Monday, February 29, 2016

Dance Magic 808 Sweetheart Ball

It has been many moons since my main squeeze Lani and I have been to a Dance Magic 808 social dance. But being the month of February and also my birthday, Lani wanted to continue to celebrate it with going dancing at the Palladium. Well, I'm no spring chicken as I'm climbing up the senior ladder to the golden 100 but mind you, I'm not there yet. Since Lani is younger than I am, she's got the super energy to dance all night long and I try to keep up with her the best I can.

It must've been new/renew membership night as I checked in at the reception table. The nice lady asked if I wanted to be a member of Dance Magic 808. There's a lot of benefits available to being a member of a dance club for a year if you plan to be on the dance scene all the time.

The dance music were awesome and dynamic. You know da kine that's non-stop, upbeat, and da kine dat makes you want to dance every song. DeeJays Mike and Diane Chinen have really stepped up on their selection of dance music and sound equipment. Every music that they played echoed throughout the entire ballroom that brought more dancers to the dance floor.  

DeeJays Mike and Diane Chinen
Annie and  Stanley Nakamura were at the Reception Table when I took the following photo and so were Lester and Henrietta Muramoto.
(L)Annie & (R)Stanley Nakamura with friend

Lester and Henrietta Muramoto
 Andy and Monica Pascua, who we met some years ago when we were all teaching dancing for HBDA and later for Dance Magic 808 greeted us as we were looking for a place to sit.

Monica and Andy Pascua
The dance music was non-stop and nearly all the dancers remained on the dance floor but there was still enough space for others to join in.

It was a friendly bunch of dancers that were there this past Saturday and you can't help bumping into some of them like the nice and friendly couple that sat in the row in front of Lani and me. I didn't catch their names but I know they are avid dancers. The Mr. was a little quiet but the Mrs. was high-spirited and started and carried a most interesting conversation with us.

It was about 8 o'clock when Dance Magic 808 President Lynn Nakamura took to the microphone with a welcoming message. She later introduced Audrey Fu as the EmCee for the program. Upcoming events were announced and you can review them by clicking on Dance Magic 808 link at the side bar.

Lady EmCee Audrey Fu

It was a short but enjoyable program. Kim Anderson belted out some tunes and encouraged dancers to get on the dance floor. She's an extraordinary singer with a strong and broad voice range in Broadway and contemporary songs.
Kim Anderson

It was good to see Josh back in the islands that evening and performing an exciting Cha Cha with local gal Jill Tengan. Josh is a successful competitive dancer, dance teacher, and Dancesport Team Leader in Las Vegas.
Josh Manzano and Jill Tengan


After the program, it was Refreshment Time with Dance Magic 808 members serving Chicken Long Rice. It was warm and delicious. Found out that the Chicken Long Rice was prepared by Connie Laderta.

Connie Laderta at right

I didn't get to do a lot of the paparrazi thing this time because of the upbeat music calling to my happy feet and of course my main squeeze reminding me that we were there at the Dance Magic Sweetheart Ball to dance our A** Off. Before I sign off, here's a  few more photos taken as Lani and I made our way out of the Palladium.  Hasta la Vista for now!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

DRD Valentines Party & Lucas Birthday

It was suppose to be a half hour drive to Aloha Dancesport Center on Ward Avenue for Lani and me but we weren't so lucky this evening. It was just 6 PM on Saturday and the traffic on K Highway from Hawaii Kai was like the morning rush hour kine. The speed picked up as we entered H1 in Kahala but we hit another morning rush type traffic as we exited at Lunalilo Street off-ramp. Auwe! Getting on Ward Avenue was a snap but hitting those lane closures as we near Kapiolani Blvd. wasn't snappy.  There must be something about Kakaako that draws people and cars there. Even the homeless love Kakaako.  Street parking is at a premium and it's a happy driver if he can find one on Saturday evening.

Marie with Nick
GUESTS were dancing and the buffet was open when we got to the DRD Dancesport Center. We were greeted by beautiful Yanna  who directed us to our table. To EAT First or to DANCE? That was the question! The music played by Nick from StarPointe Productions was upbeat and awesome. Almost got my dancing feet on the big dance floor but my main squeeze said, "we eat first." Anyway, here's a pix of Nick with Marie Laderta who with husband Paul  invited Lani and me to the DRD Valentines Party and Birthday for Lucas as their guests. (left click on photo to zoom in).

Daniel with Lani

We sat at table with a nice gentleman name Daniel. Daniel has been a dancer since 2004 and his expertise showed on the dance floor. Thanks to Daniel; when he danced with Lani, it gave me the chance to go paparrazi or dance with other ladies. But when it came to Rumba, Merengue, Swing, Waltz, Bachata, and Cha Cha, it's my cue to dance with my girl.

Mustn't forget the main guy Lucas Jaime who's birthday we were celebrating.  

Photos of guests at the Celebration 

THEN IT WAS SHOW TIME! DRD has a Teen Dance Group. These young dancer came out of Studio B (second dance studio) with a routine that appears to be a mixture of Hip Hop and Break Dancing. They put on a good show.

It was time to settle down when Yanna announced that it was time to party for Lucas' birthday.

Beautifully fresh strawberry decorated birthday cake and was even more ono to the taste. Everyone sang: "Happy Birthday, Lucas!"

Line Dancing followed with the Electric Slide and other Line Dances with the Latin rhythm. Nearly everyone got on the floor.

It was time to get a piece of the delicious looking strawberry cake. Cake cutting and serving soon followed.

There were a lot of Shake, Rattle, and Roll going on with the young people as well as with the adult guests.

The studio was still rocking with dancers on the floor as Lani and I left the Aloha Dancesport Center. It was a fun night for both Lani and me and I think everyone else who were there, too, but moreso for our hosts Lucas and Yanna. We're very thankful to Paul and Marie for inviting us as their guests. HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!