Thursday, May 11, 2017

Just Musing A Blast From Da Past (Jazz & Hip Hop)


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Remember those VHS tapes that we used to record TV shows and just about any video to play on TV? Well, I came across a bunch of them yesterday. Investigating each one like Sherlock Holmes took time and with a keen eye. Lo and behold, I discovered one with my main squeeze Lani learning some Jazz and Hip Hop from our daughter-in-law Annette in our living room that I had recorded  over two decades ago. But still looking good on TV. Digging deeper, I found another VHS tape of Lani performing the same Jazz  and Hip Hop dance on the Ala Moana Centerstage with some younger chicks from the Big City Production dance class at the Central YMCA. I gotta admit that we were already considered as SENIOR CITIZENS and collecting Social Security. But as the saying goes..... AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. Anyway, I want to share this video to show that even older chicks can dance Jazz and Hip Hop with the younger chicks. They just need to keep on "moving to the music" to stay healthy both physically and mentally.