Tuesday, December 03, 2013

DRD World Of Music

Well the big day had finally come on Saturday and Lani and I were hustling up into our formal attire. Not very often do we go to a dinner and dance all dolled up...me with coat and tie, and Lani in her formal evening gown. But then it was a classy event that we were going to as guest of Paul and Marie Laderta. It's an amusing story how Lani and I met Paul and Marie a year or two ago. It's da kine of story that can be passed to our grandchildren but it's a long story. And since this blog on Divino Ritmo 5th Annual Grand Ball & Showcase is gonna take me at least a week to put together, I better get cracking on it.
Manuevering through the main heart of Waikiki was pretty maddening with more cars and pedestrians on the loose. But alas, we got to the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in good time and best of all found a parking spot on the 4th floor garage. Only a few people were mingling outside the Hawaii Ballroom so it meant that we were a bit early.  There were proprietors of dance supply stores outside the ballroom selling their wares, too.
The doors finally opened at 6 sharp and Lani and I headed for our front row table.  The Hawaii Ballroom was huge compared to the Grand Ballroom at the Pacific Beach Hotel that we were use to. The dance floor was huge too and rightfully so to accommodate the 550 guests that trickled into the ballroom. The stage was innovatedly decorated with colorful props and a large movie screen was set up to liven the scenery with past memories of other DRD events. Since the event was dubbed "World Of Music", the screen would depict the country the showcase dancers would represent. What a splendid idea!

The World Of Music Stage
Music DeeJay was Michael Yap with his awesome selection of dance music that kept the dance floor filled with dancers.

Program EmCee was Justin Cruz from TV KHON2..a very articulate and warm personality that kept the program very lively and running smoothly. Introductions were made to recognized the representatives of various dance organizations on Oahu, Professional dance teachers of the various private dance studios, and a couple of guests from the Checz Republic.

The host DRD Directors Lucas Jaime and Yanna Samkova welcomed everyone to the Divino Ritmo Dance Studio Production of the World of Music. There were 41 Cast Members in the showcase plus Lucas & Yanna, and the professional guests dancers Andrei Kazlouski & Asta Sigvaldadottir. A good number of people contributed their time and effort to make this event a successful one,  See the follwing welcome and appreciation message penned by Lucas and Yanna. 

(Left click to zoom in)
Opening the program was a singer who belted out the familiar tune "Pennies From Heaven". A terrific voice with a catchy tune that even got Lani singing it to me.
There were Two Acts and a Special Professional Show on the program with 45 participants.  All of them were colorful, entertaining, and performed with the taste of dynamic professionalism. The photos of the showcase performers with DRD Directors Lucas Jaime and Yanna Samkova are not necessarily in the order of the performance.    

Angelique Racpan performe the Tango/Cha Cha Medley to "En Er Mundo" with Mr. Jaime and representing Finland in Act Two.

Mary D, Tom performed the Cha Cha/Argentine Tango with Mr. Jaime to "Tango" by Zane. She represented Argentina and was the first to perform in Act One.

Bella Boyer performed the Quickstep/Lindy Hop Medley with Mr. Jaime to "Pencil Full Of Lead" in Act Two. She represented the USA, and also performed with the DRD Keiki Dance Troupe choreographed by Ms. Samkova in Act One.

Dr, David Easa performed the Medley of Quickstep and International Rumba with Ms. Samkova to the Egyptian song "Serenity". His performance represented Egypt and was the last performance in Act Two.

Edwin and Remy Brion performed the International Rumba/Mambo to "Endless Love", and "Mambo No.5". They were in Act One and represented the USA.

Edward Nishimura danced a medley of the American Foxtrot and Cha Cha with Ms.Samkova to "Sakiyaki", and Lady Gaga "Telephone Team Kozan" in Act One. He represented Japan.

Noreen Ho performed the West Coast Swing with Mr. Jaime  to "Popcorn" in Act One and representing the USA

Laila Spina Valenta performed the International Rumba/Samba Medley with Mr. Jaime. She represented Italy in Act One.

Maria Handl performed the Paso Doble to "Malaguena/Espana Cani" in Act One representing Iceland, and the Foxtrot/Viennese Waltz Medley to "Oh So Quiet" representing Spain in Act Two. She performed both dances with Mr. Jaime.

Marie Laderta performed the International Rumba Medley with Mr. Jaime to "Bali Hai" and "Kuhio Bay". Her medley included a Tahitian dance. She represented Hawaii as her performance opened Act Two.

Annie Chan danced the Waltz with Mr. Jaime to "The Godfather Waltz". She represented Italy in Act One.

Olivia Lin danced the Rumba/Samba routine with Mr. Jaime to a Taiwanese song by Jay Chou. She represented Taiwan in Act One.

Dr. Paul Laderta performed the Quickstep/Jive Medley with Ms. Samkova to "Dixie Biscuit" and Flip Flop & Fly". He represented the USA in Act Two.

Rolando and Gloria Padasdao danced the Foxtrot/Swing to "Dulce France" and "Ces Bottles Sont Faites Pour Marcher". They represented France in Act Two.

Rommel Del Rio danced the Paso Doble with Ms. Samkova to "En Er Mundo". He represented Mexico in Act Two.

Shervelle Bergholz danced the Cha Cha/ Rumba Medley with  Mr. Jaime to "Try Sleeping With Broken Heart" and Blurred Lines". She represented the USA in Act Two.

Tomo Sasakawa dance the Waltz with Ms. Samkova to "Edelweiss" in Act Two. He represented Germany.

Wesley Numazu danced the Swing with Ms. Samkova to "Jailhouse Rock in Act One. He represented the USA.

Lucas Jaime, Asta Sigvaldadottir, Andrei Kazlouski, and Yanna Samkova after the Spectacular International Latin Professional Show.

The Spectacular International Latin Professional Show performed by Special Guest Artists Andrei Kazlouski and Asta Sigvaldadottir

The DRD Novice Ensemble performed in the Professional Show. The members are: Gwendolyn Arbaugh, Stacie Yochinaga, Shaylen Berinobis, Sabrina Zia, Courtney Suderman, Soho Divers, Robert Holsen, Gary Hsu, Jones Valenzuela, Tomo Sasakawa, Sam Teves, Scott Higgins, and Michael Tipton.

The Keiki Dance Troup performed in Act One representing the USA. The members are Madison Divers, Brooklyn Divers, Bella Boyer, Daniel Cabla, William Wolfsen, and Tristan Racpan. Their teacher is Ms. Samkova.

The DRD Formation Team represented the USA and performed "Black and White" -Tribute to Michael Jackson in Act One. The guys are: Paul Laderta, Rolando Padasdao, Tom Collins, David Easa, and Edward Nishimura. The gals are Marie Laderta, Gloria Padasdao, Cammy Divers, Shervelle Bergholz, and Lori Zia. They were coach by Ms. Samkova.
The show was fast paced but spaced evenly to keep the spirit ofexcitement and entertainment growing till the finale.  Social dancing continued till 11:30 PM.

Lani and I thank our hosts Paul and Marie Laderta for inviting us as their guests to this remarkable Broadway style show which we thoroughly enjoyed. We sat at a table with Paul and Marie's friends near the stage. The table had gift bags of chocolate candies and a special colorful package filled with specially wrap candies and a "Thank You" note addressed to all of us at the table for being there. What a nice and sweet thing to say and do!
Marie came to our table after the Awards Ceremony to thank us for coming to the show. That's beautiful coming from a beautiful friend, in our books!
If you want to see more photos and a video of DRD Spectacular "World Of Music" Production, please contact Yanna at: Yannajs@gmail.com.