Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hawaii Gardenia Circle Latin Festival 2019

With all the dance venues happening on a Saturday night, there's one place that was jumping with some of the hot Latin tunes. Yeah! Hawaii Gardenia Circle's Gayle Kawahakui and committee sure put on a good program last Saturday night at the Ala Wai Palladium. Just using the Diamond Head side of the ballroom was good enough to have the non-stop music resonate and get nearly all the dancers on the floor. I gotta say that the music sounded better in this half of the entire ballroom.  Music was provided by  DeeJay Bert Burgess with wife Deanie Bates.  EmCee for the program was Steven Sambrano who handled the program with ease. (Mahalo, Steven for sharing your program notes).
Bert, Deanie, and Steven
Got to the Palladium a little after 7:00 without my main squeeze Lani, altho' we were invited as guests of Gayle Kawahakui. (Thank you, Gayle).  Felt like the lone survivor but the music was good to stimulate the senses. The up beat music was echoing throughout the ballroom as dancers were moving to the Ballroom and Latin tunes.

Come about eight o'clock, the showcase part of the program started with the parade of local dancers who were going to perform in the six Latin dances.

Edwin & Charlotte Bugarin

Mike & Lorrie Chun

Calvin & Debra Ota

Shinya McHenry & Ceci Chang-Freeman

Robert & Rosy Schiff, and Roy DeLeon

Romeo & Elsa Navarea

Mark & Patty DelaCruz
The first dance performance was the Hot Cha Cha Cha.

Followed by the Sizzling Samba

The Romantic Rumba

Corrida  de Toros Paso Doble

The Jumping Jive

The Sensuous Bolero

Curtain Call
There were other cameras at the Latin Festival. too.

Elsa Navarea and Patty DelaCruz

Robert Schiff, Patty & Mark DelaCruz, and Roy DeLeon

Calvin & Debra Ota

Roy DeLeon, Elsa Navarea, Rosy & Robert Schiff, Patty & Mark DelaCruz

Lorrie & Mike Chun

Shinya McHenry & Ceci Chang-Freeman

Romeo Navarea, Mark DelaCruz, Roy DeLeon, Patty DelaCruz, Robert & Rosy Schiff

Edwin & Charlotte Bugarin

Calvin & Debra Ota, Lorrie & Mike Chun, Patty & Mark DelaCruz, Elsa Navarea, Rosy & Robert Schiff, Roy DeLeon, and Romeo Navarea

Rosy & Robert Schiff

Some of the guests who came to enjoy the Showcase:

Big Mahalo to our gracious host Gayle Kawahakui.
Elsa Navarea, Gayle Kawahakui, and little guest