Friday, April 27, 2012

Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society 37th Anniversary Ball

Sorry for the delay in getting the Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society 37th Anniversary Ball blog on the "hotwire" sooner. There was a death in my family which required my full attention. But now that all is taken care of, I hope my noggin can capture what went on during that event some weeks ago. So here goes the best of my recollection........ Lani and I got to the Palladium in plenty of time for the bento. Yeah! we got the presale kine tickets from Matilda and Ed Felix.Dancing in the ballroom was in full swing but first it was better to grind with some of our friends from Dance Magic 808. There were other friends, members from various dance clubs there to support Pan Pacific, too.
An old acquaint-ance from my IBDC days, Marie Perreira, was dishing out the bento dinner...always with a friendly smile and how are you?
Pan Pacific pulled all the stops by staffing the Reception Table with two lovelies.
The Information Table was a good idea and was fully manned by two guys and a gal.
DeeJay for the evening was George Suetsugu whose gratifying music enticed a whole lot of dancers to the dance floor.
General dancing continued till about 7:30 when EmCee John Wong took to the mike and gave the Greetings and Acknowledgement.
Prez Rudy Luat soon followed with the President's Anniversary Message. He also introduced the Presidents, Owners, and Representatives of the various professional and non-profit dance organizations on Oahu who were in attendance.
A Special Present-ation by Board of Directors member Marie Perreira to honor Herbert Omizo for his continue-d support in the dancing community and for most tickets sold.
The Dance Exhibition part of the program started with the International Waltz performed by Ed and Matilda Felix. The dance was smooth and flowing and this couple never fails to bring audience satisfaction to their exquisite performances.
Ed and Remy Brion came on hot and strong with the Swing ala American style. It had some fancy moves and you gotta appreciate these two senior teenagers who can romp the dance floor to entertain.
The International Tango as performed by Jun Lim and Gayle Kawahakui was an excellent display in the exactness of the dance with superb control and strength.
It's never a dull moment when Brian and Ashley perform in the International Latin style. These two young new comers have thrilled audience with their lively and dynamic performances and their International Cha Cha was filled with excitement and explosives moves.
It was good to see Ravi and Synthia move up the ladder into exhibition dancing. I thought they did very well in their performance of the International Foxtrot with plausible technique and floorcraft.
The Pan Pacific Formation Team concluded the showcase of exhibition dancing with the International Tango. It was beautifully choreographed and danced with vigor and precision.
I couldn't resist cornering Prez Rudy Luat to pose with the Anniversary Cake. He and his faithful assistants sure put on a colorful and good show for the 37th Anniversary.
After the Showcase, there was a "Snowball" icebreaker dance which was started by the Performers in the Showcase and the Pan Pacific Board Members. Then it was time for a break for Snack and Refreshments on the lanai while general dancing continued on in the ballroom. Prez Rudy pitched in to serving the snacks with Loise Fujiyama the most reliable and hard working member of this dance organization.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nifty 50s/60s/70s Oldies Bash

Aloha Dancers,
If you're planning to attend the 2012 "Bash" and haven't yet turned in your registration form, please do so with a flash. The door to this year's event has a small opening now and may be closed much earlier than announced according to this recent e-mail that I received from Wendell Kwan, Chairman of the event........

Aloha Frank & Lani!

Can't begin to tell you how much my core committee and I REALLy appreciate your continued help and assistance in helping us spread the word about this years fabulously exciting upcoming Nifty 50s/60s/70s Oldies Bash Sock Hop 2012 via your blog linked above! From all accounts, phone calls, e-mails and communications there is a tremendous amount of anticipation, anxiety and excitement in the air! Currently, as of April 13th, Paid Registrations are Ten Times (10X) ahead of last years Registration pace! TEN TIMES!

At our current Registration pace we will, again, be completely SOLDOUT and much sooner than the August 1st date we soldout last year! We are now anticipating that we will be completely SOLDOUT by July if not the beginning of June 2012! Official Deadline has not been changed to August 1st, 2012, but on a First Come, First Served basis we will completely sellout way before that date! Also just to inform everyone, the special hotel room rates reservations are going fast as for safety reasons, and relaxation, our guest don't have to worry about drinking and driving! We have the perfect success formula and with experienced gained, IT WORKS!

Thank you Frank for uploading our beautiful Poster into your Blog! I've reattached the above, in jpg file form, just in case! We welcome everyone to our community event benefiting The Hawaii Food Bank!
Wendell Kwan

(Left click to zoom in and Right click on graphic to print forms)

Monday, April 02, 2012

Letter of Thanks from WASABI & Doreen

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all who joined us at "Live @ the MGB" this past Friday!!! What a great time we had, and we received so many kudos on how well everything turned out for our first ever public gig at the MGB! You all deserve the credit for the success of this event, and of course, SPECIAL THANKS to our dear friend, Garry Moore, who always brings so much personality & energy to our stage! Let's gear up for the next one coming up May 4th!!!

We had (3), but now down to only (2) public gigs in April:

- Thu. 4/12.....St. Louis Alumni (7:00-10:00 p.m.)

- Sat. 4/28.....Dot's in Wahiawa (7:30-10:30 p.m.)

Hope you can join us. Please share this schedule with everyone you know. We'd really appreciate it! The more, the merrier!!!

Thank you and much love from me & da boyz,