Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society 35th Anniversary

The long awaited evening for the 35th Anniversary Ball finally came. Got my dancing shoes, my trusty paparazzi camera, and my main squeeze to the ballroom in plenty of time to pick up my tickets that Matilda Felix had reserved and to also pick up the bentos. Bentos had already been dished out as Lani and I stepped on to the second floor lanai....but no ticket, no bento.

Picked up my tickets at the reception table where an old friend, John Calleon with Luby, Eric, Sawaye, and Ed were greeting the dancers. There were other greeters, too, at the door..George, Lucy, and Helena (who was passing out ball point pens). More familiar faces at the Bento table..Herbert Omizo (this guy really gets around just like Annie Ferguson), Marie Perreira, Louise Fujiyama, and Amadeo Verzon. I gotta tell you Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society has class when it gets to serving bento. We were surprised to see decorated tables with flower arrangements and chairs set up for comfort. Bento included white rice topped with a slice of luncheon meat, chicken steak, fish cake, and a small Okinawan donut.
Rudy Luat came to chat with us when we were having our dinner. Boy, that guy has got a mind like a steel trap...he remembers people we both knew in the 60's when we were in the Hawaii Air National Guard. Rudy was in the 199th Fighter Squadron and I was in the 169th AC&W Squadron. Well so much for the good old days but you gotta know this....Rudy is a good conversationist.

A lot of dancers were on the dance floor as Lani and I scanned the room for a good seating area. Matilda was taking care of playing the dance music and updating the chart that informs the dancers what the line up of dances will be. There must be a purpose for the chart!!?? General dancing went on till 7:45 then President Rudy Luat gave the WELCOME message. Shortly after Daniel Iki took over as EmCee for the evening. First on the agenda was the calling of Lucky Numbers for door prizes....the flower arrangements...., recognition of other dance club's presidents and Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society officers. Herbert Omizo was recognized for his continuing support for the Club. General dancing continued with Eric and Luby Brienzo substituting as DeeJay for Ed and Matilda.

Then a little after 8 o'clock the first Exhibition dance took place with Ed and Matilda dancing the International Tango. Now this couple has always performed very well in the International style and tonight they were at their very best. Good technique and strength and very disciplined as they danced the entire length of the Ballroom.

Next on were Romero Cabras and Tessie Pascual soon after with a rare treat in the Filipno Tango. This style of dancing is finding its way into our dancing community and Romero and Tessie danced some good moves to show that it will remain on the dance scene for a long time. A little touch of Latin gave the dance some punch and it was clever of the dancers to remain in the middle of the Ballroom so everyone could enjoy their rendition of the Filipino Tango. Well done, Romero and Tessie, and I hope you'll be invited to perform for other dance clubs, too.

Speaking of "punch", the Tango Mix was a dynamite performance by Simon Escano and Aida Ancheta. Their "mix" had such passion and emotional moves that their Tango may very well change the picture of Tango Exhibitions in the future. No doubt, their Tango Mix was a "Thriller" with the sweet taste of entertainment.

Bruce and Yoko Wee concluded the dance exhibition part of the program with the Argentine Tango. Here was another good performance that made the "Thriller" meter go ding. Lani said, "they were soooo good!" A lot of eye contact between Bruce and Yoko made their dance of love and hate more realistic and very enjoyable to watch.

Refreshments and snacks followed with cake and pastries from Aala Bakery thanks to Arhur & Joan Oda.
That's a wrap for now. (Left click on photo to zoom in).