Monday, December 04, 2017

2017 Divino Ritmo Dance Mardi Gras Ball

It was billed as Divino Ritmo Dance 9th Annual Grand Ball and it was a grand ball indeed with a heavy flavor of Mardi Gras. Not too many people dressed in costumes like you see on the New Orleans Mardi Gras videos but the organizers and deco experts did a good job in decorating the outside and inside the ballroom with colorful giant masks and colorful beads necklace. The show itself was colorful and entertaining and the performers showed that they were enjoying the dance as much as the audience were; maybe moreso. There were some familiar faces performing in the showcase and there were a bundle of young ones that showed extreme talent in exhibition dancing. By the way, if you missed this venue last Saturday night at the Waikiki Sheraton, you can purchase a DVD of the event by contacting the Aloha Dancesport Center by phone: 808.200.5540 or by e-mail:

Yanna Samkova and Lucas Jaime
(Directors of Divino Ritmo Dance)
Now this was an event that my main squeeze and I waited for to attend since Lucas Jaime and Yanna Samkova invited us as their guests last month. Thank you, Lucas and Yanna. However, my gal was not feeling well but being a good wife and dance partner decided to go along with yours truly. We got to the Sheraton Ballroom a little before 8 since we were there just for the Showcase. There were two Acts with a 15 minutes intermission in between for social dancing.
A Professional Show concluded the program.  

   Photos of The Mardi Gras Showcase Dance Performers






The Showcase was colorful and spectacular that even still photos cannot capture to enjoy every passion of the performance, and the elation of the performers during the Awards Ceremony.  I may have missed capturing some of the performers on camera and for sure I missed the Professional Show featuring Daniel Buhala and Natalia Bekker, Chayton Davenport (Samadhi Hawaii) and Island Zouk Hawaii. But you can see the entire performance on professionally produced DVD by contacting Aloha Dancesport Center or by 
e-mailing Yanna Samkova. 

Congratulations to all the performers: Anna Mae Schwartz (Tango to "Kiss of Fire"), Mary Tom (Swing to "In The Midnight Hour"), William Landers (Paso Doble to "Gypsy Spanish Dancer"), Edwin Brion (Rumba to "What Ever Happens"), Sopho Divers (Show Waltz to "What The World Needs Now"), Wesley Numazu (Sailor Routine Swing), Elvira Lo (Cha Cha to "New Orleans Music"), Rolando and Gloria Padasdao (Cha Cha/Quickstep Medley choreographed by Lucas), Noreen Ho (International Waltz), Stacie Yochinaga (Argentine Show Tango to "Vuelvo al Sur"),  Lisa Wong (Foxtrot to "At Long Last"), Dominic Handl (Tango to Por una Cabeza"), Samantha and Cody White (Cha Cha to "Walking On The Sun"), Kayla Nohelani Damo, Jennifer Cooper (Bolero to "Happy Together"), Sarah Cadalora (Rumba to "Time Of The Season"), Lilyana Salinas (Show Waltz to "Ma Belle Evangeline"), Kaila Mann (International Cha Cha/Rumba to "All The Time In World" and "Respect"), Monique Sowers (Rumba to "Summer Knows"), Robert Holsen and Yumi Hi (Theatrical Waltz to "Conquest Of Paradise"), and to the DRD Formation Team (Willian Landers and Cammy Divers, Rolando and Gloria Padasdao, Robert Holsen and Shervele Bergholz), DRD Keiki Group (William Wolfsen, Tabby Severson, Lilyana Salinas), DRD Novice Ensemble (Robert Holsen, Gary Hu, Sam Teves, Chas Kenessey, Jonathan Clarke Sypert, Jones Valenzuela Jonathan Youngs, Stacie Yochinaga, Yumi Hi, Kayla Nohelani Damo, Jennifer Cooper, Becky McGarvey, Jennifer Asher, Moneque Rodrigues), and Guest Performers (Brian Regala and Kayla Nohelani Damo (Hip Hop Routine), Claudia Heu and Greg Underwood (West Coast Swing Medley) and Island Zouk Hawaii (Jonathan Troupe and Gigi Mak).     
Hasta la Vista and Happy Dancing!