Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween Fright Night @ Aloha Dancesport Center

Lani and I got to the Center before 6:30 PM. A bit early but it gave us the chance to look over some of the Halloween spooks decorated around the dance floor and on the tables. There were a few guests already sitting at tables in the ballroom. Pretty soon more guests trickled into the ballroom.

Yanna with daughter Sky Valentina
Lani and I were invited guests of Lucas and Yanna as judges for the costume contest. We were greeted by our gracious host Yanna. Lucas was in the DeeJay cube but he reached out with a friendly handshake..

Nearly all the arriving guests came in colorful costumes to have a good time and vie for the grand prize of $100.00.. There was a second and third prize too. The 2nd and 3rd prizes were for a number of dance lessons. More on the costume contest later.

But first, it was time to go paparazzi with my trusty camera. Just my (bad?) luck. It was snack time and a few of the guests took off their masks to chow down the ono-licious shrimp cocktail, potsticks, three different kinds of cake, mini cream puffs and soft drinks..

The music was great and the Latin rhythm and smooth Waltz and Foxtrot music got dancers on the dance floor. The swing was there also. Had to break away from the delicious shrimp cocktail and cream puffs when the Rumba rhythm was playing. Couldn't pass off that dance. Lucas and a guest demonstrated a Latin dance, too.

After a while, it was time for judging the costume contest. Lani and I were called to the floor as Yanna got the contestants to parade around the dance floor. It was a good scene. The contestants put on a good show by acting the personality of their costume as they got closer to Lani and me. They were very impressive and fortunately we didn't get attacked by a monster or bitten by a vampire, or beheaded by the sword-swinging amazon.

Costume Contest Participants

After close deliberation, the judges selections were made. Here are the results:

3rd Place Costume Contest Winner Anna Mae Schwartz with Yanna

2nd Place Costume Contest Winner Lilavati Bergholdz with Yanna

1st Prize Costume Contest Winner Cammy Divers with Yanna
Hot Salsa music was echoing throughout the ballroom as Lani and I departed the Aloha Dancesport Center. It was a fun evening for us and one to remember. Aloha for now.  Happy Dancing!

                              Our hosts Lucas and Yanna