Thursday, September 30, 2010

USA Dance Mock Competition 2010 Missing Photos

My sincere apology to Ed & Charlotte Bugarin, and Glen Okazaki & Anne Ho whose photos I had misplaced in my photo album and were not published in the photo lineup of Competitors and Dances. I have posted their photos in the original publication.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New York Hustle and Salsa For Dance Hawaii

This past Tuesday, members and friends of Dance Hawaii were treated to a two hour free lessons in the Hustle taught by Professional Dance Teacher George and wife Roscel Garcia from New York. Thanks to Maurice Morita, Prez of Dance Hawaii who organized this dance session. There were about 24 interested students of dance that attended the basic to some intermediate patterns of this fun dance. This George Garcia, although with the same name, is not the same George Garcia that teaches Argentine Tango. George's home base is at the Big Apple and has a very impressive bio and credentials for teaching Ballroom and Latin dancing. Known as one of the friendliest social dancers, George dances with a smile on his face and enjoys dancing with dancers of all level. (Go to his Website at to learn more of this excellent teacher of dance.) You'll find that Roscel is just as friendly, too. Just before closing, all the students were dancing the Hustle with music.

Tonight (Wednesday), George and Roscel reviewed the Hustle with last night's students who came early to Aliamanu Middle School cafeteria. As they did last night, George and Roscel covered the very basics of Salsa dancing then went into the some of the intricate patterns that makes Salsa a colorful and exciting dance. It was two hours of fun learning this dance and with the method that George and Roscel teaches, it was easy to learn and dance it with music. Tonight, there were about 30 students who may have learned Salsa for the first time step by step the easy way and from tonight's lessons, many of them will be able to burn the floor with Hot Salsa thanks to the patience and teachings of George and Roscel Garcia.

More Dancing Rocks Senior Fair 2010

It was the last day (Sunday) of the Senior Fair 2010 at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. More dancing on stage was in store. And as you know or will know if I'm armed with a camera, I'm likely to play the role of a paparazzi.

So as Lani was renewing her (ahem) Zippy's Senior Card, I'm at the Main Stage clicking away as friends Ron and wife Manjit are hoofing on the hard floor to the pleasure of the well appreciative audience. After all, just watching a couple of Seniors expending all that energy that could generate the lights at City Hall...well you got to appreciate Seniors doing it.

Not all the action was at the Main Stage. There were some Seniors attempting the high energy Elecrtric Slide Line Dance at the Galleria Stage. "Old age is not for sissies". They can sure rock, especially when led by Californian Lynn Coleman with background music by the One Man Band.

Met Norma Koenig at the Galleria Stage as the Electric Slide was going on. With her were her friends Patrick, Ron, and Joan who were going to showcase the Argentine Tango on stage. Although, it was mentioned that there are four or more different styles of the Argentine Tango, I couldn't see the difference. I guess being exposed to Social and Exhibition Tango, I'm not a good study of the Argentine Tango. Although, I think Norma and Friends did their best to convey the idea of this nightclub style of Tango.

More action banging away at the Main Stage with the young high school singers and dancers of the Nanakuli High School Performing Arts. Theirs was high octane performance that no Senior attempted to do some gyrating with the fast music. I think they feared of running out of gas. Terrific showing by the young people.

Okay, time to put the brakes on the heartbeat, put my camera away, meet my main squeeze, and hit the road back to Hawaii Kai.

OOOPS! Almost forgot to highlight the Kapahulu Senior Center Belly Dancers. Now Belly Dancing can excite even the oldest of Seniors (you know what I mean) but it can also be a means of cooling down to the Shake, Rattle, and Roll if you keep your eyes on the ...........???????

Monday, September 27, 2010

USA Dance Mock Competition 2010

USA Dance outdone themselves this time! The Mock Competition held at he Palladium this past Saturday was SRO.....not one available seat in the Ballroom or in the dressing room. It was an enjoyable evening of social fun dancing and a terrific showcase of competition in the Latin and Standard division with a good mixture of American style and Internatinal style of Latin dancing. This year the number of competitors swelled to 19 couples with four youngsters in the middle school age who demonstrated that they have the grit to become future stars.
Lani and I got to the Palladium a bit early and waited in the foyer as the competitors were practicing their moves. It was a good time to chat with dancers from other dance clubs....small talk but interesting to know what's going on in our dancing community.

The fabulous music of DeeJay Gary Kawasaki filled the ballroom enticing dancers to come on and get dancing on the floor. On a closer look, it was Ravi Narayan pinchhitting for Gary at least for a while.

The lovelies at the reception were very cordial in greeting everyone entering the ballroom. Even the guys were greeting guys with a friendly handshake. It looked like everyone had the smile and happy fever which is a good thing for an event this large. Admission was $7 Presale or $9 at the door. Not bad for a High Class Competition show considering it comes with refreshments.

Prelude to the Mock Comp was the traditional HorseShoe IceBreaker Dance. EmCee Roger Izumigawa opened the program. Recognition of other Ballroom Dance Clubs and also to Herbert Omizo and Annie Ferguson for most tickets sold. Introduction of USA Dance Hawaii Prez Glen Okazaki followed with a welcome to all. A flick of the switch and the lights went on brighter than before and Glen gave a short history of how the change in illumination took place. In a nut shell, special thanks to Glen and USA Dance for spearheading the call to Acting Mayor Cadwell on the lighting problem at the Ballroom. That met with a huge applause of appreciation.

It was show time in the Latin Comp which featured dances in the Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Jive. 9 couples competed in the Samba, 11 couples in the Cha Cha and Rumba, and 10 couples in the Jive. The two youngest couples, Prita Narayan & Ari Dalbert, and Ikaika Villanueva & Keilana Kese competed in the Latin division. So did first time competitors Gordon Wong & Clary Mitchell-Smith.


The Standard Comp featured dances in the Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Quick Step. 13 couples competed in the Waltz, 11 couples in the Tango, 3 couples in the Viennese Waltz, 13 couples in the Foxtrot, and 11 couples in the Quick Step. First time competitors were Candy & Ed Matsuda, Gordon Wong & Clary Mitchell-Smith, and a couple from Japan Yoshiko Fujioka & Taichi Ito. The only couple to compete in all 9 (Latin and Standard) dances was Richard and Lynn Nakamura. Missing in the photo
lineup are Yoshiko Fujioka and Taichi Ito who competed in the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Quick Step.

There was no individual winner for this Mock Competition and no judges like Dancing With The Stars reality show. It was a successful and super attempt to showcase our own STARS in the islands...a preview of what's in store for the upcoming Hawaii Star Ball. Cheering for favorite dancers was encouraged throughout the competition. All of them danced like champions and you could see the strength in their individual technniques that put them well in a class of their own.

(My thanks to my main squeeze Lani who helped me put this blog together and proof read it, and to Debra Ota who help me with organizing the photos, and added some noteworthy information.)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Senior Fair 2010

Okay! You're all probably wondering what the Senior Fair at the Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall has to do with dancing. Good question! Amid the large crowd of seniors, there were countless number of booths..all geared to serving the seniors. As Lani and I cruised the six isles of merchants, we found that the ones with the longest lines were those merchants that had some kind of games to win a prize (everyone wins a prize), and of course everybody's favorite...ZIPPY'S to renew or apply for 2-year discount cards for 99 cents. Another busy areas were the Main Stage,
and the Gallery Stage where most of the variety shows were held.

Lani and I got to the Blaisdell a little before 12:30PM. Just enough time to scoot over to the Main Stage to watch the Step*Taculars perform their dance routines. Two of our dance teacher friends (Salome of Dancing With Salome, and Ron Reddick of Tap Basics With Ron) were going to perform solos and also dance with the Step*Taculars.
Pretty good dance performance by the entire group and solos considering all of them are in their late 70's and some approaching the golden 90's. Step*taculars with Salome and Ron continues till Sunday at the Blaisdell.

Also met another dance teacher friend Norma who said that she will be dancing the Salsa on Saturday, and the Argentine Tango on Sunday at the Gallery Stage. Last year, she performed a potpourri of Latin dances with Greg The Salsaman. This year could be Greg again but it's anybody's guess. Oh yes! Norma is a senior also and she's got some cuchi cuchi Latin moves to boot. Senior Fair 2010 ends this Sunday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dance Hawaii Kai Ends 3rd Quarter

It has been a long and enjoyable 8 weeks of sharing the joy of the Waltz and the Mambo dances with our students. It has been a tradition of a potluck dinner and dance lessons at the end of each quarter for Dance Hawaii Kai. Except for students who are travelling off island, we had a good turnout. For a starter to whet the appetite for the ono food, Lani taught the Mambo #5 Line Dance. After some short preliminary moves, everyone headed for the grindz while it was warm.

Prez Maurice Morita brought the refreshments, desserts, plates, utensils, and cups. That's a heavy load when adding the electric coffee maker, and large jug of fresh water.
It was a time to socialize, and chat about things other than dancing. I think the students liked that since they got to know each other better.

The sound of Lou Bega belting out Mambo #5 brought most of the students with full stomach to dare the Latin movements. They really enjoyed this non-partner dance. But it was time to teach the "Continuous UATs" in the Waltz which Lani and I demonstrated last week for the class. Amid the styling,the footwork, and the timing, I think they picked up the pattern pretty well during the last half hour.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Behind The Scenes On Election Day

WOW! What an experience working behind the scenes the night before and after Primary Election Day. I don't mean workng the soft jobs like registering voters. I'm talking about the guys and gals who set up the booths and arrange the tables the night before the Saturday Primary and then break down the booths, store them away, and do the house cleaning including restroom after the polls closed.
Dance Hawaii Prez Maurice Morita gathered volunteers to set up three voting sites in East Honolulu for this Saturday's election. Except for East Honolulu's Dance Hawaii Kai members Stanley Akamine, Sam Aranio, Lani and me, all others were from Central Oahu's Dance Aliamanu. That's what I call team-spirited cooperation!
We all met at our first site (Holy Trinity Church gymnasium) at 7PM on Friday to learn how to set up the booths, arrange the registration tables, and the electronic voting devices. Maurice planned that it would take about one hour to accomplish each site. It was a terrific action of teamwork that got the Holy Trinity site done in 40 minutes.
With the onsite experience under our belts, all the volunteers headed for our next voting site, Kaiser High School cafeteria. It didn't take us long to set up this location but we did hit a snag. After setting up the booths according to the official map provided to us, on Saturday morning the voting officials wanted the booths relocated in the center of the cafeteria. No Big Deal since we had time before the site opened to the public at 7AM on Saturday.

The caravan of volunteers headed to Hahaione School cafeteria for the last stop and setting it up was much faster but then we were told that there was another site on the same campus that needed to be set up. It was a smaller room and less than the normal 24-25 booths that were set up at the other sites. So it was a snap.
Mission accomplished for Friday. Maurice then divided the volunteers into three teams of three's because some couldn't come to help during the Saturday morning call to be at the site by 5AM; one team for each site.
After the polls closed at 6PM on Saturday, Dance Hawaii volunteers showed up at all three sites to dismantle the booths, clean up the voting rooms and restrooms, and put the tables and furnitures back to their original position. A lot of sweat but it was an uplifting experience working behind the scenes alongside team-spirited friends and dancers.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going Dancing In October?

(Left click on poster to zoom in)
And just a reminder: USA Dance Mock Competition at the Palladium September 25th.
See some of Hawaii's shining stars brighten up the Ballroom with the Standard and Latin Competition Dancing.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nifty 50's & 60's Oldies Bash 2010

LAST CALL to get the $55.00 price to attend the Nifty 50's Bash on Friday, October 1st at the Pacific Beach Hotel. Maurice Morita will be submitting the 24 people who gave him their payment before the Sept. 15th price of $55.00. After Sept. 15th, the price will go up to $65.00. If you want the lower price, please call Maurice as soon as possible at 225-0326.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Furlough Friday Dance @The Radford

This time it was fo' real! The parking lot was filled with cars but moreso in the Radford HS cafeteria. There were a lot of new faces at this week's Furlough Friday Dance (as Jimbo mentioned on his blog in Moanalua Corridor).

Latin dance music by DeeJay Mike Chinen dominated the dance scene with a touch of Quickstep, Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz, and a good filler to get the shy ones on the dance floor...
the Line Dance led by Kevin and Margaret Yee with assist by Roxanne Kaino. There were 70 plus dancers who came to this dance...mostly Dance Hawaii members with a sprinkle of friends from HBDA, Aiea Dance Club, Pan Pacific Dance Society, and other International Style dance clubs.

Familiar supporters of Furlough Friday Dance are Prez Rudy Luat of Pan Pacific Dance Society, and Prez Deanie Bates of Aiea Ballroom Dance Club.

Please cruise over to Jimbo's blog on Moanalua Corridor for more coverage 'cause he's the go-to-guy that puts a lot of efforts along side Prez Maurice Morita to make Furlough Friday Dance a huge success and available to all dancers no matter what dance club they belong to. He's got it all down pat, so I just added a few more photos.