Monday, October 03, 2011

USA Dance Rocks @The Palladium

Wow! Thanks to Glenn Okazaki, Carl and Gayle we're getting some feedback on "wat's goin' on afta da fack". Okay, you guys and gals know what I mean. I bettah get dis on da hotwire pronto before my friend Calvin, so go on and read Glenn's e-mail ..........

Hi Frank and Calvin,
Can you guys insert this into your blogs? It’s an email I got from our members who attended our last dance in September. They have nothing but great things to say about the dance.

September 24’s USA Dance social at the palladium started off with a “bang” … and it never stopped! Really … the music was awesome, from the very first dance to the last … and we honestly did not want to go home. I remember Warwick telling us once that the music is your third partner … and boy, did we have a great third partner that night! It was definitely a night to remember. Thank you, DJ Gary Kawasaki … you “ROCK!”

It was also nice to see some of the contenders to the Hawaii Star Ball “strutting their stuff” that night, getting ready for the grueling week ahead. They all looked great!

And by the way, we just heard there’s another fun dance scheduled for this Friday, October 7 at the palladium. Please don’t miss out, okay? It’s guaranteed to please!

Carl and Gayle