Saturday, August 08, 2009

Put Some FUN In Your Life!

Okay, kids! (I say that without sounding like an Oldy but Goody). I've seen a lot of groovy dancing but Swing Dancing has gotta be da COOLEST! And so is Salsa Merengue! But everyone loves to dance the Swing be it Jitterbug, EastCoast Swing, Jive, or even WestCoast Swing. If you are the product of the 50's and Bee Bopping and Rock 'n' Rolling with your main squeeze was your favorite hottee pasttime, then check out what started the whole craze. So we gotta go way back before I was born or maybe you guys and ladies, too....Hmmmm!

When Charles Lindbergh flew solo over the Atlantic in 1927, people commemorated the event by naming all sorts of things after him, including a wild novelty and popular dance that was christened the "Lindy Hop". In the 30's, the steps were revised slighty to synchronize with Swing music played by the big bands. By the late 1930's, the Lindy became known as the "Swing", and everyone was struck with Swing fever. Across the country, each neighborhood had its own style of swinging. Teens particularly went Swing crazy, and some wilder spinoffs such as the Crazy Shag and the Jitterbug began to develop. (The Jitterbug is reported to have come out of Harlem in the 30's and embraces a wilder and more exhibitionlike style with some improvised steps). The "closed" and "break" positions with aerial lifts and jumps, and the furious footwork made the dancers resemble a bunch of "jittery bugs"; hence the name "Jitterbug". ......(excerpts from partner dances). Pau fo' now....