Tuesday, October 01, 2013

IBDI 4th Term Student Party 2013

IBDI celebrated their 4th Term Student Party last night at the Palladium. It was a special night for the students to display what they had learned during the preceding 7 weeks. For Lani and me, we take it as a measuring stick to see if we had done a good enough job in teaching the American Cha Cha. It was also an evening when all the dance instructors were to demonstrate the dance they will be teaching during the 5th Term.  There were a couple substitute teachers doing the dance demonstrations because the regular teachers couldn't be there that night and that was a relief for those who programmed the Student Party.
General dancing was already on when Lani and I entered the Ballroom. Most of the dancers had already chowed down their dollar bento and enjoying dancing to the music.
The program opened with calling of lucky numbers for door prizes. Then it was time for the students to demonstrate what they had learned. IBDI Prez Chris Jay called each group to the floor starting with George Suetsugu's Int'l Rumba I students, and down the list of students from Jim Prado's American Waltz I, Frank & Lani Sierra's American Cha Cha I, Ernie & Karen Choy's Int'l Tango II, Ed & Matilda Felix's Int'l Foxtrot, and Robert & Vanelle Hirayasu's Argentine Tango.  I thought everyone did good in their respective dance.
The dance teachers' demo followed right after a short call for lucky number door prizes. George Suetsugu was up first with the Int'l Cha Cha I, followed by Ed & Candy Matsuda (substituted for Jim Prado) with American Waltz II, Frank & Lani Sierra with Bolero, Ernie & Karen Choy with Int'l Waltz, Candido & Yvonne Jorge-Cuan (substituted for Ed & Matilda Felix) with Int'l Rumba I & II, and Glenn Okazaki & Ann Ho with Int'l Quickstep I.  The dance teachers also did very well in the demos.
Another call for lucky numbers for door prizes followed and by sheer luck I had a lucky number ticket that garnered me a beautiful flower plant for my main squeeze Lani.
The program ended with a guest performance by Brian Wong and Syd Canoy-Wong from Los Angeles. The couple danced the Cha Cha Cha that delighted the audience with some tricky patterns. With the loud applauses, it's fo' sure the audience appreciated their performance.
General dancing continued till closing but for Lani and me, it was time to hit the road back home and enjoy our dollar bento.
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