Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Quick Step Workshop - Success or Bummer?

It's always a boost when I receive feedback about a past event that was highlighted on my Blogsite. Otherwise, how would the readers know if it was a success or a bummer. Got this e-mail from Glenn Okazaki describing last Saturday's USA Dance Honolulu Quick Step Workshop. Read on.......


On the Q-step class last Saturday, what can I say, what can I say…. Everyone was having a fun time. Seems everyone wants more advanced steps/amalgamations than basic techniques. But even though these are advanced steps, we are giving our all on the techniques to help our students execute them. We broke the steps down to the very fundamentals from transferring weight/distribution to actually running/skipping and getting weight to foot. It was truly fun teaching it. Will see everyone on Saturday for part Deuce.


(Frank's note: Please click on the link "That's Dancing" for 'Part Deuce')