Friday, October 09, 2009

Getting Old Is Like Riding A Bicycle.......

Aloha Students of Dance.
This past Wednesday, Lani shared her knowledge of Tai Chi and Yoga physical exercises with the Seniors at the Kokohead Seniors Club. She started with the importance of proper breathing..inhaling all the way down to the abdomen and exhaling by numbers. Then came the Yoga stretching exercises involving the head, neck, arms, body, legs, and feet. Most of the Seniors followed the exercises standing while a few followed sitting in their chairs.

After the Tai Chi and Yoga physical execises, Lani taught the Seniors the Macarena line dance. It was an invigorating morning for the Seniors and they showed their appreciation for the two physical activities. Hopefully they will continue to keep on "peddling so they don't fall". Growing old is one thing and getting old is another.