Monday, October 28, 2013

Kesler & Company Masquerade 2013

True to my word, Doug Kesler & Company Masquerade at the Pacific Beach Hotel this past Friday proved to be a Block Buster of a colorful showcase. Exhibition dancers from Mr. Kesler's Dance Studio, Mr. Shorba's Koko Head Dance Studio, and Debbie Borges Barboza's' Dream To Dance Studio participated in this super Masquerade Showcase.
Lani and I got to the Pacific Beach a bit early. There were a lot of available parking spots on the 4th and 5th floor of the parking garage. No one was in the foyer except Mary and Ryan at the Reception Table. Boy! This gotta be a record for us being earlier than early. Most of the exhibition dancers were in the ballroom practicing their routine.  After checking in for our table assignment, we were allowed to sit at our table before the scheduled 6 o'clock opening. It gave me the spell to get a clear shot of the stage prop and the music DeeJay. Well, honestly my motive was to test out my camera. You see, Old Fuji (camera) has been acting pretty independent lately like not following the program. It gave me some good photos in the early part of the evening but as the night wore on, it seem as though Old Fuji pulled out his union card and went on strike. Auwe! Hope the photos are discernible.

The DeeJay for the Masquerade was Nick Ramirez from Star Pointe Mobil Disc. Undoubtedly, Nick has got one of the best sound system this side of East Honolulu. And you gotta bow to his library of sweet danceable tunes. If you want to work up a sweat dancing, he's got just the right tempo. And if you'd want to hold on to your dance partner a little bit longer on the dance floor, he's got the right length of music, too.  Lani can attest to that without blinking an eye. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, she was born to dance.  And yes, she did dance my A** off that night; so much that we had to  forego the Dance Magic 808 Masquerade Ball at the Palladium the following night. Auwe! Senior Teenagers do not have the stamina for long distance marathon dancing fo' sure.

Got a chance to corner our host Doug Kesler and Mistress of Ceremony Shari Berinobis before the action started.  Shari came mighty prepared with mask and striking costume for her role as Mistress of Ceremony.  Mr Kesler came dressed in a black outfit that gave an appearance of "Man In Black" mastery of his art and mystery of who and what he will be exhibiting in the showcase.


Arleen Prado, Frank, Delia, and Dana

The above four photos are dancers that Lani and I had the pleasure of their company at our table.

The following photos are snips of what was going on before the program started

Trophies to be awarded to the
showcase performers.

Door Prizes to be given to lucky holders of ticket 
numbers during the Showcase Intermission.

The Dance Exhibition part of the program was ready to start and EmCee Shari Berinobis took to the podium and asked everyone to return to their seat. She welcomed everyone and announced a Special Mahalo to Ryan Shimabuku and Mary Keller for Reception, Diane Wack for Centerpiece, David Iwamoto for Programs/Tickets/Flyers, Star Pointe Mobile Disc for Music & Videos, Venus for Hair & Makeup, the participating Dance Studios in the Showcase (Debbie Borges Barboza's Dream To Dance, Joe Shorba's Koko Head Dance, and Doug Kesler's Dance Studio).
                                                                 Act One

The RUMBA was performed by Lisa Okimoto and Mr. Kesler to "All I Ask Of You"

The CHA CHA performed by Sharon Wong and Mr. Kesler to "Love You Like A Love Song"

The WALTZ performed by Dave and Connie Carroll to "Shadows Of The Night"

The FOX TROT performed by Jane Roland and Mr. Kesler to "Cruella De Ville"

The MAMBO performed by Jessie Cabral and Kenji Iwasa to "1-2-3 Turn Around"

The FOX TROT performed by Ivan John and Dr. Nancy Luckie to "Discarded Men"

The HUSTLE performed by Dream To Dance Formation Team

                                                          Act Two

The TANGO performed by Sharon Wong and Mr. Kesler to "Midnight Tango"

The CHA CHA performed by Debbie Nobler and Mr. Kesler to "Blurred Lines"

The TANGO performed by Patty and Mark Dela Cruz to "Masochism Tango"


The VIENNESE WALTZ performed by Susan Young and Matthew Gochenouer to "1000 Years"

The BOLERO performed by Dr. Nancy Luckie and Mr. Kesler to "Some Enchanted Evening"

The MAMBO performed by Ellen Ostler and Mr. Shorba to "Woohoo Song"


Act Three
The PASO-POLKA-CHA CHA-DOBLE was performed by Debbie Nobler and Mr. Kesler to "Wind It Up"

The RUMBA was performed by April Patricio and Mr. Kesler to "Masquerade"

The TANGO was performed by Robert Timosko and Mr. Kesler to "The First Date"

Concluding the Showcase was the MONSTER MASH performed by Selina Mattos and Mr. Kesler to "Thriller"

After the Showcase all the exhibition dancers were called to the dance floor to receive a well deserved trophy award.

General dancing continued till midnight but for this Senior Teenager and his main squeeze, it was time to call it a night and head back home. It has been a night of fun dancing, socializing and dining with friends, and enjoying another one of Mr. Doug Kesler's entertaining Block Buster Showcases.