Monday, April 23, 2018

Flashback: Dancing In Paradise The Dragon Ball 2012 Part Two

Dancing In Paradise: The Dragon Ball 2012 Part Two


The Slow Waltz is one of Lani's and my favorite dances. The Slow Waltz performed by Mimi and Lucas was smooth with a light floating quality. A perfect dance to start Act Two.

The Samba Choreographed by Yanna Samkova sure put these Keikis in the lime light. Their performance was high spirited, colorful and fun to watch.

The Tango choreographed by Lucas Jaime was probably the most stylized and dramatic dance of the showcase. It had drama without the head jerking and with a bit of acting to compliment the Tango . It was different and yet slow enough to appreciate the essence of the Tango and the performers. 

If anybody came prepared to steal the spotlight tonight, my money is on Shervelle Bergholz. She had the angles to capture the eyes of the audience. Playing up to the audience as she strut with sex appeal around the dance floor while keeping Lucas waiting to start the Cha Cha. That wowed the crowd. The Cha Cha performance was playful and entertaining to be sure. 

Now you gotta take a shine to Rolando and Gloria for their performance of the Samba. They were magnificent in this dance. From start to finish, their facial expression displayed an aura of enjoyment...they were having fun performing in this racy dance. With all the appreciative applause and whooping during and after their performance it's a sure bet that Rolando and Gloria connected with the audience. 

The Swing choreographed by Lucas Jaime was another fun dance to watch. It had character with all the ingredients of Lindy Hop and Jitterbug. The lifts were amazing and the dance was performed very very well.

The Viennese Waltz performed by Bella Boyer with Lucas Jaime was classic storybook dance which had a touch of cabaret dancing. At times, it was wild with turns, lifts, and spins but it brought excitement to the dance. A terrific performance. 

General dancing to the music and vocals of the Gonzales continued after the last performance of the showcase. This time with Buffy joining in with Jesse and Jesse Jr.