Monday, May 16, 2016

Salome Where She Danced (and Now)

Ballroom dance teacher, Country Line dance teacher, Jazz dance teacher, Dance Choreographer and a wonderful person to befriend. That's Salome Sato! Salome made a short stop here in Honolulu for a high school class reunion and to visit with friends and family. So just so you know, this talented gal did not disappear from the surface of this planet. She just relocated to the Big, Big Island Continental USA and she's spreading her super talent out there, too. In photo, Salome is performing on stage in Oregon with friends and dancing the "Puka Pants Hula" which she choreographed. SWEET!

 Salome (in white) was also a  performing dancer with the Spectaculars here in Hawaii for many years. That's my main squeeze (in red) who danced a short time with the Spectaculars, too, a few years ago.