Friday, January 09, 2015

Jan. 16th- USA Dance Presents a "Moment of Ballroom Awesomeness"

 A USA Dance Honolulu's Moment of Ballroom Awesomeness!
 (Submitted by Marie Laderta}

Come see for yourselves!
Attached is the official flyer from USA Dance, Honolulu Chapter regarding next week's moment of Ballroom Awesomeness in Hawaii, in the names of Kinsley Lin & Michele Yiu, a pair of competitive ballroom dancers from the Bay Area.

Those who have seen them dance tell me that this teen couple take ballroom to a new height, dancing, not only with traditional grace and elegance characteristic of ballroom, but with a brand new surge of energetic athleticism that folks like myself can only dream of.....
I can only resort to living vicariously through their dynamic performances into my next life...

For $15 (pre-sale w/a bento), you will get a presentation of eight dances, two of which will be "showdance" routines. A Special price for kindergarten to 12th graders at $10 without bento.
You can't get any better than that, education and entertainment. Come join us on Friday, January 16th @ the Ala Wai Palladium, for another of USA Dance Honolulu's "Moment of Ballroom Awesomeness" at a price you can afford!
Tickets & Inquiries:
Glenn Okazaki
USAD Honolulu, President
(808) 428-1704

Anne Ho
USAD Honolulu, Special Events Coordinator
(808) 225-0915