Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Evoluton of Rock"

Popping Dancers
It was for the HBDA Masquerade Ball 1982 that Hawaii Kai Chapter officers and members decided to showcase an entertaining performance instead of the usual ballroom dancing and skits that was seen year after year. Entertainment was our goal! Rewind to a few months before the Masquerade Ball. Lani and I vacationed at DisneyLand and saw the musical show dubbed "Evolution of Rock".  It was a colorful showcase of dancers and live band going from the early form of dancing to the Rock & Roll Era. The show was so awesome that Lani and I brought the idea back to our Hawaii Kai Chapter. It was accepted with enthusiasm to the max. The groundwork was set but we wanted to have our own identity instead of following a DisneyLand concept. As I remember, this was the first time we performed without the guidance of a Rotating Instructor. It was hard work but fun (even when I had my face painted white during dress rehearsal), and although we sought to do the dances well, the goal was still to provide entertainment. On the agenda we had dancers doing the Waltz, Comical Hula, Rock & Roll, Disco, Bebop, Charleston, and Popping. The costumes that the dancers wore were colorful and complimented the style of dance. It went over big time that night with lots of applause, whistles, approval shouting, and especially laughter for the three popping dancers.  I think Hawaii Kai Chapter changed the landscape for the Masquerade Ball showcase that night in 1982. We had reached the goal to entertain and that was  "mission accomplished".
Dat's all fo' now.

"The Evolution of Rock" Dancers-Hawaii Kai Chapter