Tuesday, May 17, 2016

IBDI 2nd Term Students Party

It's been a tradition for IBDI these past many years to have a Students Party at the conclusion of each dance
Nick Sierra
class term. It was a good turnout last night. Students from each class (6 classes) got on the dance floor and danced the dance steps they had learned. Good showing. Nick Sierra was the EmCee last night with Prez Arnold Lee and Dance Director Diana Vo squeezing in a few words on the microphone. George Suetsugu was the music player. (Lucky) numbers were called out for door prizes by Nick as Arnold and yours truly assisted. Then it was time for the instructors to demonstrate the dances they will be teaching. Only the dance instructors new to the upcoming 3rd Term got to perform a demonstration.
First up were newcomers Dean Sierra and partner Suzy who danced the Salsa . If you learned Salsa from
Greg, The Salsaman during his time with
Dean Sierra and Suzy
IBDI, you're going to like some of the different moves that Dean will be teaching. Next demo was by newcomer Thomas Campbell who danced the International Cha Cha. IBDI is very grateful to Mr. Campbell for consenting to fill in when another instructor decided to drop out of the dance schedule at the last minute. Although he had no partner to demonstrate the dance, he showed some good "strictly International Cha Cha" moves that's worth considering a-look-see in his class. And lastly, returning Professional Mr. Albert Franz with his partner (sorry, I didn't get her name) danced the Disco Hustle. You'll gonna like Mr. Franz's cool and effortless moves, too. Very cool and easy to learn.
Thomas Campbell
Mr. Albert Franz and partner

Registration for dance classes is on  May 30,  June 6. and June 13. Dance classes starts on Monday June 13.@6:25 PM. For other info, please click on the That's Dancing link in the side bar.