Sunday, December 10, 2017

Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society Christmas Ball 2017

It was a huge turn-out for the Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society Christmas Ball last Saturday night at the Palladium. And the Christmas Spirit was evident from start to finish. You know da kine..."bettah to give than receive!" Don't know who coined that phrase but it sure worked last night. Okay flash back! My main squeeze and I got to the Palladium about 7'ish and was greeted with a hug from Matilda Felix (who with her hubby Ed invited us as their guests). "Maraming salamat, Ed at Matilda!" Then we were both given red color fabric shopping bags filled with surprise goodies. Didn't get to examine the contents till we got home. Useful stuff to have when there's a hurricane emergency but I couldn't wait to dig into the onolicious manapua when I got home. 

Matilda Felix and Luby Brienzo at the Reception Table

The Music Man for social dancing was Ed Felix

Joseline Sangalang and Rick Bienzo. Joseline was EmCee
for the evening program                                                     

Yes! There were door prizes for the lucky number ticket holders
Serving out the prizes was Roxanne Kaino and I gotta say that there
were a lot of prizes to give away during the three or four breaks.
Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa opened the first segment of the program
as they paraded along the entire ballroom with a helper handing out
SNICKERS candies to everyone .                                                           

Captured this shot just as Santa's helper gave us a SNIKERS.

My main squeezed still had a painful injured knee and that hampered us from doing much dancing except for a few steps. So I went paparazzi and got a few shots of some of the merry dancers. Some of them I knew while others smilingly allowed me to take a of photo them.
Charlene and Chris Jay

Debra and Derek. Derek is Friends of Ala Wai Prez

Eugene, Nancy, Marsha, and Roy

Beverly and Clayton

Stanley and Annie

Rick Brienzo. He was the stand-in Music Man during the Dance
Exhibition part of the program. while Ed Felix  was performing
in the showcase.                                                                            

Roxanne and Rick

Karen and Ernie Choy

Snow Jade and Linda Batt

Atlas III and Kathy

Atlas Cooke III and Kathy Uyehara

Herbert and JoElla

Mrs. Prado, Faith, and James
Henry and Joanne Rimas
Snow Jade, a friend, and Linda Batt. Snow Jade is a Round Dance Teacher
and posts photos and videos on her Snow Jade Bunch FaceBook page.
You can view her posts of the Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society
   Christmas Ball there.                                                                         

The showcase of exhibition dancing started with each couple being introduced as they entered the dance floor and performed the Waltz.                                                                                                       

Atlas Cooke IV and Haleen Digmon

Paul and Tracy Ta

Ed and Matilda Felix

Reggie Gascon and Jennifer Lin

The Electric Slide got nearly everyone on the dance floor

The fun continued with a Congo Line dance

There were two solo exhibitions. A Tango by Atlas Cooke IV and Haleen Digmon, and an International Foxtrot by Reggie Gascon and Jennifer Lin..

Atlas IV, Haleen, and Reggie waiting to be
called to the dance floor for the dance exhibition
part of the program                                               

Jennifer and Reggie
There were still some more prizes to give away.  Mitzi Lee and
Roxanne Kaino were at the prize table                                   

More social dancing continued

Before performing the Tango, Atlas IV and Haleen expressed 
their appreciation to the dance organizations that started them
in Ballroom Dancing and later into Exhibition Dancing          

Atlas Cooke IV and Haleen Digmo Performing the Tango

Reggie Gascon and Jennifer Lin performing the International Foxtrot
Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society Formation Dancers performed a medley of International Waltz/Tango/Foxtrot to
concluded the showcase part of the program.   (View video of the Formation Dancers  @ Frank Sierra Jr. Facebook).                                                                                                                

Joseline Sangalang, Annie Curley, and Matilda & Ed Felix

Pan Pacific Ballroom Dance Society Formation Dancers

Social Dancing resumed and continued till closing

Helpers and volunteers were acknowledged: Friends Tom, Vernon, Nobuko, Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Eric & Luby Brienzo, Gene Inoshita, Ed & Matilda Felix, Mitzi Lee, Jeffery Umeda, L. Fujiyama, Greg Wong, and Roxanne Kaino.
Many thanks to Joseline Sangalang for sharing her notes of  the program with me. Much appreciate!

Hasta la vista fo' now and Happy Dancing!