Wednesday, February 02, 2011


East Honolulu has experienced a surge in Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dance classes and no doubt such reality TV shows like "Dancing With The Stars", and "Live To Dance" must've spurred more seniors and young ones to get off the couch and accept the challenge....the challenge of "Staying Alive".

Dance Hawaii Kai at Koko Head School has just completed 5 weeks of dance lessons in the Argentine Tango by instructors Robert and Vanelle Hirayasu. The students went through an amalgamation and the steps are beginning to fall in place. Good job by the instructors and bravo to the students for giving a listening ear to the instructors.

Night Club Merengue is taking a good hold, too, as the students are progressing faster with this happy and the-most-easy-to-learn Latin dance. Kudos to the students who demonstrated each of the patterns that they had learned during the past four Tuesdays. Argentine Tango and Night Club Merengue continues for three more weeks.

Are We There Yet?
Ballroom Dancing classes at Ali'iolani CSA for the Spring 2011 Session is a GO and will start next week Thursday (2/10) at 7PM.

Ballroom Dancing classes at Kaiser CSA is still accepting applications for the class.
So far as Lani and I know, the class is still on schedule to start next week Wednesday (2/9) at 7PM.

In any case, please contact Kaimuki CSA at 733-8460 or Kaiser CSA at 394-1236 for enrollment info.