Monday, December 07, 2009

What A First Week In December It Has Been!

Lani and I concluded our last dance class for this Fall Session on Monday at Ali'iolani CSA on the Cha Cha and the Jitterbug, two HHSAA Football Championship games at the Aloha Stadium, introduction of New Cha Cha Line Dance by Andy and Monica at Dance Aliamanu, USA Dance Classic Holiday Ball featuring the Diamond Head Theater Shooting Stars preshowing before the showcase of up and coming top amateur ballroom couple Marco Camarlenghi and Martina Minasi at the Palladium, and StarStruck Dance Studio first monthly free dance lessons at Koko Marina Center with certified professional dance instructors John and Alicia Aros. (note: see bio on Marco and Martina by Calvin Ota on the Town Dancer blog, and bio on John and Alicia by Geoffrey Fells on the Dancing In The Dark blog).

Lani and I topped off the Cha Cha with the Circle Breaks and Shoulder Check ending with the Half Moon pattern. I think the students loved the combination because they kept on dancing well into the first 15 minutes of the second hour. After a short recess and review of the previous Jitterbug patterns, Lani and I taught the Travelling Swivels, and Shoulder Check with Touch The Back Tuck ending. With Rock Around The Clock blaring and the students having fun dancing, it was hard for me to call it a night after the nine o'clock quitting time.

Maurice Morita, President of Dance Aliamanu e-mailed me that Andy and Monica were going to teach a new extended version of the Cha Cha Line Dance at Aliamanu Middle School on Thursday. Regardless of the heavy rains and strong winds, Lani and I decided to venture again into Central Oahu. It was a good turnout for there were others who braved the not-so-nice weather. The new Cha Cha version has some good Latin variations which are in tune with the music and dance. It should be a hit on the dance floor at the Dance Aliamanu 1st Anniversary and Charity Ball in January.

As for the USA Dance Classic Holiday Ball, Guest Authors Ravi and Synthia have a terrific first hand audience reaction on Marco and Martina's peformances in Dancing In The Dark blog. After reading that blog, scroll down to "Talk To The Animals" at the Honolulu Zoo blog. It's happening this Sunday (Dec. 6). Ravi sez that admission is $4 pp as you enter at the exit gate; the entrance gate will be closed.

Friday evening rolled in and thank goodness no heavy fact no rain at all..just strong cold winds and every other thing that happened on Friday. Football games, big shindig at the Palladium, and of course the weather. Met John and Alica Aros at the Koko Marina Center Courtyard for the StarStruck Dance Studio Demo and free dance lessons. Enticing Latin music was blaring over the speakers for this first Friday of the month event. I guess with all the other events going on, the turnout was low but that did not hamper the instructors and students spirit. Three of my dance students, two students of StarStruck Studio, and a couple of walk-by ladies joined in for the free Mambo and Rumba dance lessons.

John and Alicia Aros demonstrated the basic steps as they taught the Mambo during the first hour and then the Rumba during the second hour. John and Alicia will be giving free dance lessons on the first Friday of each month at the Koko Marina Center Courtyard. For more info please log on their website at
And dat's a wrap for now.