Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sea of Red @ The Dance Magic 808 Inaugural Ball 2014

It wasn't only an Inaugural Ball for Dance Magic 808 this past Friday but also it was a Sweetheart Ball. AKA Valentine Day Ball in some circles. But all the same it meant dress in RED. Only thing, I couldn't find my red  shirt that evening. Auwe! So the next best thing was to go PURPLE.
Lani and I got to the Palladium early enough to pick up our prepaid bento. I guess it's common knowledge now for all dancers that if you purchase your tickets ahead of time, you are gonna be served a bento.

The scene was a sea of red as Lani and I entered the crowded Ballroom. Nearly all the dancers were dressed in red apparel.

Spinning the non-stop music were the team of Mike and Dianne Chinen.

Lady EmCee was IBDI Prez Marsha Ninomiya.

Welcoming everyone to Dance Magic 808 Inaugural & Sweetheart Ball 2014 were  hosts Prez Lynn Nakamura and  VP Richard Nakamura.

EmCee Marsha Ninomiya introduced Honolulu City Councilmember Stanley Chang who installed the 2014 Dance Magic 808 Officers and Board Members.

Vice Prez/Treasurer Richard Nakamura, Prez Lynn Nakamura, Councilmember Stanley Chang, Secretary Stephanie Shimizu, Board Member Larry Arinaga, and Board Member Gail Tamaribuchi.

The Mock Competition started with the performers marching across the ballroom floor. The "competition" was fierce with each couple showcasing their skill and showmanship of their particular dance and style. Kudos to the person who brightened up the lights in the ballroom. Participants in the Mock Competition were:.
Dance Magic 808 Line Dance Instructor "Roxie" Kaino brought her Washington Middle School "Pride of the Eagles" students Nahale Brash, George Setik, Rommel DelRio, and Crystal Johnson.

 Cast as the "ironman" of dance in my previous blog, Sergio danced with Susan Hiwa, Elyne Fia, Bonnie Uno, Barbara Kaneshiro, and Coralee Harai.

The Mock Competition appeared more like Dance Exhibition and were wonderfully performed and featured Latin dances as the SAMBA, RUMBA, CHA CHA, PASO DOBLE, MAMBO, and JIVE; and Standard dances as the WALTZ, TANGO, FOXTROT, and QUICKSTEP.

 At the Reception Table were Dance Magic 808 International Dance Instructors Henrietta and Lester Muramoto. And of course, we must remember those volunteers who served out the delicious cream puffs from New Aala Bakery.

Read more about this event on the Dance Magic 808 Web.

Dance Magic 808 Inaugural & Sweetheart Ball

Dance Magic 808 Prez Lynn Nakamura has wriiten a comprehensive description of this event. Please click to the Dance Magic 808 Web on the side bar for up to the minute details. Mahalo.