Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society Christmas Ball 2013

Lani and I had a late start getting to the Palladium for Pan Pacific's Christmas Ball but enough time to pick up our prepaid bento. The parking lot was filled with cars and because of the late hour, I figured it is gonna be a bigger crowd than usual in the ballroom. Sure enough, the ballroom was jammed with guests. There were hardly any seats available on the dance floor or on the chair racks. That speaks loudly for the number of guests at this Christmas Ball.

After getting chairs for Lani and myself off the  rack, we had to find a spot to sit. Fortunately, we found a place near the DeeJay.

The music was going on continuously and the floor was jam-packed with dancers. Music DeeJay for the evening was George Suetsugu and with his selection of good danceable music it's no wonder why.

The program started with EmCee Eric Brienzo (VP of Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society) taking the mike
with a "good evening" and welcoming all Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society Members and Special Guests. Than the mike was passed to Pan Pacific  Prez Rudy Luat who gave his welcome message and thanking everyone for helping celebrate Pan Pacific Christmas Ball. Prez Luat has held the helm of Pan Pacific for a good number of years and his welcome message was a passionate one. Then VP Brienzo acknowleged the presence of the Special Guests (Dance Professionals, and Dance Club Presidents), and a short schedule of coming dance events. Door prizes for lucky ticket holders soon followed and then General Dancing continued.

 The tickets had Chrismas stickers of various ornaments stuck in back of the tickets. I thought that was an innovative idea and that eliminated the calling of numbers. The ticket holders who held stickers of Candy Canes received beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts.

THE DANCE EXIHIBITION  of the program opened with a group of young dancers ages 8-12 from Dance Force 24/7 Next Generation dancing the Hip Hop. The performers were Tayer Aril, Mailani Aurelio, Kaitlen Camora-Ah Yu, Kamaka'i Dickson-Kim, Tamryn Goo, David Kila, Noah McConnell, Jenny Lynn Nishioka, and Nikki Umeda.

The International Waltz was next and performed by Ravi and Synthia Narayan. According to VP Brienzo, this couple have performed at many special dance events and for Pan Pacific in recent years.

Following was the Filipino Tango performed by Romeo and Tessie Cabras. Romeo and Tessie had showcased the Filipino Tango at the 35th Anniversary Ball.

Ed and Matilda Felix performed the International Foxtrot. They are students of Akiyoshi Sugino (Founder of Pan Pacific BDS). Ed (the Dance Director of PPBDS) and Matilda are Dance Teachers who have taught many dance classes for Pan Pacific and other dance organizations.

Concluding the exhibition part of the program was the youth group from Dance Force 24/7 Next Generation performing a Jazz routine.

There was a "curtain call" and that gave me a chance to get a photo shot of the exhibition performers.

A "Snowball" dance came soon after and led by the dance exhibition performers, and Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society Officers and Directors to the tune of a smooth waltz. That gave Lani and me a welcomed chance to dance with some of our former dance students.

Santa's Elves: Candy, Ed, Greg, Robert, and Wally passed out candies while some guests headed out to the lanai for refreshments.

A second call for door prizes for ticket holders of Christmas Trees, and Bells stickers brought more lucky winners to the floor for Christmas gifts, and Poinsettia potted plants.

The last dance was at 9:30. Special Thanks go to the DeeJay George Suesugu for spinning the dance music, Joan and Arthur Oda of New Aala Bakery for the ono cookies, Marie Perreira for the beautiful leis and door prize donation, Prez Rudy, Lucy, Amy, and Robert for their generous door prize donations, Meryl Suetsugu for lovely flower arangements, Stephanie and Monday Verzon for the beautiful stage decor, and to the Pan Pacific Officers and Directors for all their hard work to make this event a successful Christmas Ball.

My personal thanks to VP Eric Brienzo for sharing the program menu with me and for giving Lani his Poinsettia potted plant. That sure brightened the evening for my main squeeze.

It was an enjoyable evening for Lani and me...dancing, the exhibition showcase, and socializing with friends and former students. But it was time to put away our chairs and head home and chow down the delicious bento. Dat's it fo' now.
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