Sunday, December 21, 2014

Riding The "Gray Line Close To The "Big 90"

Joe "Pepe" Martel and Frank Sierra
It has been many moons since "Pepe" decided to go paperless from the long paper publishing of his "Dancing In The Dark" mini-magazine. Wow! It may have been eons when I look back and remember how much this pioneer has promoted social dancing in the islands through his mini-magazine for many years before I came on the scene to contribute some articles on ballroom dancing. Roger Izumigawa and Ruth Morgan were already on board and their articles were inspiring to me especially Roger's monthly "Tips For The Beginning Dancer". For me, writing an article and submitting a photo was not a heavy task. The heavy task was borne by "Pepe" since he had to compose the written articles and photos page by page for publication, take them to the publication facility (by bicycle), pick them up, staple the printed pages into mini-magazine, and distribute them at no cost to anybody but his own. I believe that he wanted to inspire people, through social media, to turn to ballroom dancing as a means of a healthy and fun recreation.

"Dancing In The Dark" mini-magazine changed hands from "Pepe" to me for a while and then back to "Pepe" when I decided to go on my own and open "The Dance Connection" and "That's Dancing". "Dancing In The Dark" on the Internet continued to survive until "Pepe" changed it to "Town Dancer" which drew more readers till today. Some of his contributing authors on dancing are good social dancers and awesome exhibition as well as competitive dancers. 

Keep up the good work, Pepe! Riding the "gray line close to the Big 90" even with your handicap hasn't slowed you down. Wishing you "Da Best" throughout this holiday season and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! from Lani and me.