Thursday, November 12, 2009

Being A Weight Watcher In Da Jitterbug

Aloha Students of Dance! It's no big secret that you gotta Watch Your Weight no matter what style of dance you're learning. So for the moment, let's talk JITTERBUG...the one that Dr. J calls it America's coolest dance. Dr. J mentions five secrets of Jitterbug success but for now let's leave the secrets where they Victoria. Here's his pitch on my top of the chart Swing Dancing.
"One thing you've got to be aware of while learning to dance is where your weight is. I don't mean the effects of a diet, or where you stashed your barbells. I mean which foot you're putting your weight on. Be conscious of where your weight is supposed to be, and how it changes from step to step. Dance is a smooth motion, and your steps should be smooth and light. If your weight is placed incorrectly, your whole body will be out of position. You won't be in place for the next step, and the move won't work. Plus, you'll throw your partner off." AUWE!
Here's two simple rules he sez to remember: "(1)When stepping, always put your weight on the leading foot (the one you've stepped with), and (2)Watch out for Godzilla Feet. Stepping is not an invitation to imitate Godzilla, stomping around the dance floor like a 40-ton prehistoric monster. When you change weight, don't plunk your feet down as if they were made of lead. Keep your weight in the front, on the balls of your feet."
Mighty good tips from Dr. J on being a Weight Watcher. He adds: The only one reason to learn Jitterbug....TO HAVE FUN!
Dat's a wrap for now. (Photo: Da big guy with sharp teeth is from Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibit at the Bishop Museum).