Saturday, January 05, 2019

IBDI Chinese Lion Dance Show

Last night (Friday, Jan. 4, 2019) was a good time to reaquaint with old friends and student at the Ala Wai Palladium. And there were a good number of them their at the IBDI New Year Celebration Dance aka Chinese Lion Dance Show..

  Lani and I got to the Palladium a bit late but in good enough time to rrenew our IBDI membership for 2019. As usual Arnold and Diana with another gentleman were at the Reception Table to greet and handle membership registration. .

Henry Lee was the DeeJay for this event and nearly everyone were hoofing on dance floor. My main squeeze and I got into the rhythm when our favorite Waltz music was played. Seems like everybody loves the Waltz since the floor got a bit crowded.

7:45 rolled in and the beat of heavy drums filled the ballroom. It was cue for the twin lions to begin the show. First entered the Yellow Lion headed towards the EmCee and IBDI Prez Diana. The Red Lion soon followed and both put on fantastic show of pouncing and elevation. 

EmCee for the program was IBDI Prez Diana Vo. Photo with Arnold Lee

As the twin lions pounced around the ballroom, most everyone got into the swing of the Chinese tradition of offering tokens of appreciation like money. 

TheChinese Lion Dance show performance lasted about 20 minutes. Then door prize numbers were called soon after. General dancing resumed while snacks of nacho chips garnished with chili com carne was served'

Serving the snacks were Jane, Kathy, and Diana with Arnold assisting.
General dancing continued till closing at 9:30.

Happy New Year and Happy Dancing!