone to this fundraiser event and kept the program running smoothly and timely. The National Anthems of the Philippines and the United States of America were sung by the Candonians Singers and ultimately joined by the audience. Invocation was said by Rev. Emmanuel Cruz and then it was grindz time for the spread of delicious entries that the Pacific Beach is known for.

The Entertainment part of the program featured two Line Dances by the Fabulous Dancers, and the Forever Young Dancers. Don't let the names fool you...they were seniors that danced with dexterity and rhythm.

General Dancing filled in between each exhibition dances throughout the program.

Part 1 featured Dance Exhibitions by Professionals with their student-partner.

Ms. Josie Banasan and Professional Leo Tomas danced a beautiful exhibit of the Waltz. Not showing the jitters of a new-comer to exhibition dancing, Josie danced with confidence and flowed with rhythm and precision. I liked Leo's choreography in this had an abundance of moves that is vacant in most International Style Waltz dance exhibitions. A dance very well performed.

The Cha Cha danced by Jannette Ranion and Professional Carmelo Baysa was another crowd pleaser. Lifts and Drops made this showcase Cha Cha appealing and exciting to watch. Carmelo was Lani's and my first Professional dance teacher when he first came to Hawaii from the Philippines to teach at a studio in Aina Haina. At that time he had a driving flair to cause excitement and put on a good dance show for the audience as well as for the student-performers. It was mighty good to see that he is still on the hot trail and still in sync with his style.

"ALEGRIA" performed by Marie Laderta with Professional Lucas Jaime, and Paul Laderta with Professional Yanna Samkova was sensational and continued to have a colorful bite in exhibition dancing. It was fresh, all fired up, footloose and fancy free.

There was a short intermission for Recognition of Graduates of the Scholarship Program. Candonians Prez Ignacio Torres gave an astounding history of the Candonians' mission, and with the help of the Scholarship Committee congatulated and gave certificates to the Graduates who excelled in High School and in College and there were many as far back in 2007. "The fundraising program started in 2001 for academically deserving high school graduates from poor families in the City of Candon, Ilocos Sur and surrounding towns. Its aim was to support these students through college towards completion of courses they choose".

Part 2 resumed soon after with the Foxtrot performed by Dance Instructors Ed and Matilda Felix. As with their previous exhibition of the Waltz at the Bantay Bata Fundraising Dance, this couple added some pleasing moves to their Foxtrot that also pleased the audience. It was refreshing and magnificently performed.

Ed and Charlotte Bugarin are well known in Dance Exihibition circles. They have thrilled audiences with their explosive moves in the Cha Cha and Samba in previous showcases. But tonight it was an exhibition to slow down the tempo to a romantic Rumba that sizzled with hot, hot moves that drains the imagination.

Billed earlier as an exhibition of the Waltz, it was changed to the Bolero which was a welcomed treat. Not very often is the Bolero performed in Exhibition Dances and because Bolero is one of my favorite dances, I couldn't turn a blind eye to it. I thought Simon and Aida danced superbly in their version of this slowest of the Latin dances.

The Entertainment part of the program concluded with Closing Remarks by Vice Prez Sam Sonson with encouragement to come together again next year and support the Candonians mission. For the rest of the evening, general dancing continued till 12 midnight.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

IBDI 50th Anniversary Showtime @The Pacific Beach Hotel

After two straight nights of dancing with my main squeeze at the Pacific Beach and at the Palladium celebrating IBDI 50th Anniversary, Sunday was a blessing for a day of rest. So today the cycle continues and so does the blogging of IBDI Anniversary Showtime featuring professional dancers from Japan. It was a totally marvelous showcase of the International Standards and the International Latin event of this magnitude, I felt that I needed to call in the calvary to assist me in the blogging. Remember that "dynamic small package" that kept the program running smoothly like a well greased wheel? That was the EmCee Kay Yahiku and she consented to share her thoughts and creative script of the whole showcase with me and my Weblog. She kept the program going with a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm that kept the spirits at a high voltage level. I'm very glad that she is sharing her copious notes with "The Dance Connection". So please read on and enjoy Kay's bio of the dance performers from Japan.....
(Kay's notes are BOLD and my comments are ITALIC)

Part I - Two Pro-Am numbers:

1) Keiko Kawamata and Marie Miura - Waltz

The Waltz was performed by two lady dancers from Japan and I thought they stole the spotlight with their elegant performance of this popular dance.

2) Shinobu Matsuura with our own Grace Nohara in a Viennese Waltz/Fox Trot Medley, choreographed by Shinobu, to the tune "Sakura, Sakura", featuring the "Koto", a traiditonal Japanese stringed musical instrument, the national instrument of Japan. Players of the Koto use 3 picks, placed on the thumb, index finger and middle finger to pluck songs on the 13 strings.
The V. Waltz/Foxtrot Medley was certainly a big treat for dancers here in Hawaii because it showcased our own IBDI dancer and Vice Prez Grace Nohara performing with a visiting professional dancer. Clad in the traditional Japanese formal kimono, it was performed magnificantly with style and grace.

There was a short break to get everyone off their seats and dancing. Our table was one of few that was preselected to start the "Snowball Dance". It was a good break and it brought nearly everyone unto the dance floor.

Part II - Professional Show:

1) Paso Doble - Keisuke Okamoto & Ami Tsukakosh
All-Japan Amateur Latin-American Finalists, from Nagoya, Japan. Dancing together for 2 years. Tonight they'll be doing 3 latin numbers, however, they do all 10 international style dances. After they return to Japan, they plan to turn pro, probably in October.

This attractive young couple burst on the dance floor with the fury of a fierce bull. Their interpretation of the matador and the cape was amazing and filled with crisp moves and rich with excitement.

2) Slow Fox Trot - Shinobu Matsuura & Yumiko Matsuoka
This couple has been coming to Hawaii since 1995. Until 2008, they competed in the Hawaii Star Ball. The song was "The Longest Day", from the World War II movie of the same name, which featured John Wayne.

I don't remember seeing the movie starring John Wayne but none-the-less the interpretation of an American service man complete with military uniform revealed the passion between a Japanese woman and a soldier in a well orchestrated Slow Foxtrot and very well performed.

3) Rumba - Keisuke and Ami. They're both 24 years old and have been dancing together for 2 years. The rumba is Keisuke's favorite dance.
The Rumba being Keisuke's favorite was evident in this performance and I could count that it is Ami's pet dance, too. Sensational, sultry, and sensuous.

4) Waltz - Shinobu and Yumiko to the theme of the movie, "The Godfather"
This performance of the Waltz was a softer side of this two professional dancers. It was a flowing number executed with beautiful moves.

5) Illumination - Rumba and Samba medley by Keiko Kawamata and Misako Ueno.
The room was pitch dark for this "Illumination" performance of the Rumba/Samba Medley. The only illumination came from the performers who were lighted like a Christmas tree. It was hard to appreciate the dancing because of the nearly darkness. But "Illumination" performance have become a steady addition to dance contests on the tube that we may very well see more in future showcases. Keiko and Masako received a lot of "ooos and ahhhhs" and loud applauses for this performance.

6) Samba - Keisuke and Ami
Considered as one of the most dynamic Latin dances, Keisuke and Ami exploded on the dance floor like thunder and lightning. True to the style and tempo of the dance, this couple brought excitement in choreography and rhythm....and a true meaning to "DYNAMIC LATIN".

7) Standard Medley by Shinobu and Yumiko featuring 3 Japanese instruments: the Shamisen which resembles a banjo, the drum or Taiko and the harp or Koto.
This performance was a strong and excellent choice to end SHOWTIME PART 2. It displayed the excellence of two professionals dancers....their strengths, skills, techniques, and showmanship in the International Standards.

Professional Showcase Performers. (missing: Grace Nohara and Marie Miura)

Matsuura Sensei took the microphone and Kay Yahiku translated. Among other things, he stated that he's been coming to Hawaii for the last 16 years and been here at least 20 times. But Friday night [at the Pacific Beach Hotel] would remain the highlight. He thanked the audience.

General dancing continued till 11:30PM and an exciting and entertaining evening to celebrate IBDI 50th Year came to an end but will be long remembered. Domo arigato to Kay Yahiku, and Sayonara fo' now!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

IBDI 50th Anniversary Dance At The Palladium

Dana Morey of IBDI said it was gonna be a different kine of program at the Palladium to celebrate IBDI 50th anniversary. And true to her words, it was different and yet SPECTACULAR with the same performers from Friday night's Professional Showcase at the Pacific Beach Hotel. But before I go on, I gotta ask you readers to sit tight for awhile on the Pacific Beach Extragananza.........

The dance at the Palladium was a complete sellout and a big success.....Strictly SRO. Faithful Dana and a few new faces manned the Reception Table this time. Got our ono bento but was too excited to chow down. So into the ice cooler went the good stuff for a midnight snack. Official greeters also were new faces from Friday night...Marsha Ninomiya, Christopher & Charlene Jay, and a few other friendly faces who were passing out anniversary gifts.

Seats were at a premium but there was a Reserved Section for celebrities which I thought was classy. As the dynamic EmCee, Kay Yahiku, mentioned.....tonight was the largest (wall to wall) crowd that she had ever seen in any event at the Palladium.

DeeJays Henry and Jane were there once more to spin the best of the best danceable music.

Prez Christopher Jay gave a different kine of Welcome Speech but it still was in the same vein honoring all those volunteers who made IBDI a successful and one of the largest membership dance organization on Oahu, and also to give appreciation to the dancers from Japan who put on a terrific showcase performance at the Pacific Beach.

IBDI 1st Vice Prez Grace Nohara danced the V. Waltz/Foxtrot Medley with Professional Shinobu Matsuura from Japan in the Showcase. Grace is such an accomplished dancer that it was wonderful to see her perform at a very high level exhibition dance. Mr. Shinobu Matsuura was masterful in all the dances but the most thrilling was his speed and control in the Tango. Wow! it was hot and spectacular. With the addition of the Swing by Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the program brought some humor to the showcase. Everyone performed with precision that made this Showcase very enjoyable to watch. I must mention the two young couple Keisuke Okamoto and Ami Tsukakoshi who were magnificent and electrifying in the Cha Cha, Rumba, and the Samba. They were HOT! HOT! HOT!

General dancing continued till closing but alas burning my A** OFF two nights in a row took its toll and this not-so-young-dancer needed to go the way of Sayonara.
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

IBDI 50th Anniversary Ball

Well the long awaited big day finally came and Lani and I had to cut short baby-sitting our full of energy grandson. Lynn of Dance magic 808 and Marsha of IBDI had put out an APB (All Points Bulletin) that there was gonna be another event besides the IBDI affair at the Pacific Beach so bettah heli-on real pronto cause parking goin' be a problem. So my personal time-keeper who is in reality my main squeeze Lani made sure we got to the Pacific Beach in plenty of time. Got to our destination in plenty of time and nada problem in finding a parking space on the 4th floor. A bit early so we waited as more guests trickled into the foyer outside the Grand Ballroom.
The doors opened at 5:30 but the "happy juice" well wasn't gonna be serving the hard stuff until 6 bells. But es alright cause we got to bump fist with some guys and got some good hugs from the gals who we know from long time back.

Dana Morey was at the Reception Table by herself but she's one akamai chick. No need ID card 'cause she can spark you fo' face recognition and can tell you your assigned table number and no forget to get your parking ticket validated in one breath. Soon after, the two regular lovelies Shirley and Delia came to assist Dana.

At the entrance to the ballroom were guy-greeters all dressed up and real spiffy. Just happen to corner two of them for a photo shot. I couldn't lasso the third guy cause he was busy showing guest to their table. Gonna have to corral Roy Ninomiya next time.

I was glad to see Henry Lee and Jane spinning the music disc. For a big time Golden Anniversary, the dance music gotta be golden, too, and the team of Henry and Jane are just the right DeeJays to mix the right kine of magic to get everyone on the floor to dance. And that they did even before the ice-breaker "SnowBall Dance" and after.

The EmCee for the evening was Kay Yahiku, a gal with so much energy and totally akamai in keeping the program running smoothly like a well greased wheel. So much enthusiasm in a small package that you can't help loving her and her masterful style.

Invocation was said by Renna Villanueva, IBDI's Dance Director and 2nd Vice Prez. Her choice of words in the prayer was very touching and inspiring. She didn't leave any stones unturned as she made known and expressed wholehearted thankfulness to all who made IBDI an enormous success throughout the 50 years...the officers, the volunteer dance instructors, the students, the reception people, the kitchen helpers and the list went on. You gotta love this dynamic gal,. too.

It was grindz time but the dancing continued for those waiting to be called to the buffet line, and during dinner and after dinner.

At about 7:50, IBDI Prez Chistopher Jay took to the mike and gave the President's Welcome Speech. Not a common kine of speech but a historical one....the 50 year history of IBDI with a touch of personal history concerning Christopher and his lovely wife Charlene start into ballroom dancing.

Four past Presidents of IBDI who attended this golden event were honored and recognized...Paul Araki (1985-1986), James Yee (1987-1988), Harold Kaneshiro (1992), and William Kam (1993-1994).

Representatives of the various dance organizations and professional dance studios were introduced by the EmCee and there were many. I was able to get shots of those who were seated near our table......Al Franz, and Debby Borges Barboza.

More spectacular showing tonight as IBDI continues their 50th Anniversary at the Palladium.

Stay tune for SHOWTIME PART 1 with the Professional/Amateur Demonstration and SHOWTIME Part 2 with all Professional Dance Exhibition...........

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nifty 50's & 60's Oldies Bash 2011 Completely Sold-out

Aloha Dancers & Readers,
I just received the following e-mail from the "Bash" Chairman Wendell Kwan that the Nifty 50's & 60's Oldies Bash 2011 has been completely sold-out. If you had intentions of attending this year's record breaking event at the Pacific Beach Hotel on October 14, please read on................

Aloha Frank!
Thank you for all your help, really appreciate it! BUT, we are completely SOLDOUT as of August 4, 2011! Last year we had 700+ guest join us for Nifty 50s & 60s Oldies Bash 2010. With the ever increasing popularity of our event this year registration was 20X, TWENTY TIMES ahead of last years event and we SOLDOUT completely as of August 4, 2011. This year we broke all records to the point that we soldout 10 weeks prior to our event.

Our Active Core Committee, thru hard work and excellent management focuses on maximizing "marketing, advertising and promoting" our event, EARLY! With past experience and success it has lead to another record breaking Nifty 50s & 60s Oldies Bash 2011!

We do not sell Tickets, but encourage everyone who is interested to "Register". Registration is on a "First Come, First Served" basis. We are also limited by strict Fire Code Laws and have to work within the Safety and Comfort policies afforded by the Pacific Beach Hotel's Grand Ballroom.

Your kindness for announcing in your Blog that Nifty 50s & 60s Oldies Bash 2011 is now completely SOLDOUT would be most appreciated! Frank if you can also add, "We look forward to everyone joining us for Nifty 50s & 60s Oldies Bash 2012!"

Please mail or email your contact info to:

Email: Wendell Kwan - Chairman or Diane Yoshida - Treasurer
or Mail: Wendell Kwan
Nifty 50s & 60s Oldies Bash
47-559 Hua Place
Kaneohe, HI 96744
PH. 239-5360

Thank you Frank!

Wendell Kwan

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dancing To The Music With Lucas Jaime

"DANCING TO THE MUSIC" with LUCAS JAIME at USA Dance's Night Club 2 Step Workshop on August 20, 2011. (Article written by my good friend Marie Laderta.)...........

You'll be surprised how many places you can do this dance at. Night Club 2-Step or just Two- Step for short, is a beautiful partner dance that involves triple rhythms and is danced to the most emotionally inspiring slow songs making it the perfect dance for
romance, weddings, and socials. Often thought of as a "simple" dance, it is more than that when danced at higher levels. It also provides a good foundation for technique for other dances, even faster songs when the technique is applied properly.

At the most basic level, the Night Club 2-Step is a quick to learn dance. "At the advanced level it is an incredibly stylistic and flowing dance that requires a much higher skill level and partnering connection. At the very top level, it can be anamazingly graceful and technically powerful dance that incorporates techniques from other dance forms such as Tango and other dances leading to presentation moves and syncopated rhythms." (Quoted from Bruce Gombrelli on Night Club 2-Step.)

To conduct this workshop, USA Dance features Divino Ritmo Dance's Lucas Jaime, professional dancer, instructor and choreographer, renowned for his rhythm and show dances, and former salsa/hustle champion. Originally from New York, Lucas has made his home in Hawaii teaching International and American style competitive and social dancing for the past 3 years.

Come join Lucas at USA Dance's workshop for 1 1/2 hours of fun, technique, styling and musicality:

Date: Saturday, August 20th, 2011
Place: The Ala Wai Golf Course Palladium
Time: 12:30p Registration
1:00p Workshop

Cost: $10 for USA Dance Members
$20 for Non-members

For more information, call Glenn Okazaki of USA Dance at: 428-1704

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Quick Step Workshop - Success or Bummer?

It's always a boost when I receive feedback about a past event that was highlighted on my Blogsite. Otherwise, how would the readers know if it was a success or a bummer. Got this e-mail from Glenn Okazaki describing last Saturday's USA Dance Honolulu Quick Step Workshop. Read on.......


On the Q-step class last Saturday, what can I say, what can I say…. Everyone was having a fun time. Seems everyone wants more advanced steps/amalgamations than basic techniques. But even though these are advanced steps, we are giving our all on the techniques to help our students execute them. We broke the steps down to the very fundamentals from transferring weight/distribution to actually running/skipping and getting weight to foot. It was truly fun teaching it. Will see everyone on Saturday for part Deuce.


(Frank's note: Please click on the link "That's Dancing" for 'Part Deuce')

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bantay Bata 2011 Act Two

A 15-minute break for more general dancing and the sellout event brought more dancers to the dance floor. The Gonzales Band dance music with vocals was golden and non-stop like each tune was stitched to the next song. I recognized some of the songs that are on the Gonzales Classics of Hawaii music CD. (If you're one of the lucky ones to own this gem, then you are lucky).

The Divino Ritmo Dance Company opened Act Two with a Special Presentation of a Swing Medley with a mixture of Broadway. It was a terrific treat performed very explosively by a foursome from a professional dance studio that wowed the audience.

Professional Lucas Jaime and Noreen Ho put on a dazzling show in their performance of the International Cha Cha. It was radiant...a hot number that was brilliantly performed.

The new dance organization Dance Magic 808 Founders Richard and Lynn Nakamura entertained the audience with a fast and furious Quick Step that delighted the audience. It was dynamic and well executed.

Edwin and Matilda Felix added a new twist to their International Waltz performance. Not often do International dancers dance apart in the Standards, so this small change made their performance appealing and very enjoyable to watch.

The International Tango Show by Professional Lucas Jaime and Jun Nishioka had so much fire, fury, and passion that I gotta add ecstasy to this number. It was a very enjoyable performance.

A Special Guest Presentation of Hip Hop/Jazz by youngster Noah McConnell might be the beginning of including Street Dancing into Exhibition Showcases in the future. Noah who hails from 24/7 DanceForce did well on his debut.

Cole Horibe with Professional Yanna Samkova closed the showcase with their International Rumba Show. Far from the cry of their previous fantastic exhibition of the fast moving Paso Doble, tonight's performance was intriguing, passionate, and filled with a high level of showmanship and beautiful lines.

More general dancing continued till the stroke of midnight and a "funtastik" and successful event came to an end for this year's Bantay Bata.

Much credit go to the Officers, the Program Committee, and all those who were a helping hand in this event. Maraming salamat! Paul Laderta, who helped with the decoration of the Ballroom, the beautiful name cards on each table, and the Centerpieces, your artistry is the greatest. (The announcement came a bit too late that the Centerpieces were not to be taken home). Also kudos to all the Exhibition Dance performers and to Divino Ritmo Dance Studio for showcasing Professionals Yanna Samkova and Lucas Jaime.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Bantay Bata Hawaii 2011

Maaari ba tayong magsayaw? Just brushing up on my "making out in Tagalog". Yeah, I tried the Filipino translation of "shall we dance"? Friday night at the Bantay Bata shingdig at the Pacific Beach Hotel and got my A** burned off dancing with a circle of ten lovely ladies who were sizzling and getting down ala boogie with the Twist and Disco. I gotta admit that my main squeeze Lani got into action, too. But lest we forget about the grand purpose of this wonderful fundraising event, "Dancing In Paradise (Project for Bantay Bata 163), here goes the spill.......

Buffy Gonzales was sure a bright sight as Lani and I got to 7th floor Grand Ballroom. She was later joined by lovely Delores Juan at the Reception Table as more dancers checked in for table assignments.

There were a few showcase performers polishing up their routine on the floor but as soon as DeeJay Jesse Gonzales cut loose his wide collection of deep down mellow tunes, the floor got flooded with social dancers.

Our friend Marie Laderta who is one of the key players of the Bantay Bata Project greeted us. I didn't recognize her at first because she had painted her face with a butterfly in preparation for her showcase performance. Anyway, I got a clean shot of her with "Aunty Sandy" and Lani.

General dancing continued till it was time to start the program. EmCee for the evening was Eric Barsatan who kept the program rolling along smoothly. His welcome remarks included a short history of the "Project and its Mission" since inception in 1996. He also introduced many of the representatives from the various dance organizations on Oahu, and the professional dance teachers and owners of dance studios.
It was good to see the maestro Geoffrey Fells who was sitting next to our table.

Invocation was said by Pas Ignacio, and the USA National Anthem and the Philippine National Anthem was sung by Deputy Consul General of the Philippines Paul Cortes. The Program Committee had not missed a beat. They had printed handouts of the whole program including the words to both National Anthems. So everyone joined in the group singing. That was so cool!

The Showcase had two Acts with a 15-minute intermission for general dancing fitted in between. Paul Laderta was the EmCee for the showcase part of the program and he handled it like an experienced pro with a nice touch of little quips of humor. Mahusay iyan! (That's good!)

Act One started with a beautifully danced Hula by Iwalani Tseu to the unforgettable tune "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". She was very graceful in her movements and it was an akamai addition to the Exhibition Showcase.

Professional Lucas Jaime has always thrilled audiences with fantastic moves with Yanna but he proved that he can thrill the audience just as well with newcomer Laila Spina. Their Theatrical International Cha Cha was exhilarating and a good hype to start the tone of the showcase.

Another newcomer Josie Banasan teamed with Professional Leo Tomas to showcase the Romantic Rumba. It was sensuous and it was good to see a new face in exhibition dancing.

Fil and Elvie Padilla came to dance and they sure burned the floor with more intricate moves in their performance of the Hustle. It was HOT, a heartbeater, and truly exciting!

Slowing down the pace was an International Slow Foxtrot by Albert Lui and Shu Weng. It was just enough to slow down the heartbeat and it was a good performance which showed artistry in motion by two experienced dancers.

Another newcomer to showcase performance was "active senior" Wesley Numazu who danced a delightful skit with Professional Yanna Samkova. Their performance of the East Coast Swing was by far entertaining, exciting, and stimulating.

Not often do we see a high level of emotions in a dance exhibition but tonight Marie Laderta and Professional Lucas Jaime pulled out a winner in dancing the International Rumba to "Ode To A Butterfly". It was filled with passion picturing a true-to-life experience of the dancer Marie. A very moving and wonderful heatwarming story translated into a dance story prime performance.

INTERMISSION and General Dancing (stay tuned for Act Two)