Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Good Life Expo

This years theme for the Hawaii Seniors Fair is catchy and very appropriate so. Friday was the opening day at the NBC Exhibition Hall and there were a multitude of seniors in attendance. So much so that if any of our aspiring politician could harness all of them to his camp, he or she could win the Governor's seat in a landslide. Lani and I started off to the NBC early enough but when we got to the entrance of the NBC parking lot the big sign was already up...LOT FULL. I guess I must've miscalculated that Seniors in Hawaii are early risers...very early risers fo' sure. Cruising around the blocks was not a successful option. Every inch of space on the street was kapu. So best thing to do was to go fill up da gas tank at Costco and then head back to the NBC. Still no luck and still LOT FULL. Must be something about parking near the graveyard on King Street across Straub 'cause there were parking spaces galore. It was a 10 minute walk to the NBC Exhibition Hall. Okay, no make fun. Us senior guys are slow walkers!

Performing on the Main Stage was 8 and I's Line Dancers all dresed in red T-shirts and jeans. Wow! those seniors (all ladies) put on a one hour show of continuous country line dancing that took a lot of stamina.

Then came on The Steptaculars, a performing dance team made up of Seniors from ages mid 70's to late 80's. Being an all-girl dance group, we'll never know how young (or old) they are fo'sure. But they performed with dexterity and put on a good show. Long time friend of Lani and me was on stage performing. Dat's Salome...long time member of the Steptaculars, Line Dance Teacher, Red Hat member, and an all-around dance performer.

Another friend and one of two guys to dance with the Steptaculars, Ron...a true hoofer and Tap Dance Teacher. He danced with full of energy and a senior at that.

As with all the performances that I've seen the Steptaculars were in, Bill was always there with his Flamenco and Cape Dance. Not as fast as he use to be during the early years but this costume-maker extraordinaire has always wowed the crowd with the Cape Dance.

It seemed like Lani and I were in the Exhibition Hall a long time checking out each booth for something of interest. We purchased a few things but time was clicking away on our parking meter. We got to our parked car with 9 minutes to spare. Lucky for us because the Meter Maid was already putting those nasty tickets on cars with an expired meter. But before we left the NBC grounds, there is the brown statue of the gal sitting on a bench at the corner of King St. and Ward Ave. that Lani has always admired. So it was a must that she took a snapshot of the girl-statue and my main squeeze directed...."put your arms around her". And dat's a take fo'now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dance Magic 808 News Clip

Just in case you all wanted to get wired on to how the new dance club Dance Magic 808 made out during the 3rd session at Hale Ikena, here's a news clip just taken from the "coconut wireless". Okay, I mean Internet................

Hi All,
We would like to thank our 3rd session instructors for teaching you to dance and we would like to thank all of our students & volunteers for making the 3rd session as successful as all the other sessions.

This 3rd session on Tuesday night, Frank & Lani Sierra did a wonderful job teaching you the jazzy night-club merengue. We know you all enjoyed their class. The dance was very challenging since there were a lot of turns/spins but you all did well and looked great. Thank you Frank & Lani!!!

Andy & Monica Pascua also taught on Tuesday night. They taught the exciting mambo and they too had a lot of spins and turns. Everyone in this class too enjoyed the challenge of the dance steps and at the end of the class everyone was doing the mambo and looked great. Thank you Andy & Monica!!!

Thank you Elsie McGrew and Roxanne "Roxie" Kaino for teaching the line dances. We have one more class (tomorrow night) but wanted to thank you in advance. Thank you also to Lolita Nariyoshi and Cora Nieto for helping Elsie & Roxie with the class. As always, everyone enjoys the line dancing and you all made it a lot of fun.

If you are free tomorrow night, please come to our last class for Wed. night for the 3rd session which starts a 6:45pm. We have line dancing at 6:45pm - 7:30pm and Night Club 2-Step from 7:45pm - 8:30pm.

We have a few reminders, see below:

Tomorrow night, Sept. 21, is the last class for Wed. night for this 3rd session.

Thursday night, Sept. 22 is the 3rd class for this 3rd session.

Tuesday night, Sept. 27 and Saturday, Oct. 1 at the palladium - USA Dance is having two awesome workshops, please see email that was sent to you.

Saturday, Oct. 22, Kauai Ballroom Dance Club's 7th Anniversary at Grand Hyatt in Poipu, Kauai. Cost $50 per person

Friday, Oct. 28, Pan Pacific's 37th Anniversary Ball at the Pacific Beach Hotel. Cost $55 per person. We still need do complete the 3rd table.

Dance Magic 808 logo shirts - we are still taking orders and hopefully will have it ready for purchase by the end of September or the beginning of Oct. Cost $35 / $5 will be given to the club to cover expenses

Save the following dates:
Friday, May 18, 2012, IBDI & Dance Magic 808's Las Vegas Showcase in Las Vegas and Friday, July 6, 2012, Dance Magic 808's 1st Anniversary Ball.

Thank you all and see you tomorrow night.
Richard & Lynn
Dance Magic 808

Friday, September 09, 2011

USA Dance NightClub 2 Step with Lucas Jaime

Aloha Students of Dance. Gotta thank Glenn Okazaki for sharing this wonderful review of USA Dance NightClub 2 Step Workshop with Lucas Jaime and a big, big mahalo to Candy Matsuda who authored the review of the workshop.


Hi Frank,

Please post this on your blog. I got this review from one of my board members, Candy Matsuda, who attended the workshop. (Sent by Glenn Okazaki)

USA Dance Honolulu held a Night Club Two-Step Workshop On August 20, 2011. It was a fantastic workshop taught by Lucas Jaime of Divino Ritmo Studio. If you were one of the many who attend this workshop you really got your money's worth. He started with the basic steps and moved easily into an advanced pattern for a full hour and one-half!!! He did not even stop for a break! It was well attended and we were content and at the same time exhausted by the many step patterns taught. Those who attended enjoyed the relaxed and easy manner that Lucas was able to convey his Night Club Two-Step patterns and technique. It was a real treat to have experienced this workshop taught by Lucas, and will be looking forward to his next one for USA Dance Honolulu.

USA Dance membership increased by nearly a dozen members that day, all taking advantage of USA Dances discounted fees for our workshops. It really pays to join USA Dance here in Honolulu, because of our give back to our 'ohana’ members. Our savvy members know the true value of our membership. They all know the upfront $25membership fee for being a member is next to nothing, compared to the great savings thru the year.

Candy Matsuda,
USA Dance Honolulu