Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Taste of Dance Honolulu

Aloha Students of Dance,
The Fall Recess is finally over and Lani and I are back on the dance circuit. Yesterday was a holiday for most Federal workers but the CSA was closed because of Teacher Institute Day for the DOE. So there was no Monday night dance class for us Special Interest Teachers, too. But we'll be back tomorrow (Wednesday) night at Kaiser CSA for our Social Foxtrot and Tango classes.

All was not a lost Monday though. Lani and I cruised down to DANCE HONOLULU, an offshoot of DANCE ALIAMANU, last night. Actually, our trip was to pick up the tickets for the Dance Aliamanu 1st Anniversary & Charity Ball. As we walked into the Washington Middle School cafeteria, Lynn and Richard (Mr. and Mrs. Quickstep) greeted us. It was good to see and chat with them again. Also, it was nice to see dance teacher Gayle Kawahakui there too. Had a small chat with her. Got to meet Maurice Morita, the main man who organized Dance Aliamanu, Dance Kaneohe, and Dance Honolulu with the help of his faithful followers...akamai kind of guy.
Also got to reacquaint with former HBDA dance instructors, Richard and Cora, who we befriended when Lani and I were teaching for HBDA.

The class was in session with the NightClub Two Step, taught by Cullen and Cheryl Chong. You can spark that they are good dance teachers because the students were having fun learning to dance the Two Step. I had a nice talk with Lynn about Cullen and Cheryl. She had high praises of their ability to teach dancing. I hope to hear more about them for future blogs.

As Lani and I were leaving, Lynn and Richard introduced to us Miss Hawaii 2002 Kehaulani Christian who will be performing in the Celebrities/VIPs Showcase at the Anniversary Ball. (see photo with Lynn and Richard). By the way, Richard and Lynn are teaching Mambo this session.