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USA Anniversary Dance

WOW! What an amazing show that went on last Saturday night at the Ala Wai Palladium. The masterminds of USA Dance-Honolulu sure untangled some of the mysteries between the International style of dancing and the American style of dancing in the smooth and Latin versions. Okay! I'm getting a little ahead of this blog. So here goes the spill......
Paul Billington and partner
The partition that separates the Ewa Ballroom from the Diamond Head Ballroom is  still out of order. So the action last night was at the Diamond Head Ballroom. Seats were lined around the ballroom three seats deep but the floor was large enough for the many dancers to maneuver comfortably around the dance floor.
My main squeeze and I got to the Palladium a little after seven but was able to find seats near the stage next to Paul Billington (HBDA Representative) and his partner. There were other representatives that came to support this USA Dance Anniversary...Rusty Chun (Swing Dance Club of Honolulu), Ivan Johns ( Hawaii Gardenia Circle), Diane Wong (Ilima Dance Club), Deannie Bates-Burgess ( Aiea Ballroom Dance Association), Gene Inoshita (Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society of Hawaii,, Derek Kam ( Friends of Ala Wai), and Mai Wilkes (Aloha Dance Club) Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club, and Dance Magic 808 were mentioned, also. So were the various dance club instructors and Professional teachers.

DeeJay Gary Kawasaki
The dance floor was flowing with dancers as Lani and I walked into crowded ballroom. Got to say "Hi" to some friends (Gayle Kawahakui of Hawaii Gardenia Circle, Mr. Albert Franz, Arthur & Joan Oda of New Aala Bakery, Yanna & Lucas of Divino Ritmo Dance studio, Tom & Bunnie, Deanie from Aiea Ballroom Dance Association, and to the musicman, Gary Kawasaki who is one of the few DeeJays who plays  the best dance music this side of Honolulu),

Synthia and Ravi Narayan
The formal part of the program started with a Welcome Message from USA Dance-Honolulu President Ed Matsuda, and for recognition and awards..first: to the Founder of USA Dance Honolulu 27 years ago, Mr. Roger Izumigawa who was presented with a lei; second: to the DeeJay, Gary Kawasaki, and third: to the USA Dance National organization's National Volunteer of the Year, Ravi Narayan. Ravi was awarded for filling in and took multiple roles within the USA Dance Honolulu Chapter. Among those were Vice President, DJ for dances, membership chairman, starting a monthly email newsletter, and served as liaison with the National organization. He and his wife Synthia also taught the Honolulu Chapter 2018 Flash Mob and have served as instructors for the the K-12 program. He was presented with an award on behalf of the Nationals..

USA Dance-Honolulu President Ed Matsuda
EmCees Brianne Johnson and Ravi Narayan
 The all-volunteer Board of USA Dance-Honolulu were called to the front of the stage to be introduced.

Board Members: Jon Obara (Treasurer), Delia Tom (Ticket Chair),
Jay Nelson (Secretary), Candace Matsuda (Assistant Treasurer),
Ed Matsuda (President), Ravi Narayan (Vice President) and
Synthia Narayan (K-12 Program Coordinator)

The Showcase started with the International Latin style Samba, Rumba, and Jive of ballroom dancing. Performing Samba, Rumba, and Jive were Amateur competitive dancers Edwin and Charlotte Bugarin, and Amateur competitive couple John Obara and Nancy Luckie.  Representing Friends of Ala Wai Club were Derek and Debra Kam, representing Divino Ritmo Dance studio were Professional Lucas Jaime with student Candace Pitman, representing Dance Appeal studio were Kale Kingsbury and Mulan Lau, and representing USA Dance were Robert Holsen and USA Dance K-12 student Brooke Johnson.

The next performance was the American Smooth style of  Waltz,  Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz. At this point, Ravi Narayan explained the difference between the International style and American style and their musicality. Performers were Ed and Candace Matsuda of USA Dance-Honolulu, Alex Deleon and Barbara Kaneshiro of Dance Appeal studio, Professional Yanna Samkova with student William Landers from Divino Ritmo Dance studio, and Professional Lucas Jaime with student Stacie Yoshinaga.

The next group of dancers came on the dance floor to perform the American Rhythm style of the Cha Cha, East Coast Swing, and Mambo. Performers were Sinisha Kostich and Chanelle, Robert Holsen and Anna Kuznetsova from Divino Ritmo Dance studio, Kale Kingsbury and Mulan Lau from Dance Appeal studio, Lance Sabado and Emily Hackworth, and from Divino Ritmo Dance studio were Professional Lucas Jaime and student Kira Magnuson.

The International Standard dance was the final performance featuring the Foxtrot, Tango, and Quickstep. Participating were Michael and Lorie Chun, Robert and Diana Diana, David Matsumoto and Barbara Kaneshiro representing Dance Appeal studio, Jackie Lei and Terry Bosley, and from Divino Ritmo Dance studio Professional Lucas Jaime with student Stacie Yoshinaga.

It was a rare Showcase which Lani and I enjoyed watching as each individual performer injected their personal touch and personality into the dance.

All the dancers received loud applause after each performance.
They were later called back to the floor for picture taking and to receive appreciation gifts.

It was a colorful and great performance by all the performers in both the International and American style of dancing. I want to thank Ravi and Synthia Narayan for inviting Lani and me as their guests to this USA Dance Anniversary Dance and for sharing his notes of the program. Much mahalo!.
Aloha for now.

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First Sunday Social Dance @ HKRC - April 2019

It was the First Sunday Dance for the month of April at the Hawaii Kai Retirement Community (HKRC). It was also Easter Contest time at the facility sponsored by IBDI. There were a few dancers moving to the music of IBDI dance instructors Daniel and Setsuko who have spearheaded this venue the past months for the senior residents of HKRC and residents of the surrounding neighborhood.  Most of the ladies were wearing those bunny ears  hairpiece as I walked in. By the way, the contest winner was IBDI dance instructor Kathy who came wearing the decorated Easter hat that you see in the first photo. Nice hat, Kathy and congratulations. And you, too, Diana.

First Sunday Dance is held each month on the first Sunday  and everybody is invited to attend. It is sponsored by the International Ballroom Dance Inc. (IBDI) and admission is FREE. No need to be a member. Just come and enjoy the dance and music.

Kathy, Arnold, Mr. Franz, and Diana

Dance Instructor Kathy and IBDI Prez Diana

IBDI Prez Diana and HKRC Host Candi

Hawaii Kai Retirement Community Residents enjoying the Party and Music

IBDI Dance Instructor Daniel Teaching a HKRC guest the Cha Cha

IBDI Prez Diana with IBDI Members

HKRC resident learning to dance the Cha Cha from Kathy

Hawaii Kai Retirement Community (Bldg. #2)