Saturday, October 02, 2010

Nifty 50's & 60's Oldies Bash 2010

Boy! that must've been a 3 Alarm Fire at the Pacific Beach Hotel Grand Ballroom last night. The music was HOT! HOT! HOT! and the guys and gals were burning the dance floor at jet fuel speed. It was 6 hours of nonstop high octane dancing.....the Bop, the Swing, the Twist, the Monkey, the Swim, the Fish, the Locomotive and just about every no-partner dancing of the 50's and 60's. Talk about dancing your A** off! There were at least 24 Dance Hawaii members braving this Rock and Roll era atmosphere that any clear headed ballroom dancers would hang back to tread. But we needed to test the waters and we were glad that we did.

There were nearly 700 people that attended this gala affair..some dressed in the 50's and 60's know the flair skirts with the little poodle picture, the bobby socks, polka dot dress, and the hot skin tight leather pants..and that's only the gals. (Incidently, a contest was held for the best dressed 50's & 60's outfit. A gal won the prize). The guys had the Fonzy hairdo complete with black leather jackets, white socks, and white T shirts. The atmosphere was like we were flashed back to the era when Rock & Roll and the Twist were the supreme dances at high school proms and soda fountains.

But first, the lovelies at the reception tables...there were two tables with 12 lovelies to handle this sold out funfest. Lani and I checked in and got our table assignment. Then we picked up our name badge (plastic holders) which included tickets for door prizes. It was very well organized.

They even had a blonde Marilyn Monroe greeter at the entrance to the Ballroom and about 4 Fonzy impersonators helping out at the Badge Table.

As Lani and I entered the Ballroom, the place was fully decorated like Happy Days Prom Night. Colorful balloons floating above each table with names of the High Schools in Hawaii (on banners) and as far as Brooklyn and China. Our table sported a Dance Hawaii banner. The Fabulous Woody was the DeeJay for the night and I gotta say..he must have a library filled with Classic Oldies that he preserves for a "Bash" such as this, each year.

The crowd that rocked to the dance floor just did every move conceivable as though the music was hypnotic. Black and white graduation photos were projected on two tall screens that made the whole shibang resemble a high school dance.

Wendell Kwan, a Kalani HS '65 grad, opened the program with a welcome speech and recognition of the hard working Officers and Committe Members that made this "Bash" a reality and successful one. He also thanked those guests who made generous donations to the Hawaii Food Bank, and also to Coca Cola Company, Hawaiian Airlines, Procelain Hawaii, and Ritz Camera for their generous donations and gifts. After the initial appearance, Wendell popped up with some surprises several times during the evening.

The EmCee of this event was Champ, OC16 TV Personality. He was humorous, he was funny, he had all the makings of an effective EmCee that keeps an audience alive with laughters. There was never a dull moment when Champ took over the mike.

Trudy Ching gave the Invocation and it was time for the dinner buffet...the ono ono kind that Pacific Beach Hotel is famous for.

Radio personality of the 50's & 60's era and special guest Uncle Tom Moffatt took over the mike and belted out the names of the tunes and original artist while the Fabulous Woody worked the turntable..OOps! that's the jargon of the 50's and 60's for disc player.

Lucky numbers were called for the door prizes with some added humor by Champ. Good show; everybody was entertained. Then the onslaught of more 50's and 60's tunes resumed and that was enough to burn off the fuel from the dinner buffet. A bit of slow dancing sandwiched in between was a welcome move. After all, products of the 50's & 60's are not Iron Man anymore after 6 decades have passed but some still got da chicara...anyone wakaru?

The Grand Prize Giveaways was a survivor break from the fast pace music. Some people had already gone home when the calling of lucky numbers started after 10 o'clock. But there were lucky winners for the Grand Prizes. To be sure that everyone was a winner, too, each ticket holder got a free CD with 30 musics performed by the artists of the 50's & 60's. That was a very nice gesture by the "Bash" committee.

The nonstop music still played on and dancers were still burning the floor with high energy when Lani and I left the ballroom a little before 11 o'clock. The last dance was to be over at 12 AM.

Rock & Roll had begun to live again and for one night of high octane dancing, it made Lani and me feel the spirit of youth and energy of the 50's and 60's. Yes, we danced our A** off at the "Bash" and I gotta say that we enjoyed every bit of it.
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