Sunday, December 09, 2018

IBDI Inaugural & Christmas Dance 2018

"Heard your car broke down!" said one of the guests to me. Boy! news traveled really fast. Yeah! my 2004 Saturn called it quits after 14 years of good service. It was no time to go hu hu, 'cause I was selected and scheduled to conduct the Installation of Officers & Directors of IBDI part of the program Friday night. Thanks to the support of my three sons who came to my rescue, provided the ride, and attended the dance event at the Ala Wai Palladium. Number 2 son drove me to the Palladium and got there with 15 minutes to spare before the Program got underway.
Guests were still checking in at the Reception Table while others were picking up their bento from the kitchen. There were more guests dining in the lanai.

Music resonated throughout the ballroom as dancers were moving energetically to the music of Henry Lee and Jane.
Jane and DeeJay Henry
The program got started with President Diana Vo's Welcome Message and the introduction of  Renna Villanueva as the emcee for the evening. After a memo about IBDI, Renna called me to the podium to begin the Installation of Officers and Directors for the year 2019.
EmCee Renna and IBDI Prez Diana

Called to the front of the podium to take the oath of office were incoming President/Teasurer/Director: Diana Vo; Vice President/Senior Directror: Albert J. Franz (not able to attend); Membership Registration/Secretary/Director: Arnold Lee; Music Equipmenr Direcrtor: Thomas Campbell; and Ticket Chair: Kathy Uyehara. All of them raised their right hand and said, "I will" to fulfill the responsibilities of their Office to the best of their ability and in accordance with the By-Laws of  IBDI. The declaring of the Oath was  concluded with, "By the authority vested in me, I now declare the Officers and Directors of IBDI duly installed".
Diana, Arnold, Kathy, and Thomas

Fact is I knew for about a week that I was selected to do the Installation bit but on that  night I was told it was because I was (pardon me while I stroke my long beard) the most senior and oldest member of IBDI. However, my main squeeze says, "not oldest but longest time member of IBDI".  (Nice way of putting it). Which ever the case, it was an honor to conduct the Installation of Officers and Directors of IBDI.

President Diana Vo was then called to the podium to present her President's Message.
IBDI Prez Diana

A presentation of an Award for Member of The year and Volunteer of The Year soon followed.
Arthur & Joan Oda of  New Aala Bakery receiving award from IBDI Prez Diana

A group of singers entertained the guests with the songs: Silent Night, Jingle Belle, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas" led by lead singer Linda Batt.

On the program was International Waltz and International Cha Cha performed by IBDI Students Group. However, some guests got caught up with the festivities and Henry Lee's music that they joined in with the group dancing. Nice to see that.

With the program over, pastries from New Aala Bakery were served as snacks
And it was time to go paparazzi. (Some of the photos were captured on camera by my number 3 and number 4 son).

It was near closing time  (9:30) at the Palladium and it was time to hit the road for home. Also time to put on the brakes here for this blog. By the way, my number 2 son got my car fixed and I'm hopeful Lani and I will continue to have wheels for another 14 years without car break down.
Aloha for now and Happy Dancing!