Sunday, December 18, 2011

IBDI Christmas Ball

 Getting to the Palladium was no problem. It was Saturday and the drive from Hawaii Kai was a breeze. Walking up to the second floor of the Palladium, we met a few friends along the way. First stop was getting our bento. (only those who purchased tickets presale were handed the bento). Incidently, IBDI had served the best tasting bento and snacks this evening with Okinawa donuts. On the serving line was an old friend Marie Pereirra, and Elliot Oshiro.  A lot of dancers and guests were already seated at the tables that were set up on the lanai and chumping down the ono teriyaki steak, breaded chicken slices, fish cake, potato salad on a bed of white rice and an Okinawa donut to boot. The doors were not open to the ballroom yet after dinner but standing in line to get in wasn't a waste of time. Lani and I got to make small chat with some of our friends and new acquaintances.
At the reception table were Dana Morey, a sweet lady that you see at most every IBDI events greeting comers and newcomers alike, and Fred Weddle. The dance floor was starting to heat up when Lani and got to our seats. DeeJays Henry Lee and Jane were already keeping the beat of the music at full swing and the floor started to get a bit crowded.

    EmCee for the event was Chris Jay, Prez of IBDI. First on the agenda was to give recognition to three officers of IBDI who had volunteered with  their whole hearted services throughout the years and now retiring from service.....Paul Araki (Auditor), Renna Villanueva (2nd VP and Dance Director), and Grace Nohara (1st VP). Then Grace took to the mike and introduced all the 0n-the-scene and behind-the-scene volunteers who worked to make IBDI a successful club.
    Two go-gethers who are well known in the dance community who helps with the ticket sales were also recognized......Herbert Omizo and Annie Ferguson. Lucky numbers were called for the numerous door prizes during the program.

    The showcase of Exhibition Dancing started with the Carlos Chang Group Formation performing a dance called "The Lion King". Now that's Show Biz! with the flavor of a Broadway Show and a welcome addition to a Dance Exhibition Showcase. The dancers performed superbly and the dance was very well choreographed by Carlos Chang with a great musical score that brought life, enjoyment, and entertainment.

    After the heart-beating performance of the Lion King came a seductive Rumba danced by Robert Schiff and Renna Villanueva. It had a good measure of lifts, drops, and techniques that kept the heart-beat to continue.  Both Robert and Renna are dynamic showcase performers and it carried on during the entire performance. Carried? Yes, Robert carried Renna onto and off the ballroom floor. And that's romantic!
    Sergio Villanueva  and Rosy Schiff came on strong with a spunky Jive with dips and twirls that delighted the crowd. It was fiery and fearless and very well performed.

    Closing the exhibition part of the program was the Quickstep danced by members of IBDI and Dance Magic 808 and choreographed by Richard and Lynn Nakamura. It was dazzling and quick moving and danced with precision. Like a flower that blooms to life, the 14 members were excellent in performing a cluster and then blossoming out in this fast Quickstep.

    The program was still in full swing after the Quickstep performance. All the dancers in the showcase were asked to remain on the dance floor and participate in the "Snowball Dance"......aka the "Icebreaker Dance". It was a Cha Cha and that brought nearly everyone on the dance floor including me who was picked by that good-looking blonde in the green gown in the above photo. Lani was scooped away by Tom Yoneyama who was in the Lion King Formation.

    It was a well organized and an enjoyable Christmas Ball.......general dancing, good music, ono bento and snacks, and an entertaining showcase. Much kudos to the Officers, Board of Directors, and the many on-the-scene and behind-the-scene faithful volunteers of IBDI that made it so for the more than 400 dancers and guests who attended.