Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dance Hawaii Furlough Friday 2

Well, Furlough Friday 2 hosted by Dance Hawaii at Radford HS sure rolled by real quick and it was no sooner for Lani and me to chuck-a-lucka to Salt Lake and once again join in the fun of social dancing.

The dance was in full swing when we got there about a little after 7PM. Paul Lee, this evening's DeeJay was already into his excellent selection of danceable music...with a little Quickstep for the International style dancers and some Merengue and NightClub 2 step for the likes of club dancers. The music was non-stop Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing even throughout the potluck grindz time. It was a pure dance DANCE YOUR A** OFF in the making for those in the dance fever mode.

Like at all Dance Hawaii Social Dances, no one goes hungry thanks to all the dancers who brought their special potluck dish for all to feast on. It was a dinner topped with ono desserts and refreshments.

Some of our dance students from Ali'iolani CSA came to practice their dancing skills....Charles & Claudia, Rick & Ann, and Ron & Mariann.

And there were other friends: Tom & Bunnie, and showcase dancers Ed & Charlotte who danced some eye catching Team-Mambo moves.

The Aiea Ballroom Dance Assn., and the Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society have always been supporters of Dance Hawaii and some of their officers and members were in attendance. It was nice to see Deanie Bates (Aiea Prez) and Rudy Luat (Pan Pacific Prez) at this social event.

It was also good to see Nobu Oshiro who was Lani's and my Supervisor when we were Standing and sometimes Rotating Dance Instructors for HBDA. And there were a lot of faithful Dance Hawaii members enjoying the time to dance, socialize with other club members as well as the ono potluck dinner.

Social dancing continued on till closing at 10 PM. Last dance was the ever loving traditional Waltz but because too many dancers were enjoying this "last dance", DeeJay Paul played a Rumba music which was a good way to end a good fun evening.
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