Monday, July 31, 2017

IBDI 56th Anniversary Dance - This Friday

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Aloha Dance Club 43rd Anniversary Ball

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Monday, July 24, 2017

USA Dance 12th Mock Competition

Lani and I got to the Palladium a little after 7PM for the USA Dance 12th Mock Competition. A bit late but in time to pick up our delicious looking bento. Hey! I no kid you. It did look delicious before I grind down with it  It tasted delicious, too. Mustn't forget to mention the friendly and smiling faces that greeted us at the entrance to the ballroom. There at the Bento Table were Paulette Sek and Wun Ki. And at the door was Nancy Shen.

Paulet and Ki at the Bento Table

Nancy at the Door

The Onolicious Bento

Now that I've whetted your appetite, let's go on with the Show. First of all, Lani and I want to thank Glenn and Tracy for inviting us as their guests to this Mock Comp event. Mucho Gracias, Glenn and Tracy! They left tickets for us at the Reception Table which was manned by Delia Tom and Eugene Shen.

Delia and Eugene

It was Standing Room Only as my main girl and I hunted for seats. Met a lot of friendly dancers along the way to finding our seats near the stage. Found a couple of seats near a couple (Henrietta and Lester Muramoto) who we knew when we were on the Instructional Staff with Dance Hawaii and Dance Magic 808.

Social Dancing was still in full swing to the up beat tunes of  DeeJay  Gary Kawasaki.

DeeJay Gary Kawasaki

Great music going on and the Mock Comp part of the program was not gonna happen for another 5 to 6 minutes. That was enough time for me to go paparazzi. I thought I would go candid camera for a change but people were obliging when I ask to take a camera shot of them. Thank you, dancers.
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Tracy Okazaki

And it was time to start the Mock Competition of the program. EmCee for the program was Dr. Paul Laderta, a dynamic person who kept the competition moving along smoothly.

EmCee Dr. Paul Laderta

Taking to the podium, Dr. Laderta introduced the professionals in the audience and then gave recognition to the Sister Clubs: Aiea Ballroom Dance Cl;ub (President Deanie Bates), Aloha Ballroom Dance Club (Pesident Gordon Wong), Friends of  Ala Wai (President Derek Kam), Ilima Ballroom Club (President Diane Wong), Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society (Gene Inoshita), and Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association.
He then introduced USA Dance Honolulu President Glenn Okazaki who gave a welcome speech.

USA Dance President Glenn Okazaki

Returning to the podium, Dr. Laderta talked about the history and benefits of the Mock Competition that originated 12 years ago. (Quote) The Mock Competition was created as a means to raise funds to sponsor our USA Dance Amateurs Competitors to compete at the USA Dance National Championship each year. Each couple who did compete at the National Championships each receievd $250 in sponsorship. It is also used as an incentive for aspiring dancers to take the step and become a Dancesport Athlete in USA Dance. USA Dance and the NDCA now included a Category in competition called Student/Teacher. (unquote)

The Showcase started with Part 1 - Latin/Rhythm Competition
Competitors were Isabella Nelson and Brooke Johnson, Ravi Narayan and Isabella Nelson, David Iwamoto and Coralee Harai, Mike and Lorrie Chun, Calvin and Debra Ota, Derek and Debra Kam, and Edwin and Charlotte Bugarin.

After a short intermission for General Dancing and competitors change of costume, Part 2 - Standard
Competition began.
Competitors were Ravi Narayan and Isabella Nelson, David Iwamoto and Coralee Harai, Jacky Lei and Margaret Yu, Robert and Diana Diana, James and Annie Kwong, Tommy Nakamura and Joannie Tan, Calvin and Debra Ota, Mike and Lorrie Chun, Mguel Heraclio and Rieko Ota, Ed and Candy Matsuda, and Glenn Okazaki and Anne Ho.

The USA Dance 12th Mock Comp was definitely well organized. It was colorful, exciting, and very entertaining. There were no real winners in this competition because every competitors were winners. They were dazzling and excellent in the execution of their performances. Kudos to the EmCee Dr. Paul Laderta who got the audience stirred up to be part of the program...a mark of a genuine EmCee.
Much thanks to Dr. Laderta for sharing his script of the program with me, and thanks to USA Dance President Glenn Okazaki who help me identify some of the competitors in the photos.

Hasta la Vista,