Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday Night Waltz & Tango and Local Kine Dance

Well, Lani and I finally got our Summer Session dance class start at Ali'iolani CSA on the Social Waltz and Tango. We didn't make the minimum numbers of 24 students for each school, so we had to cancel the Wednesday night class at Kaiser CSA and Thursday night class at Ali'iolani CSA. The picture didn't look bright for other Special Interest class also. Fortunately we had 33 students wanting to learn the Waltz and Tango on Monday. There were a lot of new faces and a lot more returnees which made it a good balance. This six weeks course started with the basic patterns, how to lead and follow, and the dance posture that will prepare the students to tackle the advanced (Lani doesn't want to call it Intermediate) patterns during the remaining 5 weeks. I'd say that the new students kept pretty close in keeping up with the returning students on both dances. I think our Q&A sessions must've helped in the new students progress. It was a good first session and everyone went home, too.

Thanks to Ki for posting The Local Kine Workshop on the WEB. If you haven't heard about it, here's the scoop...and it's happening this month. For more info, I contacted the host and organizer Carolyn Noah of Line Dance, Etc. If so-called Night Club Dancing is your passion, then come on down to the Palladium about 9 AM on June 25,26, and 27. The Local Kine Workshop will feature known instructors teaching the HUSTLE, WEST COAST SWING, COUNTRY 2 STEP, and NIGHTCLUB 2 STEP. Bettah yet, contact Carolyn Noah at 808-271-0417 or at her cyberspace e-mail address: for more info. A word of caution..the Workshop is not for beginners or the novice, You gotta have at least 6 months of dancing experience under your belt. In a nut shell, you gotta know your left foot from your right and when to transfer your weight, just like in Ballroom Dancing.