Monday, May 29, 2017

Ilima Ballroom Dance Club 34th Anniversary Dance

WOW! what a huge turn out at the Ilima Ballroom Dance Club 34th Anniversary Dance at the Palladium this past Saturday. It was nearly SRO (standing room only) but my main girl and I were able to find a couple of chairs on the chair rack (lucky for us late comers at 7 o'clock). Climbing up those stairs to the second floor was a chore after working on some heavy stuff earlier at home but we were greeted with a friendly smile and handshake from James Matsumoto at the entrance to the ballroom.

We checked in at the Reception Table and we were greeted by Joanne Rimas who had invited Lani and me as her guests to this event. Thank you, Joanne. Before I go any further, this blog may not identify all the persons in the attached photos. (It's because I didn't bring any paper and pencil to record their names. AUWE!). Yeah, I know. I deserve 40 lashes. But please bear with me on this one.
The Lovelies at the Reception Table Joanne Rimas and friend.

Bento was served to those who came with Pre-sale Tickets
Ilima Ballroom Dance Club President Dianne Wong and the Music Man Walter Wong

The EmCee for the evening was Roger Izumigawa who spoke about the history of Ilima Dance Club, introduced VIP guests from various dance organizations, and also the professional dance teachers from various dance studios.. He introduced the President of the Ilima Dance Club, Dianne Wong, who said a Welcome Message with appreciation to all those present for coming to celebrate the club's 34th Anniversary.  The EmCee also thanked the exhibition dancers for coming to perform in the showcase.

The Showcase of Exhibition Dancing started about 8:00 PM with a group of young man and women dancing the HOT SAMBA, and followed by the International Tango, the International Cha Cha, the Argentine Tango by Professional Joe Shorba with Hami Draper, the International Foxtrot by Edward and Candy Matsuda, the International Quickstep by Calvin and Debra Ota, and the International Waltz by two professional dancers.

The International Waltz performed by the Professional Dancers concluded the Showcase part of the program. General dancing continued while refreshments were served out on the lanai.

Refreshment Time

Squares of delicious Banana cake were served during the Refreshment period along with soft drinks and coffee. But it was time to go back to the ballroom for more dancing with my main girl. During a short spell I got to go paparazzi with my mini cam.  Everyone was having a good time and most were smiling for the camera shot.

My main squeeze Lani, and Wayne Hikida the VP of HBDA Council

This was a neat background for picture taking. 

Jane Umeda and Arthur Oda. 

Bert and Deanie Burgess

Diana Ako and hubby

This is Kathy. One day soon you will see her on my Facebook dancing with a Professional Dance Teacher.

He's tall and likes to learn to dance Mambo and Salsa.

Geoffrey Fells and Albert Franz.
They are well known Professional Dance Teachers here in the islands and abroad.

He is Henry Rimas, the hubby of our host Joanne.

Who da guy?

Trudy Uechi and Gail Kawahakui

General dancing continued till closing.

Hasta la Vista fo' now!