Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Divino Ritmo Dance Annual Halloween Party 2017

Last Sunday night, my main squeeze Lani and I had a great time dancing and associating with friends at the Aloha Dancesport Center as guests of Lucas and Yanna Jaime. The event was Divino Ritmo Dance Annual Halloween Party. As we entered the ballroom, we were greeted by our host Yanna. Hot Latin music was on and Salsa dancers were burning the floor. People were dressed in their Halloween garbs and some in super hero style. It was almost like entering pages of a super hero comic magazine.  Lani and I got to meet James and Yuka (at last) tonight when we were selected to be judges of the costume contest. Very nice people. Hold that thought  while I rewind to the beginning.

As Lani and I entered the ballroom, we were greeted by Yanna who looked stunning in her    Wonderwoman costume. Equally looking dashing was Lucas in his Thor costume "hammering" out Hot Latin and smooth music as the floor was on fire with Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, and Smooth style dancers.  
Yanna and Lucas Jaime

All the round tables and long tables were occupied but our host was able to find us a couple of seats at the table with our friend Gayle Kawahakui and her friends..

During the announcements made by Lucas,the dancers got off the floor and back to their seats. That gave me the opportunity to go paparazzi and get some good shots of at least majority of the guests wearing or not wearing costumes.  They were a good bunch and not at all camera shy.

As soon as everybody got settled down in their seats, the program started with impromptu dance performances by students and teachers. Each performance was short and sweet. Yanna danced with her students and Lucas danced with his students. And there was one couple that performed on their own. All performed well and with their costumed made it enjoyable to watch.

After the student/teacher performances, general dancing resumed.

Then it was time for the parade of costumes and judging the costume contest. There were many contestants and when they lined up against the two walls, they added color to the whole ballroom. Judges selected for the costume contest were James, Yuka, Lani, and me. As the contestants paraded around the dance floor, the judges were to select six contestants to vie for the three prizes (first, second, and third). Then three out of the six were to be be selected by popular vote.

The Judges: James, Yuka, Lani, and me

                                      The Costume Contest Parade.

The six contestants chosen by the judges to vie for the three prizes.

                                 And The Winners Are:
First Place Winner: Austin

Second Place Winner: Yolanda
Third Place Winners: Ravi & Synthia


Ravi & Synthia
General dancing resumed after the Costume Contest till closing at 10 o'clock. After a few more dances with my main squeeze, it was time to leave the party and thank our hosts Lucas and Yanna for inviting Lani and me as their guests.  We had a great and enjoyable time tonight. Hasta la vista!

Divino Ritmo Dance 9th Annual Grand Ball 
December 2, 2017. Click on That's Dancing in the side bar for more info.