Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ending The Week Dancing At The Elks

What a week that was the week of August 2nd. Got some spare time to go holo holo and check out some of the dance clubs in East Honolulu. Tuesday was a good time to catch "Parents Without Partners" Line Dancers at the Ward Warehouse Stage. Lani and I figured that bettah grab some Chinese chow while we watched the line dancers. Found a nice table east of the stage. Good view and the music and dancers were doing just fine following the instructors. As Pepe keep on mentioning..."not enough men". But not bad turnout for a Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning, I went to the Palladium to pick up the schedule for August. Couldn't find any on the clipboard. But a friendly guy who saw that I wanted one, got it for me. Appears that he has some kine of connection with the person who distributes the schedules. Anyway, I got lucky. While I was there, I looked in on the Kilauea Senior Dance Club. June, the dance instructor was teaching the International Samba to about eight couples and four men without partners. Now that's calling it "not enough ladies". Not a good time to interrupt a class in session.

Friday night, Lani and I got an invite to the pre-Grand Opening of Bishop Museum Hawaiian Hall. Big, big crowd but we managed to find a parking space and got in for the 7:30 showing. Yep! they had the big whale dancing high above the ceiling with some sharks, stingrays, some fishes that look about five feet long, a couple of giant turtles, and some albatross. Anyway it was an awesome sight wih a lot of rare Hawaiian artifacts. Gotta add that the light refreshments was onolicious.

Completing the week, Lani and I were invited to dance at the Elks Club in Waikiki by a new friend. Augie Rey and his combo was playing some hot tunes and the dance floor was crowded with rhythm dancers of all sorts. I thought I'd try Pepe's "nectar of the gods" (rum and coke) before getting on the dance floor. Wow! it was like rocket fuel....I couldn't stop dancing until Lani said, "you bettah cool off!" The music and vocals were sweet to the taste for any dancer. Lani got to dance the Cha Cha with Augie and I got to join Augie in starting the "Electric Slide".

Waltz, Foxtrot, a lot of Swing, Rumba, Cha Cha, Tango, Mambo Salsa, and even the energetic floor burner as the Electric Slide brought nearly every non-ballroom dancer on the floor.

Great night with a lot of fun dancing. Then it was 10PM and a good time to leave as I ran out of rocket fuel.